8.31.2011 | 20:31

Fubu Hits the Margin

I woke up that early evening to a text message:
Tara, dito tayo samin, wala si Kuya.
I immediately went downstairs for a shower; my mom might get back from the grocery store and that would bust my escapade. I took two pictures of meself: one before and one after the bath.

After gearing myself up, I checked my phone back and hiya~ two missed calls. This guy missed me, didn't he? I bought with me my wallet and a hanky on the way to his house.

Right after shower. I'm so un-worked out, shy to post this one.
I dropped by a 7/11 store to buy condoms and lube, since I was out of stock (read: sexless four weeks) and this night has a steamy and action-filled forecast. I took a jeep to their place which is actually less than a kilometer away.

When I reached his place, he had dinner served for me. I begged off the offer to dine with him, not that I didn't like it, but because I came there for a purpose and eating literal food was not it.

He looked a little disappointed. Did the drink have something in it? I don't know, and I don't care. I won't touch his concoctions. He moved towards me and gave me a hug. A tight koala hug. I was a little confused that I just went with the flow. No one was captain to the ship, and I let him start the engine.

"The hug is for what happened to you, I read in your blog," he whispered to my ear and he started licking the backside of it. Tingly. I pushed him away and I kissed him in the mouth. His breath smelled of mint. I took control this time, initiating a fencing of tongues. I tied him a cherry stem and he responded with a soft moan. We gravitated towards his sofa, we were still torridly kissing until he was laid down and I am on top of him, clenching the sofa for support.

I pumped with our trousers in proximity and in less than a minute, he manifested a boner. I teased him by borrowing lines from a porn read, "something wants to get out of there," pointing to the area with my lips. He kissed me again while he uncaged the snake inside. We both removed our shirts and I went to his nipples. I encircled it with my tongue and he let out another soft moan which turned me on.

After doing his two chests, I went down on his treasure trail, following it by my tongue down to the snake. It was salivating and ready to bite. I used my thumb to take the precum away and I started playing with the head of his cock. I don't know the drill because I'm not a good cocksucker so I withdrew after a minute. He didn't complain so I guess my performance was enough to satisfy.

It was his turn to please me. He let me lie on the sofa and took my shorts off after. He was a natural at foreplay: he knew where to navigate his tongue, the brisk transition from kissing to licking my torso, licking my neck and armpits, my abdomen and the treasure trail to the already hard member. He sucked my dick in a very pleasuring manner, savoring his saliva while letting some intentionally flow down the shaft, moving from the head to the balls and eating it whole. The lone sound of his attempts pumped more blood to my cock and I was delirious with his every dive and wicked slurp.

After servicing my member to its full hardness, we went back to kissing. I can never explain how kissing is vital to me, and he knew that fact before inviting me over. This time, he pumped while on top of me, creating friction between our groins. He definitely knew how to sustain an erection.

I temporarily suspended our tongue fight scene and pulled out the strawberry flavored condom from the pocket of my trousers. "Coat me," I mouthed. He gave a devilish one-sided grin and opened the pouch with his teeth. He played at the contents, pinched the end and unwrapped the protection from the head to the end of my shaft. I feel hornier seeing someone put a condom on me.

"Bend over," I commanded. He willingly did so, as he took over my place and I stood. I took the lube and toyed at his hole with my thumb. I felt for his time to relax and when his nerves settled, I attacked his opening slowly, until I got the whole of my dick inside him. He gave out a loud moan, but I didn't draw back, I pulled and pumped from a slow to a faster tempo. Our bodies were adjoined and he moved with my rhythm, followed the flow of my thrusts.

I asked him to lay flat on the sofa, like planking, and I entered him at that position. The tightness gave me a rush and I went berserk for I was about to come. I kissed him in the nape while pumping at my most controlled yet fastest, withdrew the condom and ejaculated at his back. He faced me and just in time, I spilled at his tummy, my manjuice. He started ejaculating and I kissed him until he finished his turn. Good charms, he smiled and I asked him if we could take the shower together.

The heat was not washed by the cold water flowing from his shower, we kissed and teased each other with the way we handled the soap. If we were on a glass encasement, steam would have formed.

After the shower, I dressed up and he asked me to stay for a while. I was puzzled, for whatever purpose I was there for had been met. I saw no reason to lengthen my stay.

"Joe, I think I'm falling for you," he said in a low note.

I looked down at him while he is sitting in the dining chair. I did not deliberate on his words. I shrugged. A fuck buddy connection is one with no strings attached. I reminded him of that on our first meeting over a year ago. His statement hit the margin, and so much happened over a span of two weeks that I cannot add this mess to the pile which is already present.

