9.27.2011 | 08:09

Ad Venture

Leap, seal all the entrances. The hurricane is a hundred miles from our location. One hour is enough vantage point.

I saw the body of the emissary laid flat on the cobbled floor. Crimson. Leap came back minutes later with a blanket of thick fabric. I can hear his heavy breathing with icicles of chilled mist going out of his nostrils.

A verbose mental composition. One sentence left my brain.

Donec non potest inveniri.
Find which cannot be found.

9.23.2011 | 05:18

Living A Lie

I wanna tell the world that your my girl and that I'm your man
And I wanna tell the world that you got me, why can't we be
I can't put my name on your kiss
And I can't speak your name from these lips

We froze,
And nobody knows.

Have to walk out the room everytime you call,
Telling everybody I ain't seen you in so long,
It feels like I ain't breathing
This feels worser than cheating.

We're out here living a lie.

9.16.2011 | 19:30

The Other Road

Looking back at the trailmarks that I have left, I realized how Time flicked my innocence between its fingers. It got me on limbo. What seemed like God-knows-how-long was wasted on pointless deliberations... After disentangling myself from its sticky web, I was struck, for none can stanch the grief of trying to win a losing fight.

Eons later, passing through a whirl of colors and specific blurred photos of my history, I reach the busy shore of a disturbed sea. I stand alone in the midst of an island: alone, wavered, taunted by the waves at my solitude.

Then I meet The Scheduler.
The Real Scheduler
How are you doing? My friend Time told me so much about you.

I hesitated. It was not the right time to talk about Time. Silence crept in. It usually does, when Time is sleeping.

We must not invite Silence in, come, let us have a walk.

The Scheduler and I were walking on the waters. I thought I saw a mermaid's golden tail several feet below.

It's about time that I see you, tricky creature. What's on your list for me?

The Scheduler took my hand. His was warm and comfortable. It felt like James'. He examined the lines of my palm, raised his brows, before speaking.

What is it that your heart wishes?

For the second time, I hesitated. However, Silence cannot creep in the wavy waters.

Ah, so you got tired of This Road, that you want to get back to the Other Road?

For the last time, I'm speechless. Something in me holds it back, digresses. The brink of my soul launches this impalpable arrow to the depths of her heart. She dodges.

Joe, take it slow.
One, two, baby steps...

9.14.2011 | 08:46


IDDK! It's not that I don't have time, it's just that I'm too lazy to write down anything.

Oh, so let me talk about my new Pottermore account, yes. I received my second welcome email Monday evening, when I was supposed to review for two exams. Oh crap has it, I indulged and spent the whole night looking around the website.

One of the most exciting parts are the buying of the stuff at Diagon Alley, particularly when buying a wand. I actually tried to lie at Ollivander so that I could have a wand with qualities same as Harry's. Ending: I have 12 1/2", cedar, phoenix feather core. Not bad, eh?

The other most exciting part is the Sorting Ceremony. Here, the Sorting Hat will have to ask you several questions, and mind you, you really have to be honest. I tricked the Hat by answering two made-up attributes. Ending: I was sorted in Slytherin. At first, I didn't really like it, I mean, who would want to be in Slytherin after reading and watching the Harry Potter books and movies? But then, the common room boasts, "Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness". I hope so.

Inside is Wizard Duel (currently on maintenance) and Potion-making which is more than time consuming and stressful if you can't get the right potion. House points, like in the book, can be awarded and deducted to a student for his/her performance. As of this writing, Ravenclaw leads the House Cup and Slytherin lags a step.

If you are wondering what in the world Pottermore is, go here.

To the people who ask how I entered in Pottermore while they cannot, here is a quick explanation. I was able to register for an early access: This early access is granted to 1 million people, to be called beta-testers, to go around the site and give feedback in helping shape a wonderful Pottermore experience once the site fully opens to the general public in October. Right now, the student count at Hogwarts is around 360,000+.

So far, my Pottermore experience is fun, there are a few bugs that I have reported and I hope they act on it soon.


Foundation week at school is nearing, I'm planning to join several events and the preparations are just tedious. I hope to keep up though.

9.12.2011 | 00:28


The Revenant - Andrew Wyeth
I thought I knew you, all along --
Composed of two-faces, you are

one side is clear, vibrant, welcoming
a reflection of knowing
of high esteem for learning
dressed in white, purity instilling

conned, I was after seeing
a face so different from a being
I thought I was just dreaming
never knew of a half that's missing

sometimes we need to delve deeper
search, inspect, rummage for a canker
for we might just discover
an aspect we knew never.

9.11.2011 | 12:23

The Flowers of Justice

It is a bright and sunny day. Jane and her daughter took a cab to the innards of New York City, after buying red and white chrysanthemums from a shop near their apartment.

Where are we heading mom?

It took her a few moments to deliberate.

To your father's grave. She never thought that she could say it, grave. She always knew of it as a workplace, but in ten years, it has become the spot where a mass of victims to terrorism have reached their ends.

