7.31.2011 | 13:24

Take It All

Lahat ng tao ay may pinagdadaanan sa isang bahagi ng panahon. Ngayon, sa puntong ito, isa lamang ako sa mga taong may mga pagsubok sa buhay na dapat kaharapin.. Mahirap magsalita: Napakaraming mapanuring mata ang nakapaligid at kahit naisin mo man na gawing bukas ang lahat, ay laging may pipigil sa iyong kalayaan..

Marami na rin akong napatunayan sa aking sarili. Marami na akong pagsubok na matagumpay ko namang pinagdaanan. Ngunit sa panahong ito, sa tingin ko ay may isa akong higit dapat asahan at kapitan. Siya lang naman ang kinakapitan natin kapag tayo ay natatakot, o kaya ay lubhang nalulumbay at pakiramdam natin ay wala na tayong pupuntahan.

Nais kong ibahagi ang awitin na ito na may magandang kahulugan para sa akin. Para sa Kanya lang ako nabubuhay, at nais kong kunin Niya ang lahat ng papuri ko para sa Kanya.

Nawa ay malagpasan ko ito. Wala akong ibang nanaisin kung hindi ang pagsilbihan Siya sakali mang matapos ko ang kabanatang ito ng aking pagkatao.

Gusto ko din palang mag-share ng isang verse, sa palagay ko dapat natin itong lubos na unawain at isapuso.

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
:: James 4:7, KJV

Lord, kung ano man po ang mga pagkukulang ko, patawarin niyo po ako. Maaaring hindi ko iyon sinasadya o kaya ay lubos lang akong naungusan ng aking kabataan. Hinihiling ko lang po na sana, tulungan niyo akong malagpasan ito. Inaalay ko lang sa Iyo ang lahat.

Siya nawa.

7.30.2011 | 06:18

A Bitter Test

I never thought that it would be possible..

Guess, I need to take this thing seriously.

So help me,God.

7.28.2011 | 00:39


Today, 28th of July 2011, is James' and Joe's first month together as a couple.

Our conversations started from a simple exchange of emails. I was hesitant of getting the spot to a more comfortable method, the mobile, but he was the one who suggested it. I sensed some brewing of, a good friendship.

Days passed, text messages became calls and calls became a meet up. Heaven forbid, the first time I met him was an incarnation of the time I met the first guy that I loved. Seriously: Everything on the background froze. I was looking at him in the eyes, which is something I rarely do in first meetups. Cliche, I felt like I already knew him for a long time. He smiled, it broke me. Standing in front of me is the guy who will become my next boyfriend. I was keen on the mantra.

What astonished me was learning the mutuality of the sense, several days before June twenty-eighth. Gusto niya rin ako! (He likes me, too!)

A month ago, I knew that this relationship was going to materialize, soon. I even posted something for I simply cannot hide the euphoria, the ecstasy of love and loving. He was able to read my post, and we talked over things, until both of us had our questions answered.We had to meet again to settle dealings which needed to be done personally. I was actually afraid of losing him should time get longer, that events might not move towards our benefit. The best thing that I received from him was assurance. It was enough to guard our relationship. He assured me that I could trust him. I kept on holding on to that promise. I will keep my faith on him together with that promise.

One day I will have to face a different road from This Road. The best that we can do, for now, is enjoy each other's company, be at ease with one another, and value this friendship as it could travail a longer life span than a relationship. I am very lucky to know you, and to fall in love with you is on the top of the list of the things that gives my existence a purpose.

I am very much in love with you, James. Happy First!

7.27.2011 | 00:34

Just Because...

I'm sleeping over, doesn't mean you could sleep with me. Hahahaha. :D

7.24.2011 | 11:05

Binary: A Review

After discovering this awesome website from Eon's Books Read tab a couple of months ago, I have been chipper. I always had something to look forward to while my other phone is not so teemed with text messages or calls.

