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Should You Travel

Mossy stones on the curbside take the form of little pebbles scattered ominously. Trying to evade the chances of slipping, you tiptoe your way to the nearest tree. Apparently, you hear nothing but the bass of your headphone. You unzip the fly, hail the unseen spirits without an audible tone. You work the piss that has been sitting in your bladder for the past thirty minutes.

The most tiresome of your routines is waiting for the right bus. You pretend not to hear the dispatcher, while the poor guy tries to convince you that there is enough space inside. Pleading is the bitter herb, your indifference is the ailment. Good thing the tint of your Oakley guises the direction of your eyes, as you read the signage of the bus behind the one in front of you. Who cares if you decide not to choose the undersized and filthy ride? The customer is always right, you quote your Management professor.

With difficulty, you extract the coins from your left pocket. It is plain mercy that you have the exact amount; Bills are cursed every morning. Awaiting the bus conductor is, most of the time, obstruction to a truncated recline. However, this will be shorter because weekends often relish a mitigated road volume. Eons later, the bus conductor appears. To your surprise, the stubby employee didn't notice that you were a newcomer. You took this in as a blessing, but you dreaded its payback because 'God knows Hudas not pay'. You shook your head for utter disbelief in convincing yourself that you could bail the ticket inspector.

The reason why you choose the two-seater is its ability of repulsion. By merely acting asleep and widening the angle between your legs, you could almost take the space away. This is to make sure that you won't be disturbed by some random individual for the rest of the trip.

Beware of the unlimited number of halts. These drivers have mastered the art of feigning deafness, too. They do not hear the protests of passengers who are about to be late. They do not hear the iterative horns of other cars behind theirs. They do not hear the whistles of traffic watchmen. Your estimated jaunt time should have an additional of a quarter of an hour to a quarter less of an hour. You should realize though: this is due to the fact that undisciplined passengers make these bus stops.

The last thing that you should worry about is the unpredictable weather. An instantaneous the sun is up -- ultraviolet scorches the epidermis, next minute is drizzled with precipitation. The nine-tailed fox is crying, isn't she? You cannot afford to get sick in this entirely expensive generation, cladding to cover the parietal and occipital lobe areas would be a useful shield versus forms of migraine and respiratory diseases: climate change is here, to stay.

Alight the ride with a nifty beam. After all, you would never know if someone desirable followed you, beware if it was a burglar.


Thanks to Splice, for allowing me to borrow a few expletives from his manual.


  1. This is the nicest read I ever had from you Green.

    Anyway- thanks for the cool comment. And, oh Don't forget how cool the template you make. Galing nito pagkagawa.. Can you help me fix my timmyboi?

  2. Tim: Randomness really never fails to bring out some uncracked stuff from people's heads.. Thanks for the comment! :)

    I can help you, which part needs fixing?

  3. Ava! ava! ava! Vagong bahay! I lurrrve it!!! its sooooooooooooooooooooo green! whahaha!

  4. "The most tiresome of your routines is waiting for the right bus."

    And worse, there is always that right bus for the wrong destination :)

    Nice handiwork you have here TGB!

  5. Wilberchie: Ahaha, yeah, I managed to tweak the Blogger tags para naman mag-iba ang mukha ng blog ko. :D Hope you liked it.

    Splice: Oh master, I am so much honored by your visit! Hehe. First honor, ganyan.

    Thanks for those nice words. I can't believe you find this work "nice". :)

  6. really nice layout, Joe! good job! and the post, kind of a rant, but not really.. love that too.. :D

  7. psst green ano google+acct mo?lol

  8. Na Miss ko bigla mag commute sa manila.... I love to ride the bus.... :( I miss EDSA.

  9. nainggit ako sa panunulat mo. haha. i love this blog post. :D

    and btw, nice layout too! :)

  10. I didn't know you could write like this. Good job! :)

  11. Believe it or not, halfway through this entry Desiderata came to mind, uu ako na ang iba mag-isip lolz. Ang galing

  12. Nate: Thank you! :) And, yeah, it could be a rant of a person who experiences the tolls of EDSA almost everyday. :))

    Spiral Prince: Wow, salamat ah! :)

    Kiro: wala akong ganun. haha

    Kuya Ron: aww.. but surely you'll be back (like, asap), right? and by the time you reach EDSA from your airport you'd be cursing. get home quick!

    JC: Ay, meganon? Mas magaling ka pa nga eh. Pero, only randomness can make me write something like that. hehe. Salamat din sa pag-appreciate sa layout kahit kulang pa siya.

    Citybuoy: Naks, talagang "good job"? Eeeeeeh. Haha ang arte lang. Thanks for the nice feedback! :)

    Bien: Bat naman napasok ang Desiderata? Eh sobrang ganda nun compared dito. Haha. Pero salamat sa pagbabasa. Naalala ko nung bata pa kami pinapamemorize samin ni mama ang Desiderata, tapos may display kami nun sa bahay yung nakalagay sa scroll. hahaha

  13. aba, aba at eto na pala ang bagong layout na nabanggit mo nun...sori naman ngayon lang uli akomay time magbasa, wala ako masabi, hanggaling!!!

    great post! naalala ko bigla nung nag-aaral pa ako sa college, kakamiss pero mapapamura ka sa tagal at haba ngbyahe papuntang school,hehehe

  14. Xian: Thanks sa appreciation! At, it was nice to make you think of memories. :D


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