An offering to the fatalities in Ground Zero
Acceptance is a part of the cycle, and Jane knew that it has already ended. Justice is served. It is over.


Ten years ago, two majestic, record feat skyscrapers stood on earth in the place now known as Ground Zero. Exactly a decade after, what have we achieved? What have we proven? What are we going forward to?

On Osama bin Laden's death:  Twigs of Fear. This post, for now, is the finality.


I may not be able to give them flowers, all 2996 of them, but I hope this entry is enough to carry out my sentiments to the victims of the 9/11 attacks.

9.10.2011 | 08:44

The Tale of the Dagger and the Sword

Once upon a time there was a blacksmith who wanted to forge priced creations out of the metals that he had found.

He obtained the copper from a pavement just across his garden while he unearthed the iron in the mines and applied his sciences on it to create steel.

To start his creation, the blacksmith put a blaze to his furnace and cleaned his hammer of dust. The blacksmith bathed the copper in fire by morning, and hammered the metal by noon. Before darkness fell, he was able to make a sword out of beating the copper, but the blacksmith was not yet satisfied with his craft. For the next day, he planned of making another sword.

After partaking breakfast, the blacksmith put a blaze to his furnace and added elements to make the fire hotter so it could deform steel. He also cleaned his hammer of dust. The blacksmith bathed the steel in fire by day, and hammered the metal by night. The day ended, but the steel was too tough and it did not become a sword out of the day's beating. Calling it a good day's work, the blacksmith took a rest, and decided to continue forging the sword of steel for the next day.

By the morrow morning, the blacksmith put a blaze to his furnace and added the same elements to make the fire hotter. He also cleaned his hammer of dust. However, he noticed that the steel he was so keen to stretch won't make a good sword, so he bathed the steel in fire by day, and hammered the metal to form a long dagger by night. At the end of the day, he was able to make a long dagger out of beating the steel. The steelwork didn't look the same after a second beating but still, the blacksmith was satisfied with his craft. For the next day, he planned of going to town to sell his products.

Little did the blacksmith know that the King had a competition in town. The man who could get the diamond ring out of a burning oven shall be granted lands and animals. However, should the competitor fail, he shall be an army to fill in the King's thinning force.

One wealthy man who had the ambition of owning more than he can handle saw the blacksmith. He deliberated on which to buy, the tarnished-looking dagger or the shiny sword. He asked to buy the copper sword for one hundred pieces of gold. The blacksmith, after finding it as a good bargain, sold the sword to the man.

More and more commoners tried different methods to remove the diamond ring from the burning oven but none was successful. For every attempt, another was added to the queue of the King's new army.

The last to try was the wealthy man. He bragged of his sword as one which can stand the hottest of fires. The King found him annoying, and decided to change the rules to the last leg. The winner, from then on, shall replace him as King while the loser shall give his wealth to the royals and be as servant. The wealthy man did not present worry and was rather stirred by the greater reward for winning.

The man slowly inserted the copper sword in the burning oven but within minutes, the sword had melted. The man was furious and very disappointed that he kept on yelling guttural noises. The King's army pacified the wealthy man and took all of his belongings for the royal's own.

The King became way greedier that he looked for more people to join his competition. The blacksmith had nothing to lose so he obliged in trying the challenge. With the use of his long dagger made of steel, he tried to pounce for the diamond ring which is inside the burning oven. Minutes of exposure to heat and to the hopeful eyes of the captives, the blacksmith almost gave the job up, until he was able to feel something hit the tip of the dagger. He pushed this time, and to his surprise, saw a diamond ring clinging at the end of the metalwork.

The King stomped his feet in disbelief. There was a stir from the captives and the King was ensnared, after which, loud and triumphant voices filled the townsquare. The blacksmith, being the new king, was hailed.


Sometimes, people think they already got the best just because of looking at what is obvious. The thing is, one thing better cannot be found on the surface: Like the two metalworks, only that which has already stood the tests of time, decision-making and patience can be worthy. This could mean that, even if the outside is dull, there will always be an ultimate test which will make known to others the one which is more valuable and worthy.


I haven't written stories like this for a while. Feels refreshing. :)

9.08.2011 | 12:31

How Can I Decide

On what's right?
When you're clouding up my mind
I can't win your losing fight
All the time.

How did we get here?
I used to know you so well.

Location: Ur-belt

9.07.2011 | 11:58

Experience Manual

Dynamics alone is not sufficient to shift a boulder of circumstance. The mechanics of elucidating hot water requires propinquity with the genesis itself. Retrospecting our first concurrence with Science, we will be reminded that the inception of a fact-finding, fault-disproving methodology is 'Identification of the problem'.

Expectations are arbitrary and it won't answer to aftermaths. Than the explicit, there must be a pull to discover what it is beneath. A search, a research, a discovery, or sometimes even plainly reading the lines is more than adequate for enlightenment.

