6.19.2012 | 23:17

Social Experiment

Seldom do I board a train but when I do, it is for a purpose. This specific trial is a sexual social experiment.

The scenario.

Eyes fixed on the target, pretending to yawn and moving away the gaze for a moment then seeing through the prospect.

Prospect looks around trying to filter the code. Deciphering takes a moment. Message received by the time the train arrives. He goes in first.

To be immediately followed behind. The trip is short so entrance counts a lot. A thrust with a hard on is enough.

He takes the handrail. You take the same handrail. He is in front of you. You are facing his behind.

The shaking of the train guises the earthly vibration. Target locked.

Target took the short underground route to grope the hard member with a shoulder bag as cover. Remember, every little detail like the right garb and the right movement at the right time must be noted. This will save you from other predators inside the same leg of the train.

Take off lightly. Mobile number (or on this case, I gave him my BB pin) written on a small paper can be conveniently slid in his pocket.

Ten fingers would be too much for my train escapades, but 80% of them had a happier ending. This time I'm in for no happy ending, just a tease. =)

6.11.2012 | 11:08

Maybe Sometimes

Love just ain't enough. I guess I've given so much effort already, but I keep on getting busted everytime I try to squeeze myself in.

6.06.2012 | 16:20


There is something in my being which draws me close to children -- a part of me that I cannot avoid or even figure out.

Two Sundays ago, after our service, we had a thanksgiving at the church and we stayed there for up to two more hours after lunch time. My sister and I were sitting on the corner when two kids started playing near us. I taught at Sunday School for kids below 12 and my special connection with the church children is undeniable. I was listening to the elders talking in the front portion in front of the altar when the boy started asking me questions.

"Anong laruan 'to?" he asked.

I pretended not to hear him then he started making papansin and the girl she was playing with joined him in winding me. I didn't like what they were doing so I stomped my feet with a little force to tell them passively that I'm an authority and I didn't want what they're doing.

The children stopped at once then my sister gave a comment: "Lapitin ka talaga ng mga bata ano?" but I shrugged the idea however obvious her observation was.

Yesternight, I had an eerie dream. I was in a roomy cabin with lots and lots of kids, boys and girls, many of them share an age bracket like 20 5-year olds, 15 4-year olds et cetera. They were playing, most of them oblivious of my presence. I was smiling at their energy, at their number when one girl, around three years old, came to me crying. She came to me, saying the words: "Daddy, daddy."

I immediately got off the bed. I tried to think of something logical. Maybe if I had collected my seeds or spent them on a woman I'd have that much children by now. I laughed and got scared at the idea the same time.

I love children. I always get their attention, even the snobbest or the most shy. In ten minutes they'd reach out to me, play with me, kiss me or hug me. There are several times when I get so frustrated wanting to embrace and carry the baby in our neighborhood.

Whenever I open my Facebook account, I see my highschool, elementary and college friends having pictures of their babies posted. There are times too when I think that I already want to have children.

But there are more times when I think of how to raise them than see them all make me happy. Children are responsibilities. I think I'm not yet ready for them.

6.05.2012 | 09:31

One-eyed (not blind) Items

There have been lots of chirps from my little birds. I might as well dispose some off. DISCLAIMER: I've minimized judgement and kept my own discretion from the information that I've obtained. I played around the words as my appreciation to the unsolicited chirps.

  1. This known pink blogger lives in the North. Let us call him Northman. Northman has a boyfriend from the West. They love hanging out in The Triangles of the North. Northman loves the guy from the West. The guy from the West loves Northman and another. Little does Northman know that the guy from the West is to be married. The girl wants to be a June bride. The guy from the West is best at keeping arrangements: five minutes from his date with Northman, he checks out the fiancee. Thus far, West guy has been successful in not making an unexpected intersection. ;)

    The question is, what will Northman do if this comes to his knowledge? With Northman's Aikiido credentials, it would be an understatement to expect West guy in crutches on the wedding day.

  2.  A guy from the Northern Islands is attached to someone from a city in the Islands Down Under. Their relationship, however romantic, is much like that of a cat and mouse. The man from Under likes the Northern guy very much. The Northern thinks that the guy from Down Under could be worth it, but is so promiscous he keeps lying about his sexual encounters to him. The Northern guy was seen thrice in a Red Keep near some Monument, with a different guy for each visit. Northman is proud to tell this to Another Northerner who can't keep his mouth shut either. The guy from Down Under thinks that Northerner is the most faithful guy he's ever been with but Another Northerner knows otherwise.

    In this particular city from the Islands Down Under, it would be unwise to work with fire at the birth of the year. The Northerner finds attraction to a certain animal. (Well, that could be a rooster, or a shuttlecock.)

  3. This one has declared himself good at his craft. His clients are amazed by his skills, and some would often want to keep on hiring him on a long-term endeavor. He said though that he is strictly project-based and is repulsed with the idea of an attachment. He says that monotony is bad for his skills, as well as for his business.

    One time, a scientist came to need his services. Scientist was able to acquire him at a GRAND prize. Grand and a half grand per hour. (Oh, I hope you count, they've stayed at the Scientist's Laboratory for ten hours.) Scientist said that he just used the skills but not the other thrills. Craftsman did his thing though while the Scientist watched with lush. When the craftsman was sleeping, the Scientist obtained a sample of the Craftsman's fruit of labor. As a scientist, he performed several tests in the laboratory and if there was a grading system for this, he could prove that the Craftsman is indeed good. He must get A+ which is very positive.

So much for now. Don't fret, my little birds are everywhere. This won't be the last.

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