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Pro- Gloria

This is the fourth of my backtrack series. Originally posted June 29, 2010 16:10.
However dirty politics is, I still try my best to participate in political ramblings (like the elections). As a youth of this country, I must have my stand. Here we recollect my biases to the most unpopular president of the Philippines, EXPGMA.


i am. i always wondered how i became one but i know i really am a pro-Gloria.

just to sidetrack from my usual topics, i’ll get a little socially concerned.

i can assess myself as such because whenever there are negative publicities, i still try to think of her positive works which had a boosting effect for the country.

i think it is a great achievement that we were able to survive the global financial crisis despite our being in the middle-class economy list not to mention the submerging poverty levels in our country. let us take the American recession for the example. remember how we survived with not much effort? we almost lived like nothing is wrong since we still dine out on classy places, buy pleasuring materials and act as if we have all the money to spend in the world. only a strong economy will have lead us to such firm grounding.

i won’t keep this long but to cap it off, there was change in the system and it worked for the country. Gloria steps down gloriously tomorrow but the next thing she should hush up is the ex-opposition-now-administration’s plot to investigate on her negative issues.

6.28.2011 | 09:30

Only Time Will Tell

This is the third of my backtrack series. Originally posted September 30, 2010 09:35.
Here we continue from the March post. The intervening time had us on a getting-to-know stage, merely chatting. It was only August when we exchanged numbers. We recollect my inability to easily let go.


Kahapon, dapat magkikita kami nung taong ka-mabutihan ko. Isang beses pa lang kasi kami nagkikita. The first time we met, the most unusual of a date na ginawa namin ay nag-kiss. Actually, nung kinagabihan bago nung first meeting namin lang talaga kami nagkausap ng matagal. Like, from 10pm to 6am magkausap kami sa phone.

Natatawa ako pag naaalala ko yung mga pinag-usapan namin. Quantum Physics. Solar Flares. Renewable sources of electricity. Astronomy. Habit-forming past-times. Robots. Science. Our campus' sizes and the best spots to "make out" dun. LOL. Medyo malabo lang yung konek nung huling topic. haha.

Cutting it short, after we met, medyo naging busy kami. We both had academic stints to work on. Pero ako ang mas nagpaparamdam. Siya, so-so. Wala lang. Nainis ako. Parang balewala eh. Kaya ayun. Sabi ko, "delete mo na number ko". Nag-plead siya. Like, thrice? Pero pinilit ko lang na wag siyang pansinin dahil mahina ako sa kanya. Ayun. Wala na kami. Single na ulet. From In a Relationship -- It's Complicated.

Its sad. nakakainis. But kung lagi na lang akong maghihintay sa kanya na para akong naghihintay sa wala, tama pa ba ang paghihintay na yun? O mas mabuti na ba ang maging masaya ako na nag-iisa?

Only time will tell if this decision is worth it. Hindi ko dinelete ang number niya. Flirty much move but I can't totally let go... yet.

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He Is...

(picture taken down due to my honey's request)

My present, and my future.. :) <3 talandi. lels. love you.


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Well Comes March

This is the second of my backtrack series. Originally posted March 1, 2010 10:51.
Here we recollect and I admit on falling inlove easily.


Starting this month right, good morning!

I love this day. Earlier today, around 1-3 am, I was able to establish a chat with this one person. I didn’t know this one, but gave me a very good compliment to work on using my online pictures. Told me that I looked hot and had nice abs. (one of my PR photos)

Well, as usual, who wouldn’t feel elated with such?

I, feeling gratified, gave a run-off and a simple thank you. But you know, I didn’t think that it would grow into a conversation. I made that person laugh, we even exchanged a few good notes and I just can’t help having a good insight. It became inspirational and I don’t know why. KINIKILIG AKO!!!!

I’m so thinking: when would be the next time we’ll have a chat? Am I falling in love? Or am I just happy to have another good chat again? Hopefully, I’ll know this person in the future. I want to push a meet-up!


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How Is Your Antiquity?

This is the first of my backtrack series. Originally posted July 4, 2006 15:37.
Here we recollect how I hated my Achilles heel, the Engineering Drawing Subject.


In fact, if it be the very scale for placing humans in a certain heirarchy, I think I can be at the bottom of that.

Professor in ES 100: Okay, row 1, submit your plates. I want to check them now. 
I'm a member of that row, and I was the first one to get to his table.
Professor in ES 100: Turn it to page 1-5.
Me: Sir, here it is.
He looks at the work in a way that would make me think of him coming up with an impossible, unbelievable judgment.
Professor in ES 100: A milimeter blot, a wrong curve, and, did I tell you slant Gothic letters? It was straight Gothic! Look at your guidelines, they are too thick. Practice lettering.
He places his signature on the work and grades 40 in it.