I didn't say a word. I just kissed him and said goodbye.


  1. looking for some adventure ka ngayon ah! kelan yan nangyari???

    hahaha! LOL

  2. na miss ka non..hehe

  3. cute ng black blur sa mukha - very robber ang dating :) can't wait for the conclusion :)

  4. morning GB. hala twink diay ka :) hehehe

  5. ano meron sa araw na to?hahaha

  6. ANG POGI!!!!!! twink na twink.... hutangg inaaaa... ayyy sorry napamura ako.. lol


    wow ah.. buti ka pa maadventurous.. iba na talaga ang gwaping lol :D mabenta hahaha :D

  7. gb...karun pa ko kita imu nawong..mura kag si enchong!wahahaXD


  8. Guys, pasensya na ngayon ko lang masusulat ang karugtong. Nakakahiya ako sa pics, di naman ako gwapo eh lol.

    Pilyo: uhm, define twink please? At ako yang nasa pic, kung mukha akong twink eh compliment yun. Salamat :D

  9. hahaha ikaw nang un-worked out na may 6-pack.amp.hahaha

    as for the story, i was kinda expecting the kicker, but it hit me just as well.

    btw, first post! (lawl me sabog na diba?)

  10. ay! twink! panalo! hahaha

    "I just kissed him and said goodbye."

    ganda lang eksena! :D

  11. fezlak mo talaga yung green? Enchong Dee ang kilay teh!!!

    wag na ma-shy ipost ang packs!

    Cocksucking? Practice makes experience, and experience makes pleasure!

    Bottomesa ako forever! kinilabutan ako.

    Aanhin ko pa ang Kwentong Nakakalibog sites kung may ganto ka lagi? whahahah!!!

    Eh ekek pala yan eh. anu ba ang FuBu diba? heller?! Goodbye na talaga! Hindi mo na kasi alam kung love ba o lust lang.

    panalo to green!! winnerley!

  12. hoy gb, bata ka pa. ano ba tong pinaggagagawa mo?! hala, uwi ng bahay. LOL

    seriously, may hawig ka kay enchong.

  13. Classic scene na talaga ang maligo ng sabay after sex. Agree?? hehe

    Bitin ba talaga ito?or tapos na ang kwento? :)

  14. awwww… top diay ka? nasad man ko kalit! hahahhaha appir! ^_^

  15. Mugen: Ayan, kumpleto na kuya. :)

    Rus: Kuya, kahapon to.. LOL, at hindi ako naghanap ng adventure, ang adventure ang humanap saken. LOL

    Mommy Razz: Namiss nga mommy. LOL, nainlove pa nga eh.

    Zaizai: So, magnanakaw ako? Ayan concluded na sya.. :)

    Mr. Hush: twink ba ko sa panan-aw nimo? LOLz.

    Kiro: Walang ganap sa araw na yun. LOL

    Ceiboh: Ayan na, kumpleto na..

    Pilyo: Nakakuha na ako ng idea sa Twitter ng twink, at hindi siya twink. mejo lang... :)

    Eg: Ahaha, di ako pogi. LOL

    indiboi: murag ra, pero dili guyd. LOL. enchonggo pwede pa ui! :)

  16. hmmmm.. mura ka ug twink :) this is the first post i read sa imoha na medyo bigaon! hahahahaha :)

  17. Kiro: Sahree naman, disappointed kpa niyan? hahaha

    Nimmy: Di ako twink! lolz. at may ganyang eksena tlga.. taray tarayan..

    Wil: Ako nga yan teh. Libog lang kaya medyo iba ang rehistro sa cam.

    bat k nmn kinilabutan?

    haha, di ako ngpopost ng ganito masyado.. di ako magaling mgkwento eh..

    Nox: Nakauwi na ako noh.. Haha. At sahree naman, minsan lang. At di nako bata noh!

    Toks: Oo nga toks, classic. Haha. At tapos na yan. Kaya lang nila nasabing bitin kasi di pa to tapos kagabi.

    Mr. Hush: Oo, top, ngano man, nganong nasad man ka? LOL. High five! :)

  18. Mr. Hush: Hahaha, burikat man gyud ko. lol. read mo yung mahabang paglalakbay na series. bigaon gyud ko didto.. :)

  19. hahahah awww, magkasinabot diay ta aning dapita, sa pagka bigaon! hahaha appir!

    may na, biga biga sa, while waiting for love to come by :)

  20. Mr. Hush: Haha, di sa ko maghuwat sa love nga na. Gikapoy na ko sa paghuwat. Apir ta sa pagkabigaon! wahaha. nagkasinabot uroy.