With a double-digit range of genre, I picked out Science Fiction. The pull came out of my boredom of romance and homophillic potions. The first e-book that I downloaded is entitled Binary by Jay Caselberg.

If you have a portable e-book reader, like a smartphone or Kindle, I suggest that you try downloading all the formats first to personally know the difference in character print and paging: which one works best and which one screws on the device. On my iPhone, the format .epub works best in the application called Stanza.

Binary is all about the effects of natural disasters to the human behavior and politics of a nation. The setting brings us to an unfamiliar planet, somewhere in the outer space where two suns rise at the same time and the seasons are governed by the intensity of each sun's brightness. In a sort of prologue, the setting starts at Clear Season, where the Major Twin is brighter than the Lesser Twin.

Of all the major characters, I liked Sandon Yl Aris the best. He was a victim of the bitter situation of having been banished from the camp of Principal Leannis Men Darnak, the man he served for almost all his life. Principal Men Darnak was not in a good state of mind when he sent out Yl Aris, his very loyal secretary and confidante. Working out his way back to the Principal's camp, he became a spy of all sorts to gather more information on the political instability that have been going on in the Guilds, proving his loyalty to the half-sane Principal.

We are confronted by the effects of religion and superstitious beliefs in this novel. The belief is, the Lesser Twin's dominance, the Storm Season, is a curse to humankind. People born on the Storm Season are stereotyped to suffer with cataclysm in the inner self. For this reason, the Principal's son, Tarlain, had become the most unpopular Men Darnak in their country. He too, was banished, after the Principal learned that he was doing something which sounded like a threat to the security of the Guilds. Tarlain used the Kallathik mines as a refuge after his father expelled and disinherited him at a wrong time --  the Return -- which is the start of the rude Storm Season.

Storm Season is indeed, a very nasty threat to life and security. Earthquakes of great intensity, biting cold, fog coupled rain -- these are a few of its tolls. It is a hindrance to good communication, and it is a test to the human spirit.

Several villains had the plan of ousting the current Principal and gaining control on the nation. With control, the natural resources are at stake.

The plot, the flow and the twist, all are hooking. Catharsis, however, received a little attention, for the author might have seen a little need for it. The supervening neglect of humans to nature is, to me, the major concern. 

I was reminded of a book I wrote several years ago (April of 2007) which is eerily similar to the twist in this book. Too bad, after reading this I thought of not giving my book an end. I was stuck at chapter seven. I know, when I have found myself a better interpretation. Binary is all it could have ever been.

7.23.2011 | 21:23

Meet The Barkada

Yesterday, James fetched me right after I had my effin' Humanities class. I knew no plan when I received an SMS saying: "In your parking area. Just in front of the Engineering Building."

It needed no reply, for I was on my way to the football field. I immediately saw his car parked in an awkward direction.

"Did you just arrive?" I asked.

"Actually, I'm trying to work on how to get out of parking. I always suck at crammed parking spaces," he said with a very cute childly expression, the one where you need to give the kid some assurance after getting three stars instead of five.

"I figured. You parked okay, should I maneuver it for you?"

"Better. I'll stay outside. I'll be driving the minute you get me out of this trap."

So, he brought me to Tagaytay, the second of Luzon's three summer capitals. We drove to his place and stayed at the rest house. We dined and after eating, drove some more. We filled ourselves with the cold and the scenery, however foggy.

Our second to the last stop was a coffee shop. There, I met his childhood friends, and his best friend. Fridays are their chill out days, and his best friend told me that James rarely brings a friend to drink coffee and have a chat with them. I remember and quote @IMGoryo tweeting me,


@green_breaker ayiiiii! ikaw na! (sabagay, ang batayan ng mga taong may maayos na handling sa relasyon ay ung may set of childhood friends)

I asked why, and he said that a sense of commitment with long-time friends is an indication of a good relationship with one's lover. With that, I felt vindicated! Plus, he rarely brings a friend!

