4.27.2011 | 16:56

A 'Timed' Post

Here we are again, being servants of flesh and as such, bound by the limits of Strength and Time. If Eve had not chosen to eat the fruit of wisdom, then we might have not lost our eternity with our immortal bodies and the powers that we are supposed to enjoy. Then we would have not been on chains of Waiting and Patience won't have been an issue.

But it is just another would-have-been.

I would always blame my phone alarm for malfunctioning and as a horrible consequence (yeah, I treat Time with sacred divinity) I get late on my early classes for most of the time. I see this as the greatest flaw to my professionalism: To be ruled out by the Minute-hand on its way clockwise in at least 6 degrees from it's previous position. Lateness to me is a criminal than administrative offense but I commit this with great inconsideration and without self-restraint.

There might have no sundials if the Earth stood still, just like the Great Pyramid in Giza bearing no shadow on any time of the day or day of the year. There might have no sands of time which trickles down the tight-ended funnels of an hourglass if gravity does not exist.

Well, I'm not looking for a proportionality between the Earth's rotation and the acceleration due to gravity, but at a framework on the elements of which are created. Time is just as essential.

Sometimes, we try to seek respect but we don't even respect the ability of other people to compromise with us. And on most of the 'sometimes', this comes in as early as the first impression of arriving on time. We try to care about several other physical matters when values and manners are the things intelligent people use to measure other people on the basis of personality.

I believe that if I introspect further, I will see that I never became a late person, nor was I judgmental. Not until I knew people who defied all my rules on values. But this time of silence is a chance for me to recreate my lost firmness. I must not let anything tarnish the ideas of palabra de honor and earliness. I must not be a flaw to my parents' and education's admonitions and I will certainly not be a disgrace to the people who believe and trust in me.

Time is a precious resource and we all have the responsibility to carry this over -- properly and wisely.


  1. er hobby kong malate nung high school!grabe kung 10 ang pasukan nun, 8 dun late ako. :p

  2. haha, high school naman kasi.. sa college medyo ibang usapan na..

  3. siguro teh.. agahan mo tulog sa susunod... hehehe.. para maaga magising lol...

    ask lang po.. sa planetromeo po ba eh me mga bromance stories din po ba? tenks po. plano ko lang pumunta sa lugar na un.. lo long.

  4. @egG.: planetromeo is a social networking site para sa mga gaya natin.. maybe sa profile ng ibang users may stories but karamihan ng andun mga naghahanap ng partner, fubu, nsa one night stands, etc.


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