What the--? A 40? I spent two hours of the night for that single plate and a 40 'deserved' my work? Im not from the ancient time! How is a civilized work for a 40?

6.21.2011 | 12:27

Iskul Bukol

In a few weeks' time, I'd be off to low. You know, school stuff. I need to take care of my requirements for graduation. I have a lot; It's my fault that I didn't make the necessary arrangements prior to this.

For the mean time, I would have Timed Future Posts -- a series of blog posts that I made on my previous Bloggers, Wordpresses, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Freindster Blog and Tabulas -- all about random school stuff to remind me of the different things and sacrifices that I have gone past for the last 5 years.

It is boring (like, I KNOW!) but it is just some sort of retrospection. It comprises part of the happiest years of my life and I hope that if someone reads it, they will learn something about me, at the least, if not about life and priceless school lessons.

6.18.2011 | 19:40

The Man I Became

Inadvertently, I was beating the bass drum with the drumstick. He beckoned me so I can take glimpse of the sliding motion with the stick's head. Having two drum sets in the house is technically noisy and incommodious. He was sweating, he asked my youngest sibling to fetch a towel while still making invisible half-notes in the air. My father never had a proper music class training but I admire how he learned to write notes for his drum rips.

"Okay, ganito yan Joe, lalagyan mo ng friction para magawa mo yung tunog pero bago ka mag-half note itatas mo na yung stick kasi nagva-vibrate pa yung string sa baba, kaya may tunog pa rin. Subukan mo," then he would beat my stick so I could tap out just in time. "Yon! Nakuha mo, sige ulitin mo yan hanggang mag-chorus, tapos 'yung dalawang tom tapos yung cymbals sa kanan."

He is a perfectionist. He should be, after working for almost ten bands in more than twenty years. Being the only son, he wanted me to follow his track. I needed to learn how to play the violin, piano, drums, saxophone, lead and bass guitars.

A consequence of his job is to be abroad most of the time. According to my Psychology professor, the absence of an older male figure in a boy's early years paves way to the boy's attraction to other boys. Attention was pivotal to gender accountability. This is how I became. It was, probably, because of him.

I never deprive him of the right to be lauded, though. He is my greatest music mentor. He worked for us to live decently. He never lacked for our provisions. He is the best man that I know. To me, he is the greatest drummer. He is the second best provider, next to Him. He is my father.

We barely speak for the past years. Maybe, because I don't know what else to say whether on the phone or at home. We were never tie-close. In the course of time maybe he too, noticed that I was dodging conversations with him. To me there was little to talk about.  I always admire those cool father-son relationships I see on TV, wishing I also have that to brag. I always had hope that we will reach a point when both of us will engage in a conversation not relating to music or school, to give us a tighter bond. He is getting older and so am I. But these never materialized. There are what-ifs.

There are a few ocassions wherein I could have told him this but there is a brevity in the courage of my tongue to release the words. Words which might have been the only thing that he needs to hear to weaken our differences, if not erase them:.

I love you, Pa.

6.13.2011 | 00:52

The Last First Day Anxiety

After nine semesters and one summer session in college, tomorrow, I will finally face my last first day under graduation.

I will, for the last time, be going from Ortigas to the other end of Edsa for me to get to school. I will, for the last time, curse my alarm for betraying me. I will, for the last time, take the long path to the Engineering building with great stress. I will, for the last time, treat the library as a refuge should lazy afternoons come. I will, for the last time, swipe my ID card or try bailing on the security guard in cases I'd forget it. I will, for the last time, eat in a school canteen. I will, for the last time, write down notes for the benefit of exams. I will, for the last time, feel anxious about knowing new faces and be eaten alive by the greatness of what is ahead of me.

I still remember, though not vividly, my first day in college. I was brimming with confidence. I knew that I was smarter than any other student in that classroom. I may have failed UPCAT but I passed ACET with great grades. In that UPCAT vs ACET thing, they say ACET is harder. I had that fact sitting side-by-side my technical pencil, T-square, tracing tube, Algebra and Trigonometry textbooks, and what-not.

The first exams came. The professor calls the names from the person who got the highest score and so on. "Mr. Joe Green Breaker?" the fat professor asked. I stood with eyes transfixed on the paper she was holding, and neck up tight. I was proud of myself. The professor said, "You are the second one, in fifteen years, who got my first exam for Algebra perfectly." The classroom gave out small gasps and I got furtive looks. The professor tapped me in the right shoulder. "We need members for the Math Geeks, I would love to see your face in the tambayan later."

As sudden as that, I would be called Einstein when I pass the lobby and the corridors. I'd hear people whispering. I'm a celebrity. No, not yet. Until we get the scores from Trigonometry, English, and Chemistry. I never knew such a position; I was never the best in high school. I was always behind the shadows of my brighter classmates.

