4.27.2011 | 16:56

A 'Timed' Post

Here we are again, being servants of flesh and as such, bound by the limits of Strength and Time. If Eve had not chosen to eat the fruit of wisdom, then we might have not lost our eternity with our immortal bodies and the powers that we are supposed to enjoy. Then we would have not been on chains of Waiting and Patience won't have been an issue.

But it is just another would-have-been.

I would always blame my phone alarm for malfunctioning and as a horrible consequence (yeah, I treat Time with sacred divinity) I get late on my early classes for most of the time. I see this as the greatest flaw to my professionalism: To be ruled out by the Minute-hand on its way clockwise in at least 6 degrees from it's previous position. Lateness to me is a criminal than administrative offense but I commit this with great inconsideration and without self-restraint.

There might have no sundials if the Earth stood still, just like the Great Pyramid in Giza bearing no shadow on any time of the day or day of the year. There might have no sands of time which trickles down the tight-ended funnels of an hourglass if gravity does not exist.

Well, I'm not looking for a proportionality between the Earth's rotation and the acceleration due to gravity, but at a framework on the elements of which are created. Time is just as essential.

Sometimes, we try to seek respect but we don't even respect the ability of other people to compromise with us. And on most of the 'sometimes', this comes in as early as the first impression of arriving on time. We try to care about several other physical matters when values and manners are the things intelligent people use to measure other people on the basis of personality.

I believe that if I introspect further, I will see that I never became a late person, nor was I judgmental. Not until I knew people who defied all my rules on values. But this time of silence is a chance for me to recreate my lost firmness. I must not let anything tarnish the ideas of palabra de honor and earliness. I must not be a flaw to my parents' and education's admonitions and I will certainly not be a disgrace to the people who believe and trust in me.

Time is a precious resource and we all have the responsibility to carry this over -- properly and wisely.

4.25.2011 | 15:33

After A Bath...

A couple of hours ago, I took a bath and I thought I'd post some pics lol.

Then I just felt weird so I dabbed on my lotion and took a shot, too. haha

Like, ikr? This post is so senseless. Ang init kasi!! Amp.

4.21.2011 | 20:46

Random Cute Guy Find 2

Just to preempt myself of all the fasting around, I'd better not post something dramatic and nerve-wracking. Oh well, I can't really promise to cut on my quest to look out for random Pinoy guys, not the ordinary ones, but the ones which keep me sleepless for around five minutes. LOL

Enjoy you Holy Week!

Pinoy pala noh? haha. sorry. Pero Fil-Am naman ata.

4.18.2011 | 23:26

Needs Improvement

Howdy! Maraming salamat po sa mga nag-follow sakin bago ang lahat. Nakakatuwa lang..

Anyway, apparently there's still drama in between me and him and it's getting to my nerves: see, I hate drama in a relationship. As much as possible I want it strain, stress and worry-free.

After several attempts in deciphering his being dodgy to my calls and texts and meet-ups, I was finally able to extract an answer from whatever he was aching about.

I changed his name on my phone to his real name because I was not feeling good with the way he was talking to me lately.

So, is this it? He's jealous with the people who text and call me? We made a deal a couple of days back and I ASSURED him that I won't be replying to these SMSs or answer these calls.

We met up earlier and he was playing Angry Birds on my phone. Then some devil called. bullshit
He told me to answer Mr. caller. I obediently did so. I intently placed it on loudspeaker so that I won't be repeating whatever the convo was all about.

Then, I'd be receiving this message from him. FUCK.

He was able to read a message, (sorry got no screenshot for this, I'm too lazy to do it now):
"Punta ka d2 sa pLace ko."
I asked him if he read something, he said he didn't.

Only to be pestered with this issue on the dead of the night.

4.14.2011 | 22:15

This Road

Is none but dark, tricky, and a difficult one to follow.

We knew at the beginning of this that it will not work unless we try to compromise. Having this kind of relationship is almost one-of-a-kind: it is not often shared (but not unheard of) and it is subjectively contradicting to the norms of our society. More often than not, the choice of leading This Road is more elaborate than a French fine dining menu, or than the preparations for a Royal Wedding.

This Road indicates a gloomy present such that it is always foreboding an unpredictable life span. Even skeptics would believe that this is as unstable as a building supported by one pillar.

However, I found a certain kind of peace in This Road and even if painstakingly, I try to resist the forces which take me to the bunker. But, it's shaking is more real than the fight that I was putting up against the insecurities. I nearly had no time to pull myself together because I already acted on a foolish instinct of guarding myself from the one who took me to This Road.