We laughed a lot, talked about a lot of things. But I hope they didn't have weird questions running on their minds, like, Close friend nga lang ba? Both of us hide in the closet, well, for me, I have my middle finger out sometimes. LOL

Back to the house, and had something up.. I was sitting on the couch and he approached me, saying,

"We have the house for ourselves," with an evil grin. Honeymoon? After that, he drove me home, I slept on him during the trip. He tried bugging me by playing loud rock songs, we had a pillow fight and eventually I fell asleep. Boo. Talo siya. Hihi.

Have a good night.... :)

PS: Go Azkals!

7.21.2011 | 21:53

Stresses, Funs


Syempre, may exam kami kada Friday sa Basketball. Takte kasi, bakit ba kelangan pa ng dunking exercise eh di naman ako katangkad. Sana, three-pointers na lang. Kaya lang, ewan ko ba. Napapagod na ako magbasketball ngayon. Hindi kaya dahil sa yosi which I took three days ago? Of course I tried it out of curiosity. NAKAKASTRESS! Hinihingal ako. Di ko na uulitin yun.

Pumunta ako agad sa Spain at sumakay ng jeep papuntang Philcoa. Okay, ano na naman tong restructuring na to? Pauso talaga. Buti na lang walang pila sa jeep pa-UP Campus. Okay. Baba ako sa FC. Takte. Pahirapan bumaba, kasi nasa likod ako ni Manong driver. Dala ko pa naman yung Calculus book ko. Pagbaba ko, nakita ko si *insert HS classmate here*, kaway kaway. May kasamang orgmates. Ayoko na makigulo. Sapat na ang magkita kami.

Ang tagal ni *insert ex-girlfriend here*. May saglit na meeting lang daw. Tapos pinapapunta ako sa tambayan. Eh, naka-school shirt ako eh. At wala akong ID. Baka magtanong si manong guard. Tapos, yung mga bata na nangungulit. Nung unang beses ko magpunta dito, cute pa sila. Ngayon, naalibadbaran na ako sa pagmumukha nila.

Oookay. Katatapos lang pala nung Run. Haha.

Naggala lang kami. Nag-stay muna sa Palma Hall. Nakita kami ng orgmate niya na si *insert ex-girlfriend's orgmate here*. Sobrang friendly niya. Twice ko pa lang siya nakita pero feeling close na agad. Hindi yun negative ah, magandang katangian nga yun eh. Pero parang negative nga. Ayoko pumwesto sa gitna nila pero dun siya sa left side ko. Anooo toooooh. Peste. Nakakaramdam na si *insert ex-girlfriend here*. Bumulong, este, hinalikan yung tenga ko. Na-awkward si orgmate. May pupuntahan daw na isa pang org. Sabi ni gf BS ORG daw ang course nun. At medyo iba talaga siya maging friendly, yung touchy type. Kaya pala.

Takte. Pinilit kong iwasan ang daan katapat ng FC. Magdidilim na nun. Okay, UP got us in. Wala ako nagawa. Mahina ako sa pagpipigil. May gwardiya! Takte. Inilawan kami ng flashlight. Err. Panic. Sabi niya kay manong taga College of Music kami. Haha, eh, naka-Engineering shirt ako. Buti di naman napansin ni kuya. Sabi lang niya, wag daw kami dun kasi malamok. Wow ha. Concerned.

Edi nag-shake na lang kami dun sa dinadaanan papuntang football field. Pampalubag loob sa naudlot na something. Napansin ko na may dalawang babae na nag-gigiggle. Parang malanding giggle. Ang gf ko, sobrang possesive nun. Tinignan sila ng masama. Takte. BUKAS ANG ZIPPER KO! Kaya pala.. Hay.

O siya. Next week ulit. May exam na naman sa Calculus at sa Electromagnetics. Balak ata kami patayin ng maaga.


excerpt of a blog post from my Blogger blog, December 2007.

7.20.2011 | 08:07

Coming Out?

