8.24.2011 | 16:17

Five Hundred First September

If there is a sleeping pill, then you are the tablet that wakes me up.

Five hundred and one Septembers ago, you and I shared the same room, the same bed, the same blanket. When I open my eyes I would see your long eyelashes meticulously curved above your eyelids, refracting the little sunlight passing through the capiz window in my roomy quarter. The sight of your angelic, young face on an early Saturday morn is simply tonic to my hibernating veins.

We tread along the enervating garden of our youth: by summer, the May branches robustly picks its might, facing the unstirring sun with vigor; by rainy season, the June twigs fold themselves on the puffing gale; by calm Septembers, the earthlings move in and out of the ground to renew a daily need for movement.

Everything was going perfect between the two of us until one bizarre September, I saw you boarding a train with another man. I never asked, I never went to know, I just knew that seeing you leave on that train was coterminus with seeing you. It was an exclamation point bordering on an ellipsis and reaching the finality with a period.

It were those excruciating images of the leaving train and your entwined hands that are vividly haunting my sleepless Octobers up to this day.

You were the only girl that I hoped to be with for ten million more Septembers but the impossibility of a renewal is just as elusive as an aberrant apple tree in the center of the Sunken Garden, very unnecessary. Our future can be told by the dead leaf clinging on to a branch on the onset of a typhoon. I am waiting for the last ant to enter Noah's Ark devoid of further emotions as the Ark closes. By October I will be drowning.

If punishment is absolute, then leaving my sanity is worse. I only have you on my mind, and that is enough to cleave me for a million more Septembers of hits-and-misses.


  1. shock!!!

    Grabeh ang description green!!! Ang vivid!!! kaloka! Nakarelate ako sa "leaving my sanity".

    pero alam ko this is in the past now... masaya kana with your rockstar!!! wihihihi!!! *kilig*

  2. is it why people only want to wake up when september ends?

  3. i shall sue you for the beauty of this post, ditse.

  4. awww.. that hurts.. leaving the train with another man.. hhmmm...

  5. oooohlala :)

    why September of all the months??? ... :)))

  6. once again - nice! I thought it was for magpie tales again :)

  7. I love the mood of this post.

  8. morsl lesson. umiwas sa psych. :P

  9. Wil: Uhm, maybe you need a little truth. I'll send you a DM. Salamat sa papuri! :)

    Jon: That might be true, if we have the same numbers of September in a year! :)

    Peter: Ay! Ayaw oi! Kalooy ba nako. Hahaha. Salamat, sanse. :)

    Xander: MRT, to enlighten you. :)

    Orange Pulps ♥: Septembers are my best months, apart from August of course. So much of our love story took part on a September: the formative, cheezy parts. :)

    Zaizai: Salamat! Uhm, no, naisip lang mag-post ng ganito. Hehe. Condolences pala sa pagkawala ng cute mong bunny... :|

    Nate sighs lang? :|

    Nik gives me a frowning face lang?

    Drew: I'm glad you loved it, sir. :)

    Kiro: Peste! Pinaalala pa. Hay ewan.

  10. ouch.. very sad post..hehehe

  11. Moomy Razz: Yes, very sad indeed...

  12. you wrote this beautifully.

    ouch sa kwento.

  13. wake me up... when september ends.... sad...

  14. One day, I will have a rejoined to this fiction of yours.

    :) Life is full of hits and misses, in the end, you will be judged by how much you have loved.

  15. Ron: Sad? Sort of, but I have moved forward. :)

    Mugen: Yes, we hope for that to happen, so we see who really were faithful..

  16. thankss gb! keep writing nice stories :)

  17. that's so sad! hope my autumn and winter will not be bad as i have last year..


  18. "Sad? Sort of, but I have moved forward. :)"

    totoo ba to? weh? how saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad...

  19. damn! almost cried...
    nice to know that you have already moved forward..

    btw, yamyam here..

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