1.26.2012 | 17:13

A Date With a 'fan', Again

Two personal mails reached my inbox since the first day of this year. One of them's from a guy named Eric. He told me he is my 'fan'. He asked if he could take me out on a date. I told him he's all fast, plus facts that should dissuade him and his plan. He wasn't moved at all, which tells something about his intentions.

This part is most romantic: the day that we met. He went to our dormitory unexpectedly. He didn't know where to park (shit, why will I have to always deal with the parking problems of my dates?), so he texted me that he was on the spot, then asked for help on where to put his big toy. I told him to wait for a couple of minutes as I reach the street. I shooed him from the driver's seat and I drove to P. Noval and back for some space. He maintained an awkward gaze while I was maneuvering. Goodness, he is a looker! The fair twink type. I died. LOL

He instinctively knew that there was no one else in the room. All my roommates had to go somewhere, so I let him in. We talked for some thirty-ish and I stripped in front of him, changed garb and we were off to somewhere.

It was a wonderful day, he made good use of the small time that I spared for him. I didn't regret missing some five hours of review time, really.

One of the worst things about me is that I easily fall for traps. Lately, I've exercised a certain repulsion to save myself. Yes, I did it to Eric. This will probably explain my silence, boy.


My basic rule is 'Never expect anything'. Let any whatever come, just don't expect a thing from me and I won't expect anything from you, too. I'm very fragile to be situated in crazy contraptions. I become weird. Yeah, spell Emma Kurtzman in the movie No Strings Attached. Pero shet lang, kung kasing hot lang din naman ni Ashton Kutcher eh why not di ba? Hahahaha


I'm learning, slowly, the art of abstinence. Like YEAH. My last was last year. A large chunck of my time has several allotments now, the productive kind.

With the examinations season approaching, there is no room to being lukewarm. There may be less than 10 books that I still need to read and understand by heart. I'm quite disappointed with my progress, it's like I should be on some level now when I'm actually three echelons down. Last week, my eyes were bloodshot. Lack of sleep and too much reading, perhaps. However, such effort is not yet enough. Not yet.

The only thing that I'm looking forward to is my El Nido trip, which is exactly right after the boards, and the job offer in a shipline company down South. See you, friends, very soon. I can't wait to marry with the Queen City for a short term of two years or so.

Have a great weekend, folks. Thanks for taking time to read. :)

1.14.2012 | 20:33

Long Hair?

Inception was on the anti-boredom section a couple of days ago. Ordered Caramel Frappe and large fries. Realized that there was no understanding on what the hell the movie meant. Watched it three times, twice on Trinoma, those movie dates. Finally, sugar livened my brain so I knew that it was a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream. Four levels. Goodness, whoever thought of the concept was brilliant, however, as a student of science, I can't help but notice contradictions in the weird physics. But that is an entirely different discussion.

When the mind is clouded with too much activity and information, we (my dorm-mates and I) watch a movie. Momentum's lost. Does it happen to everyone? Review left a big big effect on me. Lost weight. Pimples (ugh). Lots of hair! Yeah. Hair. Then, you start incorporating statics, dynamics and electromagnetism in everything.

I tripped. Explanation: The frictional force of the floor was too strong to be countered by the vector sum of my forward motion, my mass multiplied by the acceleration due to gravity and the normal force on the tiles. Gah, imagine six people talking like that every minute of six days in a week. We don't seem to get tired. Until last week. I started feeling lazy. Lights on my head from Vegas to blackout.

The hair. One instructor told us that the previous reviewers had fun of hair superstitions. They wouldn't cut it, believing that the terms, formula and solutions would stay in these keratins. Last week, I shaved my beard. I think I'd buy that hair-thing, too. I'm still thinking though if I'd have a haircut tomorrow. Gosh.

I wonder if it's just because I'm so gay that I see a lot of cute guys around our place. I'm inclined to men with big arms, twinks, and tall fair guys. For all heavens sake, there is a confinement of these types in the area! Psh. I can't concentrate.

1.08.2012 | 23:18

Beyond Death

How do you know if it makes a difference?

Recent events accounted, a smashing modification was forced to make effect. Several puts it on a list as antisocial. Most persist, the move is synoptic to death. I believe so...


The day I buried it, I promised to never look back. No matter how difficult the struggle was. Ahead of me is a greater war -- a tug of thoughts, a battle of wills. The future remains certainly uncertain. The adversary has eight arms to cripple. There is no other choice but to rid of weights, put down unnecessary packages and sacrifice ideals which could integrate to a cloudy survival. Every percentage of sureness is tantamount to triumph, and must be encouraged, even if it means separation.

The way everyone looks at me is less important. Who are they to evaluate and pass judgment? Months from now, they will eat their tongues. They will succumb to shame. For the moment, I will pretend not to hear. I will pretend not to see. I will pretend not to understand. Nothing can hurt me.

And I ask again, how do you know if it makes a difference? Perhaps the best answer is, when you do not ask yourself why.

1.05.2012 | 18:55


In a religion which believes that December 25 is a Pagan celebration of Jupiter, Sun God's birthday, the date is just like any other.

As kids, before fully discovering what things on the religion meant, we did celebrate Christmas. Sunny days these were -- parties and games. The worldly fun was subtracted of the supposed meaning. Perhaps the only things that reflected the substance were the opening prayer and exchanging of gifts.

Sunday was a grand celebration at the church. I learned that there were some sort of exchange gift portion for the kids. The activity started after lunch. Gifts of different colors can be seen at the center of the gathered children. A flashback of happy memories streamed like a torrent of liquid euphoria: There is some sort of gladness on seeing gifts, and excitement to know the contents of the wrapped bundle. No matter how big or small (of course, anticipation for the large packages are greater) these were, making the kids smile for one moment is priceless.

I asked my kumare that I'd bail on my godson's gift for the moment. I'd get back after the kid's birthday, leaving her some amount for supplies.


I gave my boy a condom.

"What is this?" he asked.

"That is just the wrapper," and there was no second telling what the present was.


Happy New Year!

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