Katext ko si kornik @jepjepdee at gusto ko lang i-share ang napag-usapan namin. Private dapat ang texts, i know, pero okay lang naman siguro 'tong portion na 'to.


I live in half-truths.

There are no half-truths, only lies.

7.18.2011 | 00:49


I was, patiently waiting, and at 5 hours and fifteen minutes post meridian, he arrived.

"I got caught in traffic. Didn't know SM North came up with a freaking sale," He said.

"It is okay, honey, the good thing is that you are here. Let's buy something to eat," I said.

We bought Jamaican, and that doubles thing at Tatters. I wouldn't have approved because I don't like hearing crunchy sounds while on the moviehouse, but he liked the popcorn, and convinced me with puppy eyes. Oh darn, my greatest weakness.

It was my first 3D movie. I was bewildered with the glasses and the stuff that 3D bought. The movie started. All became silent. We were still giggling, and then fell silent, too.

A kissing scene. I momentarily removed my glasses because it was, for me, a very unusual feeling having glasses on while watching a film. I noticed, he too removed his. I looked at him, trying to decipher the reason why he was watching without glasses. I guess he sensed the question on my mind and whispered,

"I just wanted to see how it looks plainly," he said and suddenly, I felt his hands under the seat divider. I took hold of it, and we held hands for like a quarter of an hour or so.

I had the wierdest thought of snogging at the moviehouse. With the people having glasses on, it will be a little difficult to notice, but I renounced the idea.

It wa sa very memorable way to end the Harry Potter series that I've almost grown up with.

He drove me home. I was about to open the door of his car, when he....

Mischief Managed.

7.17.2011 | 09:00

A Dose of Inspiration

Good morning!

I've come across this video on my Facebook News Feed and because of the positive remarks, I decided to watch it. After watching, I was one with their comments... the video was good. It gave me several goosebumps and I didn't know why.

This is a Christian song, if you are an Atheist you could move on.

I'm done dealing with my little distresses and monsters. Thanks be to Him! Have a good one.

7.13.2011 | 05:15

(Sound?) Dissuasion

What do I think?

I think you must not get pressured. Write at your carefree spirits. Everyone has the freedom to express, and this freedom is the best thing that you can garner from writing, apart from the comments and appreciation.

We are very lucky to know English and let the whole world see what we have to say. Just to ramp a comparison, people in the Middle East are not as free as we are but they really want to show the world what is happening in their country at this moment, but they cannot express; either because they can't write it in forms understandable by the general internet population or because their IPs might get traced by their governments and they might end up in jail. You get my point Ate?

Be happy if you have thoughts flowing. No matter how feeble sounding those may be, let it flow still. Do not allow yourself from getting pressured by external forces, what matters is that your ability to express is present and is unhindered. People who love you, after all, will not judge how cranky or biased or crazy you may go at times. Let things be.

Smile. :)
:: An advice I gave to Ate Leah, I dunno if I even made a connection to her post.

My thoughts can only recount the positive comments I got from the post before this. Thank you, all.

I will shortly be out; I have to face some monsters which had been on my dreams, fiends I'm too afraid to disclose...

7.11.2011 | 20:11

Should You Travel

Mossy stones on the curbside take the form of little pebbles scattered ominously. Trying to evade the chances of slipping, you tiptoe your way to the nearest tree. Apparently, you hear nothing but the bass of your headphone. You unzip the fly, hail the unseen spirits without an audible tone. You work the piss that has been sitting in your bladder for the past thirty minutes.

The most tiresome of your routines is waiting for the right bus. You pretend not to hear the dispatcher, while the poor guy tries to convince you that there is enough space inside. Pleading is the bitter herb, your indifference is the ailment. Good thing the tint of your Oakley guises the direction of your eyes, as you read the signage of the bus behind the one in front of you. Who cares if you decide not to choose the undersized and filthy ride? The customer is always right, you quote your Management professor.

