12.23.2012 | 18:06

That Awkward Moment

It was getting late when I decided to go home after a short Christmas shopping. Mall hours are extended, cavalcades go to and fro. Out of all the unfamiliar faces, I saw my newest office crush. He's on his way home.

We haven't been introduced formally but I think we know each other by mild interaction - we don't really speak to each other a lot. I recognized him first from a distance but I kept my gaze away, only to  realize that it was too late because he saw me, too.

I kept on looking at him, halfway expecting a greeting like "Oy, pre!" or something similar. I'm not the first-move-type-of-guy so I was stuck in the gaze. To break the tension, I gave him half a bow to a nod that he modestly returned (I think so?).

The atmosphere was so dense when we were about to cross each other's paths and good thing my girlfriend called me so I had an excuse to do something other than keep on looking at him.

The most awkward moment ever.

I couldn't imagine how we would fare the day work resumes.


PostScript: To those who keep on asking for the next chapter of the The Midnight Affair I might just be uploading an update before the year ends. I once again feel rejuvenated (on writing stories) by the amazing feedback that I've received thus far. Thank you. I guess this is the phase where my time management sucks me whole. It is quite obvious in the spacing of my last ten blogposts. But I will try to write more in the weeks to come, despite the looming promotion with tons of paperwork. I hope you have happy holidays!

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