Four years later, I gained a cool group of friends. The prettiest lady in my course, the richest, the other cool geeks, the best DotA players. We boded well. It was a bullying group. I enjoyed the position.

Later, I knew how to skip classes. Play billiards, computer games, drink just before a major exam, flirt with anyone who would show equal attention. Vegan spirit consumed me. I had to pull myself together before all that I was investing on were gone.

And the tragedy came. I was struck with psychological distress after knowing that my grades suffered. I was so depressed. I did not eat for two days. I never left my room. I disconnected myself from my friends. I cursed myself for it was me who brought myself into that situation. I was not supposed to blame anyone else.

Two semesters ago, and I'm back on track. Unfortunately, the Latin Honor which I was aiming is now far from my grasp. I cursed the high grade requirement for the lowest Latin Honor Cum Laude, 1.41-1.60. Even if I get all straight A+s I ill be 0.04 points short. YES! LIFE SUCKS! 1.64. Fuck.

Even if I shoot trajectories of efficient projectiles, I will still be an asymptote to the Honor: so close, yet, repelling.

I will forever regret my extravagance. The times when I should have done projectiles in my Physics class and not on anyone's bed, a different one every night. The times when I became the prodigal Math geek. The times when I slept on my final exams in Integral Calculus, Differential Equations and Electronics 1.

The most that I can do now is enjoy my tenth and last semester. Those bitter moments will be a scar of remembrance. I learned a lot from those experiences. They were humbling and life-changing. As look back, I saw how Joe came past transitioning from a self-satisfying brat to a concerned and mature individual. I believe, All Is Well That Ends Well. I will end this semester wearing the black academic regalia with an orange lace -- proud and with an insurmountable amount of gladness in my heart. This is because, I have successfully got through the highest highs and the lowest lows of college. College made me a better person. College will contain my greatest social treasures. It will always be worth a walk back.

6.10.2011 | 10:22

Get a life, Please!

"I'm proud in tweeting with one of my dialects; I can't honestly see a reason to be ashamed of it. I'd rather be ashamed to dictate another."

-- I would have replied this if I was on his level. But to be honest, I'm not and I will never reach that low.

6.09.2011 | 07:16

Job Interview Questions 1

Nagrereview na ako para sa board exams kahit na may isang semester pa ako. Gusto ko kasi na hindi na mag-cram sa pagrereview by November to April. Pakonti-konti lang naman kahit ngayong summer. Sort of subsob ako sa pagbabasa ng libro.

Pero, nawindang ako sa isang website na nadaanan ko, nagpaskil sila ng interview questions para sa mga papasok sa field ng Electronics. Well, medyo gusto ko ang Electronics dahil sa maraming Math dito. Gusto ko din ang design unlike sa ibang pwede naming pag-applyan like Broadcasting, Telecomms, Navigation, etc. Masyado na rin kasi napupuno ang ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5, Smart, Globe, PLDT, BayanTel, Philippine Airlines, WG&A, Sulpicio Lines and the like kaya mas maganda sumugod sa field na hindi commonly gustong pasukan ng isang bagong grad na ka-kurso ko. Kung gusto mo ring mawindang, pindutin mo ITO. Diyan galing ang questions. Ok gow.

1. Draw any shunt regulator and tell me how it works.
2. Draw any series regulator and tell me how it works.
3. Explain why the efficiency of a series regulator is better than that of a shunt regulator.
4. What are the three basic types of switching regulators? Which one steps the voltage up? Which one produces a negative output from a positive input? Which one steps the voltage down?
5. In series regulator, what does headroom voltage mean? How is the efficiency related to headroom voltage?
6. What is the difference between the LM7806 and the LM7912?
7. Explain what line and load regulation mean. should they be high or low if you want a quality power supply?
8. How is the Thevenin or output resistance of a power supply related to the load regulation? For a quality power supply, should the output resistance be high or low?
9. What is the differnece between simple current limiting and foldback current limiting?
10. What does thermal shutdown mean?
11. The manufacturer of a three-terminal regulator recommands using a bypass capacitor on the input if the IC is more than 6 in from the unregulated power supply. What is the purpose of this capacitor?
12. What is the typical dropout voltage for the LM78XX series? What does it mean?

Nosebleed ako nung makita ko ito sa pinaka-ibaba ng page. Apat o lima lang ata ang kaya kong sagutin. Siguro 8 kung nakinig lang ako ng maigi sa Electronics 1 professor ko. Windang~!

6.05.2011 | 19:30

Gusto Ko Si Blogger...

Iurico. (and his comforting oblivion)

Sabi sa akin ni friend Kiro na wala na daw yung blog ni yummy Iurico (may yummy talaga sa unahan?? kras ko siya eh) siguro mga mag-one month na.. Hinintay ko pa naman yung last installment ng kanyang serye sa PnP.