With difficulty, you extract the coins from your left pocket. It is plain mercy that you have the exact amount; Bills are cursed every morning. Awaiting the bus conductor is, most of the time, obstruction to a truncated recline. However, this will be shorter because weekends often relish a mitigated road volume. Eons later, the bus conductor appears. To your surprise, the stubby employee didn't notice that you were a newcomer. You took this in as a blessing, but you dreaded its payback because 'God knows Hudas not pay'. You shook your head for utter disbelief in convincing yourself that you could bail the ticket inspector.

The reason why you choose the two-seater is its ability of repulsion. By merely acting asleep and widening the angle between your legs, you could almost take the space away. This is to make sure that you won't be disturbed by some random individual for the rest of the trip.

Beware of the unlimited number of halts. These drivers have mastered the art of feigning deafness, too. They do not hear the protests of passengers who are about to be late. They do not hear the iterative horns of other cars behind theirs. They do not hear the whistles of traffic watchmen. Your estimated jaunt time should have an additional of a quarter of an hour to a quarter less of an hour. You should realize though: this is due to the fact that undisciplined passengers make these bus stops.

The last thing that you should worry about is the unpredictable weather. An instantaneous the sun is up -- ultraviolet scorches the epidermis, next minute is drizzled with precipitation. The nine-tailed fox is crying, isn't she? You cannot afford to get sick in this entirely expensive generation, cladding to cover the parietal and occipital lobe areas would be a useful shield versus forms of migraine and respiratory diseases: climate change is here, to stay.

Alight the ride with a nifty beam. After all, you would never know if someone desirable followed you, beware if it was a burglar.


Thanks to Splice, for allowing me to borrow a few expletives from his manual.

7.09.2011 | 08:21

Of Being Suplado and Science Stuff

Naalarma daw ako sa negatibong komento. Huhu

Kinabog ko na si Supladong Office Boy sa pagiging suplado. Ako na!

Kasi. My mom told me not to talk to strangers.


Nakita daw ako ng kagalit kong Bespren sa bus papuntang school. Tapos di ko daw siya pinansin. Heller? After nung ginawa niya DITO, sa tingin niya papansinin ko talaga siya? choz. Siguro malayo lang ang tingin ko.. ang dami dami kong iniisip. Ayoko ng dagdagan pa.

Okay, ang random ko ngayon. Iniisip ko kasi yung application ko para sa Masters. Di ako makapagdecide kung ano ang kukunin kong espesyalisasyon. O kung magte-take ba ako agad ng boards? Henyo eh, ganyan.

Tapos lagi ko na lang siya nakakatulugan. Naalala ko yung huling ex-gf ko lagi ko rin nakakatulugan dati. Well sila naman lahat nakakatulugan ko sa text, pero siya lang naalala ko kasi nagrereklamo siya. May karapatan naman siyang magreklamo, kasi tinulugan ko siya while on a call. O diba. Bongga.


I need something to refresh my spirits. I want more inspiration than a boyfriend, not that he is not providing a good kick, he is really helpful. Gusto kong pumunta sa outer space! Gusto ko maglakad sa rings ng Saturn at tignan kung horizontal nga ba ang Solar system.

Naisip ko din kasi minsan, lagi na lang horizontal ang planar view ng Solar system, which is on the x-axis, for reference, tignan niyo ito. Ayon kasi sa Law of Gravitation, "every point mass in the universe attracts every other point mass with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them." Wala namang nakasaad na "the planes of existence of gravity are assumed as lying on the x-axis." So meaning, pwedeng inclined ang plane, or pwede ring vertical which is 90 degrees/ 270 degrees from our stereotype! How will it ever change our perception of the universe?

There is another theory, the theory of Antimatter, which is related to the law of gravitation, due to the presence of negative gravity.

Sabi kasi ni kumpareng Newton, "for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction." Dito nag-umpisa ang walang katapusang pagtuklas ng tao sa mga bagay na WALANG KWENTA. Ows, di nga? May kwenta to, promise.