  21. isa ka palang twinkle twinkle star! at talagang nagladlad ka na sa picture mo.

  22. Benta ang entry mo ah. Kung hindi mo ako tinatawag na kuya, titigasan ako. Lolz.

    But seriously, I feel that you're hurting.

  23. hawt nomon nito bespren. :p ikaw na!

  24. "Rus: Kuya, kahapon to.. LOL, at hindi ako naghanap ng adventure, ang adventure ang humanap saken. LOL" -LIKE!


    di ako sanay sa ganitong mga post mo. i always see you as a child. innocent, naive and careless.


  25. Ang intense naman nito! At binabasa ko ng 5:54 in the morning! Haha. :) Mahirap nga ang FUBU. I remember 'nung college, meron akong naging FUBU and I fell inlove with him. Siguro kase bata pa ako at ang hirap talaga ihiwalay ng feelings sa purely lust lang. It was not successful pero I think mas alam ko kung paano ihandle ang mga ganito. :D

  26. bien: mukha ba akong twink? hahaha. at ladlad na ba yan? di naman ak, may takip nga eh. hahaha

    Mugen: Hala, may tinigisan factor, patingin. LOL joke.

    With the "hurting", yes, who wouldn't be hurting sa mga nangyari, ayoko na lang dagdagan pa.. :) isa ka talagang psychic kuya.

    Bespren: adik mo, hindi ah! hahaha. alam mo yan. :D

    Rus: bata pa naman ako ah. batang isip. XD

    Drama King: Pasinsya naman pu. Hihi.. Tama ka nga, nangyari na din saken yan nung bata pa lang ako. At ako malaman ang talo because my FUBU didn't feel the same way. Ngayon, I realized na libog lang ang nagf-fuel sa isang fubu connection, no more, no less. Pag may aminan, goodbye na.

  27. kinilabutan ako sa thought na magiging top ako! *brrrrrrr*

    so ganun? gumagwapo ka pag nalilibugan? eh parang araw araw ata yun? wahahah! kaya pala pinagkakaguluhan ka eh!

  28. oo nga kumpleto na... hahahaha..
    ikaw na ang may eksena na ganyan.. hihi

    pero what if you're feeling something for him din??

  29. AY GRABE.. TOP ka pala... grabe grabe.. parang nakikita ko sa utak ko ang scenario kahit nadudugo akong basahin..... HOT!!!! plus twink guys pa... grabe..... haylavet.. :D

  30. Gusto ko mang magpakageekmode para ipaliwanag kung bakit siya ganun biologically, nakakatamad. Hahaha, basta tamang ipahinga ang puso.

    And for the record, sahree din (di nako natapos kakasahree :P)

  31. Dumadaan tayo sa ganyan Joe. :)

  32. Wil: Ah. Yun ba. LOLz. At araw araw ka jan? Haha, di kaya! :) At anong pinagkakaguluhan ako huh? Loko, adik lang nun, malabong mangyari sa katotohanan. hahaha

    Ceiboh: Talagang ako na ang may eksena! Minsan lang, pagbigyan na! Bwahahaha :D At please, wala akong nararamdaman sa kanya. Kung meron man, LIBOG lang yun. Period. Choz hontaray ng peg.

    Eg: haha, nako, hindi nga ako visual magkwento eh. Parang ang bilis ng pagkakakwento. LOLz. Thanks for loving it. :D ching! *kahit na di naman talaga ako twink*

    Kiro: IKR? Kelangan ipahinga. Di lang naman ikaw ang nagsabi niyan brad.

    And of course, di talaga nawala na ipakita mo na nagsorry ka kasi pinaiyak mo ako. Wahaha. It's okay brad. I didn't take it negatively. I'm saying this for the record. :)

    Mugen: Yiz, I know kuya. At talagang mega avoid dun sa request ko. LOLz ching! :))

  33. talbog mo na akiz ditseh. :p

  34. oh wow. there it is. good for you, you finally broke your dry spell :)

  35. SP: Ahaha, talbog ka jan! ikaw ang pinakamagaling for me, sanse. :)

    Nik: Yiz, drank to my fill. :)

  36. A lesson well-learned is a lesson well-taken.

  37. Ay! Gi.atay!. Ang hot ng pics! LOL! kaya ka pala nagtanong kung ano definition ng twink. Lol!

  38. G! Yes, a lesson well-delivered, too.

    Blakrabit: Hot ka jan! Haha. Walang hot jan. San banda ang hot jan? LOL. Namura mo pa tuloy ako! :( lolz


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