I was deliberating on the perks of the Other Road, a brighter and familiar choice. Yes, there would be no need to hide. It could be legal for all I want. But, is it really what my heart goes for as of this moment?

You would never believe the time gap between the paragraph before this and this statement. I'm in transit to lonelier thoughts and I just need a quick break but I'm still hoping to get things tended in the soonest possible time. I'm clinging to This Road, and no matter what happens, I still love him.

I guess that is just what matters right now.

Random Cute Guy Find 1

Whaa. Napadaan ako sa dummy account ko tapos may nakita ako na nakapagpatigil sa ginagawa ko:

eto pa isa mas malapit haha yum yum, kamukha niya yung ex ko na half-Greek:

shet. *drrooooooooool* lolz yummy niya! wahaha. pero may picture siya na topless, panget nga lang ng katawan niya. gusto ko kasi yung kasing built ko lang, yung medyo may tummy muscles siya wala eh. pero pwede na sa chest. whoo.

At, parang PLU siya. kasi mutual namin ay dalawang nakilala ko sa PR.

Enjoy! Ching. (haha, Soltero-ish expression, fail!)

4.11.2011 | 00:13

Integrate Me with U

mali to eh. since indefinite integral siya dapat ang sagot is ln love + c where c is the arbitrary constant. waw, ha!

4.09.2011 | 20:36

An Issue Common to m2m Relationships

Dati, nung may girlfriend pa ako, hindi ko natanong sa kanya kung nagsawa ba siya sa relationship namin. Kasi, kung ako ang tatanungin, same question, oo ang sagot ko. Hindi ko alam kung common ba talaga na issue ng mga lalake yun pagdating sa relationships. Kung ganun man, edi doble ang risk na hindi magtagal ang isang m2m relationship?

Yii. Haha, kinilig daw ako bigla. Katext ko siya at umabot sa ganito ang usapan. Hindi pa kami sa point na ito. Gusto ko kasi magkita kami bago ko siya tanungin at bago niya ako sagutin. Pero obvious naman na kami na. Wahaha epal lang.

Brad nga pala tawagan namin. Astig diba? may kwento kasi yan. eto:

LOL. Night! :)

4.07.2011 | 11:19

First Guy Encounter

I think everyone just ought to start with their first experiences in these kinds of blog. And I will just follow the trend since I'm new to blogging and can't think of something to-go.

I was grade three then. I had a cousin who lives with us (since Tita was abroad at the time). "Had" -- bless his soul  -- because he passed away more than a year now from a motoring accident. Poor lad, ang cute pa naman ng pinsan ko na yun. His dad is a foreigner, I dunno of which descent, but he never knew him and so did we. Probably he got his looks from the dad, maputi rin naman si Tita but Filipina talaga ang looks. We call him Tisoy,  kasi maputi siya, matangos ang ilong, hazelnut ang mata, tall and you can nearly generate his built in the future which would be a muscle-ly one.

Yeah, I should have prepared a picture, imma gonna look at the cabinets and try if i could find one.

Malaki ang kargada ni Tisoy. Sa edad namin eh nakapagpatuli na siya agad. Since ako lang ang lalaki saming magkakapatid eh sakin niya pinakita ang alaga niya na tuli na. Nagulat ako kasi mahaba yun kung ikukumpara ko sakin. Dala na rin siguro ng lahing banyaga na nasa dugo niya kaya ganoon na lang ang sukat. I had the sudden urge to examine it closely and oh, taste it?

No, it didn't happen that moment. I waited for weeks. I was teasing him to let him show it to me again but he won't, saying we have house chores to do and stuff. Di bale tabi naman kami sa pagtulog lagot siya sakin eheheh..

One night when I thought that he was already asleep, I tried pulling down his shorts as he was on a lying position. Oops, no briefs. I tried playing with the thing with my fingers and whoo, bat siya humahaba at tumitigas lol. Eto na naman si urge, at dinilaan ko yun, malinis naman at sobrang puti pa hehe. Masarap pala, so i tried eating it whole. Nag-eenjoy ako then bigla siyang nagsalita. "Ikaw ha" then he pulled his shorts and faced the opposite side from me. And dun nag-umpisa ang lahat. Wala naman kasi siyang imik so it happened the other day, and then sa umaga, sa hapon, sa gabi....

He spoiled me. This is what it made me, i guess.

4.06.2011 | 23:26


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