Antimatter is negative matter. The theory is, if the normal matter and the negative matter of the same kind collides, they will annihilate! Nakakatakot yun! Pano kung mameet mo ang negative-self mo, edi maglalaho ka na lang bigla sa mundo. Science says, totoo ang antimatter. Minsan nga may napanood ako sa TV na pinoproduce pa talaga nila ang anti-matter, pero on small amounts lang at sa mga elements lang gaya ng Hydrogen.

Imagine a Periodic Table of Antimatter Elements! And, How about anti-cancer, which will be forced to meet with cancer cells to annihilate it? What a wonderful result. Pwede ring anti HIV. Ang daming applications.

OMG. Ang dami kong naiisip, malamang wala namang kwenta. haha

7.08.2011 | 00:51

Manila, Manila

Earlier this week, I went to our Manila campus to scout for not-so-popular reference books and  Board Exam reviewers.

The easiest ride to go there from our house is an FX. When I reached the loading stop, a cute, tall, somehow chubby, fair guy on civilian garb got my focus. He looked like a student, and his destination, I had no idea. The stop accommodates jeepneys and FXs routed to three different major places so instead of trying to get his attention, I patiently waited for an FX going to Quiapo.

Alas, ten minutes of standing yielded a middle-seat boarded FX. I chose the back ride for it was empty and I rather thought that it would be a hard thing to squeeze myself in the driver's right seat for the long trip. To my surprise, the guy I was eyeing got to the back of that car first, which means I would see more of him along the trip. He sat on the right seat, I chose the one opposite him.

I was listening to my iPod songs via earphones (ones tucked in the earlobe) so technically there is no way that he would notice my interest on him. After a few meters of acceleration, I took a check over. The guy looked better in a short distance. He was beaming at his cellular, probably reading a funny SMS. He looked cuter.

I was content with just stealing glances. When we reached Ortigas, he was getting restless. I caught him looking back once or twice, but I'm not that malicious to interpret those riffles through as something to entertain or consider. I passed it as there-is-dirt-on-my-face.

Along Shaw Boulevard, before the intersection with Edsa, he was already extending his hands over the recline of the middle seat across my hands which were rested above the same portion. Additionally, he was also moving his feet unnecessarily, which bumped with my shoes, our knees had contact. I was suspecting something sinister.

I didn't ecstasize his intermittent shifting because I was not into him. I just noticed that he is cute. Period. I even closed my eyes to pretend listening deeply branching to a nap, but all the same. He was fidgeting.

When we reached Nueve de Febrero, I took my earphones away and started texting. I SMSed bloggers and classmates and even those defunct PR usernames on my phonebook just for something to do. He poked my knees and I looked at him, directly in the eyes. It was awkward but he had to have some confronting.

"Pre, anong meron? Likot mo eh," I told him.

"Wala naman dude, baka pwede lang makipagkilala," he said in wavering notes.

"Sorry, my mom told me not to talk to strangers," then I plugged my earphones back and looked at the window. I was half-laughing at the back of my head. It is never easy to avoid boys.

Good thing he took off at JRU. I didn't have to endure that awkward moment of pretending not to notice while someone is looking (read: examining ) at you.

7.06.2011 | 09:11

It Feels Good To Be Back


Past long queues, skipped meals, school-to-school visits, filling out of forms, pleadings with professors, finally!

At this point, I can get back online (for at least an hour) and have no worries on my last academic term. At school, the grade cards have a different process of reaching the owner for the last two semesters of college year because it will be mailed. I just received mine a few days back, and I can't think of anything but Thanks Be To Him. It had kept me smiling for like five days now.

I'm sorry for bothering you with my Scheduled posts, I never thought that it will be such a mess! Anyway, I thank the people who still left scribbles on it. I'm quite happy for the cool following.

