10.30.2012 | 21:34

Dilemma in District One

The train started to accelerate. We moved through a dark patch off to a wide river when I was temporarily isolated from reality. Finally, I am to leave District Two.

After heaving a sigh of relief (and numerous metal fences) we've reached District One. There is nothing remarkable in this place: The yellow and blue colors present in the city's square are the same hues that flood the eyes. I asked my sister if she brought the things on my list. She nodded while prodding her small bag.

I saw the bread inside her leather case but I resisted the urge to take it. The day is surely going to be long and we do not want to die of starvation in an unfamiliar place. Water sufficed, though it has to be used properly, too. Ahead of us is a stretchy journey than what we might have expected.

I closed my eyes. I felt the soft breeze brush my face and take my worries away.

We have the complete requirements, like proofs of residency and identification cards. Surely, the elections officer will permit our transfer.

That was what transpired, thank goodness.

PS: I hope I fooled a few of you to think that this was a vignette with The Hunger Games in mind. LOL

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