Hay, tapos, siya lang ang isa sa limang blogs na binack-read ko ng bongang bongga. Like, up to the first post with matching readings sa mga komento. Oha. May duda pa ba na crush ko talaga siya? :D

Ayun. Speculation lang ni friend kung bakit nangyari yun kasi nasabi ni yummy sa blog niya: (non-verbatim)

This blog will cease to operate the moment my identity gets compromised.

Ayun. Baka nga daw may nakadiskubre. Sad as it is.

Namimiss ko rin si Mandaya. Pareho kasi kami ng lupang sinilangan. Me ganon? not so. lol. Ayun. Kasi bago ako gumawa ng gay blog eh about a year na rin akong nagbabasa at nakikicomment sa mga blogs. Natutuwa lang ako basahin ang magagaling na entries niya. Siya ang isa sa mga inspirasyon ko sa pagbuo ng blog na ito, gusto ko sa entries, yung nagagamit ko ang kritikal na pag-iisip ko. Gusto ko kasi na kahit papano mai-share na hindi lang ako malibog, may bahagi rin ng pagkatao ko na nag-iisip. A part of me who wanted to make space know whatever I have to say.

Ayun. So, kunwari socially concerned. Lol.

Sana bumalik sila..

PS. the green chair. lol. green breaker nga din pala si ateng.

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For The Greater Good

A noble cause can never be defeated. It was an excursion from one my college organizations which allowed me to rekindle my slumbered talents for growing plants. As a kid, I remember that I unusually spent more hours in our backyard, either weeding, cultivating soil or planting vegetables. It was by passion that I almost wanted to pursue a career on farming.

Unexpectedly, the trip which was supposed to be all about obtaining seedlings, was sidetracked by something more meaningful.

The valleys of Agawkauin is located between two low-component towns in a northern Luzon province. Being in such state, the government can only apportion one elementary school for each of these towns. The fact bumped my humanity and I asked myself, is this true? In my current city, there is at least one elementary school per baranggay. But in the case of these towns, what will happen to the students who live on borders? How long will they need to travel to reach their schools? What other sacrifices would they have to make in order to learn lessons every day for the next schoolyears until they graduate? Will it be possible for them to resume to high school or even college? Only those that I cannot speak of.

I, together with a group, extended the tour on purpose. There was a longing deep inside me, that I should do something about this. A minute, incomparable measure as compared to NGO/governmental works this could be but there was a pull. I felt like, I belong, that comparing it to my previous experiences, it is miles from similar but the problem is present and cannot be denied.

On the first day of the extension, I interviewed the youth from the borders. I had the journalistic spirit of documenting the stuff but I felt that it will just overrate if not sensationalize my cause. I asked them the routines that they had to overcome in each and every weekday.

Apparently, what I imagined was true. They need to walk for almost four kilometers every day, one way. If it was concrete that they were stepping on, it would have been easy. But the slopes, muddy roads, rivers, and foresty trails gave me unsolicited goosebumps and my heart was melted with awe. These children valued education that much. I could not help but place my younger self beside these children: no, with modesty I can say that I never became bulakbol though the effort that I placed on studying was not that high, and cannot par with even 1 kilometer of walk from that place to the school were those kids go.

Reaching Manila. I realized that if a proposal of a school construction near the borders of these towns will equate to additional government cost, so will the dedication of teachers to be assigned here be a question. Not that I have negative thoughts on our educators, but at this generation there will always be pessimists and I myself can't play this big of a hero.

By the time that I get my license as a professional, I wish to set up a foundation which will focus on giving small reliefs to these children who give a great effort to get themselves educated. This of course will become possible with the help of my friends who saw the poor situation first-hand.

That could be a way of escaping taxes but I was just inspired of what I saw earlier in the ABS-CBN NCA Special Report. There were a group of guys who gave help to students in Zamboanga by gaining funds through an online advocacy. In that little help, hundreds of school children benefited and it is a heartwarming sight to see hardwork at its finest under the most crude situations.

I hope to be of little help, too. Soon.

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You were walking too fast. If I had not been looking at you, we might have totally crashed on top of the other.

Actually, I missed a detail: I was looking at your chest.

My mind is racing. I can't get my eyes off your steamy body with the exceptional attention to the cute nipples on your chest. This is why I hate going out of the house and taking a walk in the afternoon lane; I get to see a lot of naked guys either texting or forming groups of chatter.

He was still texting, oblivious to the fact that we almost had body contact. There was a plethora of inanimate projections of my lustful desire on my subconscious. I had to pull myself together to convince that I'm still awake. I am walking in an opposite direction which is away from him.

Our worlds are parallel, for his straightness will never intersect with my deceiving swagger.

Will I ever catch him again?

*photo from here.

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