I've been working on a new layout for two days now, tweaking the Blogger tags a little here. I also thought of incorporating some HTML5 and CSS3 since those are quite interesting and cool! I hope the layout comes fine, I'm using a webkit browser, Google Chrome and I hope it also works well with the other non-webkit browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. I also used Flash to have something moving on the screen. I have ideas but I think it won't be as goodlooking as my Flash works years ago.

Before this turns into a techblog, I will see you later guys. I missed my cyber world; for some time I felt like I was not me because I was detached to it. Have a good one. Speak on British accent.

7.04.2011 | 07:00

After The Football Practice

This is the sixth of my backtrack series. Originally posted March 21, 2010 17:59.
Here I share a depiction of a scene six months ago from the original posting time. I was inclined to football, yes, even before the Azkals became popular. This post is a dedication to my ex girlfriend who still, even with my biases to boys, does not fail me from getting turned on whenever I think about her.

(I managed to name myself throughout. Last semester on our school's football field.)

The ball went on a highly vertical trajectory but nevertheless, with Joe's help, Maxwell was able to send it straight to the net, enough to conclude their practice.

Allia was waiting at the other side of the metal fences. She gave Maxwell and Joe a fisting movement which resembled a double time call.

"Hurry up guys!" she called over from the metal gates of the pitch.

Maxwell decided to get something from his locker, so Joe was left alone to go to Allia. He still feels awkward whenever the two of them are left alone.

"You did not seem to be on the mood," Allia commented.

Joe expected to be told as such -- her comments have lately contained the same thought. He cannot blame her: he has been having the weirdest of dreams which has affected not only his sleep but his emotional connections as well.

"The high kick?" he simply sidetracked. "It was meant for Austria."

Allia smiled and said, "Electronics giving you a hard time again?"

"Yeah, it gets a little challenging everyday, now that the first exams are nearing," he said while wiping his body of excessive fluids.

Out of the blue, Allia took his free hand and pulled him over the benches on the other side of the fence.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

Joe got over the concerned tone. He did not want to take it as seductive, he just convinced himself that his hormones are normally working since he just spent some time to a strenuous game.


"Yes I am," he said in a vibrating note.

"Did you know that, I like your tactics?" she continued.


Joe was getting nearer to a conclusion. But he cannot let it happen. He looks wasted...

"Of course. I have been playing for quite a while, what are you up to?"

"I like seeing you there," pointing at the field, "doing all your stuff," she said.

To Joe, the moment was not the right time to get lauded.

"Really? Why is it?" he tried to divert the topic of the conversation. But he knew it was a wrong follow up when Allia replied,

"It makes you cuter. It makes me like you more."

He forced himself not to, but it was not him; It was something inside him that urged him to kiss her. His blood was rushing elsewhere.

It was with great internal struggle that led him off to a stop. Allia looked surprised.

"Sorry, I could not help..."

"No, it was fine," and she looked half-embarrassed.

He realized that the eye contact made it happen. He avoided looking at her directly while they were talking it out.

"Anyway, looks like Max is coming," he said, while his brain removed him from the world, that he wanted Max to disappear and let them alone until it was settled, until his needs were completely satisfied?

No. It should not happen. It must not happen.

"I will be off," he said, taking his bag and running away from the bench, leaving Allia confused.

** hindi ko alam kung tama ba na hinalikan ko siya. urge? ewan ko ba. para lang kasing hindi ko parin matanggap na casual lang yun masyado, and the sex that could have happened after would be termed casual too, right? masama ba na paligayahin mo ang sarili mo? o mas masama ba ang sasabihin ng ibang tao?

i guess si Allia ang isa sa mga rason kung bakit hindi ako nag-enroll this semester.

and another thing is sure, that I won't pull up a conversation with a girl after a heavy muscle work.

Unquote Joe

Most of the time, tact is not for the intelligent. It takes a great deal of 'being there' to realize that something else is going on.
Albeit Greatness speaks of an effort-filled voyage, the shortest trail en route is the way down.

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