7.13.2011 | 05:15

(Sound?) Dissuasion

What do I think?

I think you must not get pressured. Write at your carefree spirits. Everyone has the freedom to express, and this freedom is the best thing that you can garner from writing, apart from the comments and appreciation.

We are very lucky to know English and let the whole world see what we have to say. Just to ramp a comparison, people in the Middle East are not as free as we are but they really want to show the world what is happening in their country at this moment, but they cannot express; either because they can't write it in forms understandable by the general internet population or because their IPs might get traced by their governments and they might end up in jail. You get my point Ate?

Be happy if you have thoughts flowing. No matter how feeble sounding those may be, let it flow still. Do not allow yourself from getting pressured by external forces, what matters is that your ability to express is present and is unhindered. People who love you, after all, will not judge how cranky or biased or crazy you may go at times. Let things be.

Smile. :)
:: An advice I gave to Ate Leah, I dunno if I even made a connection to her post.

My thoughts can only recount the positive comments I got from the post before this. Thank you, all.

I will shortly be out; I have to face some monsters which had been on my dreams, fiends I'm too afraid to disclose...


  1. Awww! Galing magbigay ng advice ni kuya oh. :)

    balik ka agad. sana tomorrow. hihi

  2. Nimmy: kuya ka jan! mas bata ako sau! :(

    salamat Nims.. sana nga eh matapos ko agad tong paepal na to...

  3. @Joe: hey there! good luck with whatever it is that you have to face.. kay a mo yan!

  4. Hehehe! Agree! Minsan nakoconfuse din ako on what language to use, or kung magpapaka seryoso ba ako or magpapaka kikay at jologs. Pero one thing is for sure, I'm always real. Blogs should be real. Just enjoy the moment lang. Be preachy when you want to, be kikay, be random, be whatever you feel. Ako hindi ako gano naiimpress sa mga magagaling magsulat, they need a publisher! not a blog. naiimpress ako pag na-arouse ako sa writing ng isang tao. lol.pag tinitigasan ako. chos! arouse yung interest ko ha. hehe.

    people should write to express, not to impress dabuhhh?

    ayun lang. ang daldal ko hahaha.

  5. Awww... nice post. :) Hmm.. have to face monsters talaga? :) parang dito lang sa lugar ko ah. may mga monsters hahaha :D Ingat! :)

  6. ganon pala sa ibang bansa... buti tayo me freedomm na mag express... heeee

    sa totoo lang nanowsblid ako.. pero khit pano nainindihan ko naman ang nais iparating ng post hehehehe :D

    good luck sa mga monster na kakaharapin mo te.. isang wink lang yan sayo patay yan choz.. wahahaha :P

  7. hurry back! good luck with everything!

  8. I really am grateful as well we have this freedom to express whatever we want to. In so many possible ways. We are so lucky!

    O sya, hope you come back soon. Kayang kaya mo yang mga monsters na yan! :)

  9. agree. just let it flow..
    goodluck sa mga monster mo, kaya mo yan :)
    nice layout btw.

  10. follow me at my site ... I already add you up ... thanks ...

  11. Goodluck sa kung ano man yang haharapin mo : )
    great advice! Para sakin diary ko ang blog and i'm not trying to empress anyone..share share lang ng experiences.

    Goodluck kapatid!

  12. Nate: salamat Nate. at nakayanan ko nga! :D

    Princess Boy: Tama ka nga dun.. Sakin naman minsan, write to inspire.. :D I followed you na, by the way. :D

    Jool: ui, nagbabalik ka sa aking space, welcome! :D salamat pala. at, ingat ka rin.

  13. Eg: Ganun nga dun. Kaya maswerte tayo.

    Citybuoy: Thanks for the well-wish. And here I come back, good as new! :)

    Zaizai: Tama ka jan. At, salamat din! :)

  14. Bloggingpuyat: Salamat sa pag-aapreciate at sa good luck. :)

    Edgar: I've added you now sir. Thanks.

    Daniel: Salamat kapatid! Mabuti naman at naayos ko siya. :) I appreciate the well wishes, very much.


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