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In the abundance of pseudonyms and alter-egos, why 'Green Breaker'?
I used green_breaker when I created my PR account. The main reason is simple: I like the color green. Breaking into green opened up a sense of belonging to the color itself. The color meant coolness, productiveness, and friendliness. A vibe of fresh and kindling spirit, like crushing a mint leaf and inhaling its aroma. It is invigorating.

How did the green breaking effect materialize? What are/were the results?
I'm not green breaker for no reason. For one, I am an environmentalist. I have causes for the protection of our forests and the preservation of wildlife. I also love all kinds of plants. When I was younger, I was a stay-in at our backyard. I'd plant vegetables and ornamental plants everywhere. I almost wanted to pursue a career in agriculture. Green breaking is not breaking the resources, it is breaking through the importance of these natural riches.

Two. I broke hearts of people from the Green school. Oh well. I had three exes from the college and two from the Greenhills counterpart. Of course, I won't settle for so-so. They were all... God-like. *bwahaha* I honestly feel that they were just inclined to my intelligence. But the case is, I always feel overdone with. When we reach a certain time of the month, I'd just suddenly feel full of my partner. Then we'd break up. It needs no explanation, just tired. It is also the reason why I don't show up when I break up with them, I just do it. To me, there is nothing better in delaying what is inevitable.

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Most of the time, tact is not for the intelligent. It takes a great deal of 'being there' to realize that something else is going on.
Albeit Greatness speaks of an effort-filled voyage, the shortest trail en route is the way down.

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