8.04.2011 | 21:00

Inevitable Twilight

Oxygen entangles with iron: rust
Cavities complicate the system
  of an industrial junk.

Air in mobility: wind
The blades provided relief, alleviation
  after eons of usance.

Now hitting the hay: retire
Copious hirelings miss the comfort
  only an enormous propeller can suffice.

Unstoppable future: technology
Air conditioning eventually advances
  giving the fan an inevitable twilight.


  1. @joe: nice work, bunso! :)

  2. Nate: Thanks Kuya. hehe. Actually, parang mas naeengganyo akong magsulat kapag alam kong may kakompetensya ako. lol. Ang pagiging competetive ba ay masama?

  3. @joe: hahaha! being competitive is a nice trait, bunso.. so, keep that up! uhm, healthy competition is nice.. but cutthroat competition, it could get really nasty.. like, really really nasty...

  4. You have a unique take on the prompt. I wasn't expecting this. Kudos.

  5. This is a good take on the prompt. We keep our fans just in case the ac conks out!

  6. Does it lift the veil, revealing the state of your emotions?

    Galing ha! Napabasa ako twice!

  7. Hopefully the fan will never completely die.

  8. ay ano to?! may competition?!

  9. Nate: Ganun ba kuya? Sige. I am a healthy competitor, but the way I look at my opponents, in a cut-throat way. At that, I end up with my better production. Of course, I have to switch it off afterwards. :)

    Other Mary: Hello, Madame. Thanks for finding my work good. I appreciate it. Like what I've said weeks ago, randomness can most of the time puff me out of sanity to create anything different. Good luck to the both of us! :)

    Bee: Hi Ma'am. Aww, thanks for finding this good, too.

    Correct, we just let them stay put though, no better alternative, nevertheless! :) I read your entry, too. It was soothing.

  10. Mugen: Does it lift the veil? Partly. I can only be so much vulnerable.

    Thank you Kuya Joms. You don't know what your comments mean to me, this positive at that.
    Galing ha!: cool, kasi ikaw ang idol ko jan sa galing eh, tapos sasabihin mo rin to sa gawa ko.
    Napabasa ako twice: Meaning, maikli siya? Or worth the second read? Salamat talaga.. :)

    Tess Kincaid: We all hope. Not all people can buy AC equipment. :) Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it.

    Spiral Prince: Uhm, hindi ko alam kung competition ba siya eh, basta ganun ang tingin ko sa kanya. Try to click the credits link on the post, engage yourself. Nagulat lang ako sa bilis na nainspire ako agad magsulat tungkol sa picture na yan.

  11. Hahaha napabasa ako akala ko haiku...hahaha

    Keep it up! :D

  12. Dahil sa nagkasubject akong Equipment design...

    ang naisip ko, parang corrosion sa pump or compressor...

    no... puro engineering nalang nasa isip ko. Waahahhahaha!

  13. @joe: ikaw na ang maraming fans.. good job, bunso! *pat on the back* nate-tempt tuloy akong mag-compose din ng something.. :P

  14. Good morning green breaker. nice post!!

  15. I just love the phrase "now hitting the hay"! Well done.
    (I'm so glad you find yourself hopeful at 21. It's a great way to face the world.)
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  16. wala ako naintindihan nowsblid.. kaw na henyo... :D penge nga ng katalinuhan.. joke. advance happy bday.. sa monday na lol :P

  17. Up for this post!

    btw, you're from Cebu? san ka ngayon? Manila? :)

    have a nice day!


  18. uy ang competitive nit infairness! super like!

  19. Kiro: I don't fancy haikus, though it is a very creative method of expression. Reason is, I suck at counting syllables. LOL. Thanks, brother. :)

    Wil: Haha, ako naman nawalan ng sense of engineering kaya chemistryng chemistry ang umpisa. wahaha :D

    Nox: Hello. Pwede ba? Salamat.

  20. Nate: Haha, marami bang fans? Oo nga eh, kakagulat, from the outskirts of Europe and North America, may napapadpad sa blog ko. Kuya, gawa ka rin, para sali tayong dalawa. :D

    Mommy Razz: Thanks mommy, good evening po..

    Kay L. Davies: Hello! I read your post on the ducky-man at Marseille. I would love to go to that place as it was the setting of The Count of MonteCristo.

    Thanks for those nice words. I appreciate your visit. :)

  21. Eg: Ganon? Iniba ko lang yung mga words para mas maexpress sa konting salita ang gusto kong sabihin.. I just wanted to say na napapalitan na ang mga electric fan ng aircon.. :D

    Salamat sa super early na pagbati. :)

    Jewel: Yes, I was from Cebu. I lived there until I was 10. Ngayon, sa Pasig na kami nakatira. I hope you had a great day, too. :D

    Ron: Salamat po kuya!

  22. @joe: you already!! :D

    uhm, i already made one, bunso.. check my blog --- "Haha, marami bang fans? Oo nga eh, kakagulat, from the outskirts of Europe and North America, may napapadpad sa blog ko. Kuya, gawa ka rin, para sali tayong dalawa. :D"

  23. Nate: 've read it, master. beautiful. :)

  24. Oh hey,
    I just loved the structure of the poem...
    Nicely done :)

  25. Erratic Thoughts: Hello there. Thanks for reading my stuff, and finding it nice. :)

  26. @joe: say what?? master?? me?? --- 've read it, master. beautiful. :)

    anyway, thanks for the comment!! :D

  27. Nakakahurt naman! Oi Chemical Engineer ako! Anung walang sense ng engineering ang chemistry? whahahahaha!!!

  28. Nate: Walang anuman kuya! Naexplain ko na sa comment ko sayo kung bakit. haha :D

    Wil: Ndi mo nagets ang sabi ko. LOL. basahin mo ulit ang comment. :D

  29. kaya nga. may engineering din sa chemistry noh. beh! hihi!!!

  30. Wil: Haha, di mo talaga nagets yung gusto ko sabihin. Alam ko naman na may Chem, may subj akong ganun eh. Pero solid Chem lang ang sinasabi ko. hmp.

  31. tama ka hindi ko talaga nagetz. hanggang ngayon di ko pa din gez! whahahha!


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