If admittance is a predicament to ingress borders, then most substantially, the resistance is a factor of pride. Pride is none but a matter of personal misconception. Ergo, employing veridical notions and letting free of impartialities will succor to its elimination.

For in the absence of a standard will be confusion, it is wise to use moral values inherent in the society. Beware: A horde executing ecuminical undertakings does not equate to propriety; everyone else doing or believing on a whim does not proceed to mean that it is correct.

A stand, thus, must be firm, yet, must be of fair judgment.

Experience told us to be mindful. It will always be of great advantage to be inquisitive in experience, and never to assume we know-it-all. We recount our dealings and come out of the shell as refined shellfishes.

9.06.2011 | 06:04

Solve for 'x' (ex)

It started as a tweet yesterday afternoon. I noticed that the 'x's are off the mill doing something, but I shrugged unnecessary ideas.

I tweeted this about twelve hours ago, and it sparked ideas from other tweeople, too.
If x = 0, then x + x = 0!

Do not over analyze, its just an equation, pero kung biter-bitteran ang peg mo sa dalawang ex mo na nagkakamabutihan, there you go.

A sound advice if the x keeps on coming back.
After a long time, here's another math post. I hope its not too 'nosebleed' since its just Algebra. Have a good one. :)

9.05.2011 | 07:50

Stuck On You

        For how many times have I trailed this road --
           the long,
           the winding,
           the cobbled,
           the muddy,
        and still fall on nature's booby trap?

                             I thought that,
                             along with flattery,
                             will make me an expert!

                   but no,
                                   the  rules  change
                                   taking our wisest,
                                   and    leaving    us

I'm stuck on you,
and I don't know what to do.
Should I give up?
Or should I just keep chasing pavements?

9.04.2011 | 22:39

Random with Kiro

Eksena: Sa isang japanese resto, may cutie na guy. Bortalicious si koya.

Kiro: Kanina pa pagala-gala.
Me: Oo nga eh. May hinahanap?
Kiro: Type ka ata.
Me: F*ck you. Hindi noh. Malabo yun, may kasama siyang babae.
Kiro: Gf?
Me: Oo. Ay. Shet. Love is blind.
Kiro: Di ko kaya makita, wala akong salamin diba?
Me: Haha, basta, true love. Ay! Baka nanay niya?
Kiro: (tingin sa likod) Daanan natin mamaya.


Eksena: Sa bus, pagkababa ni koya na ka-column namin, dun siya sa two seater kami sa three seater.

Kiro: Si kuya kulang na lang bayaran yung tatlong upuan dito sa likod eh.
Me: Dami mo talagang napapansin!
Kiro: Eh kasi naman, kung makatingin hindi normal.
Me: Malay mo ba kung ano lang!
Kiro: Ikaw kasi tinitignan.
Me: Whatever. Ikaw kaya. Ui naalala ko yung katabi ko sa bus kagabi. Kung makatingin kala mo walang bukas.
Kiro: Pano ba tumingin?
Me: Ganito (titingin ng matagal tapos lilingap lingap sa paligid)
Kiro: Ay, alam na yan!
Me: (Sighs)


Eksena: Sa mall, naglalakad papunta sa Edsa after manood ng Zombadings.

Me: Ang cute talaga ni Martin Escudero!
Kiro: Nakakatawa yung movie noh?
Me: Oo, spoiler ka nga lagi eh. Nakakainis. Ayun. Buti na lang hindi totoo yung gaydar.
Kiro: Oo nga, kasi ang dami sigurong nadedz sa loob.
Me: Oo nga, chaka nun.


Try niyo panoorin ang Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington. Awaaard ang movie na itech! :)

9.03.2011 | 08:03

Cum Home

Past dinner. Darkness of the heavenly pitch blends with torrents of drizzle, forbidding the forbidden. However, rain can neither stop the unstoppable.

Less than five minutes was spared to reaching his abode. The footsteps that my flip-flops were making on the collected water at the pavement echoed sibilantly over the garage to their front door. Enter, a voice from inside the house sounded.

He was topless, only with boxer shorts on. I wore a sleeveless top and just-above-the-knee shorts. He greeted me with a tongue-twister kiss. He passed from his mouth an imported mint candy to mine. I beamed at him, and he led me to his bedroom.

He has a spacious den. The bed had a green stick-on note with a hastily scribbled Cum Home. He introduces me to his room which will become witness to our encounters on damp ber-nights like this. This night will be its reference for calibration.

I grinned at his thoughtfulness. Unusual as the sign is like a Do Not Disturb doorknob hanger to a newlywed couple, the encounter that night is second honeymoon.

He peeled off the note and invited me to join him in the bed. I obliged. My sense of touch that night was numbed by the cold. His steaming disposition negated the numbing and I succumbed to his forceful arms that hugged me, almost asphyxiating me. He kissed me and my hand started going all over him, particularly to his boxer shorts. He was already sporting a hardon.

I jacked him off while we were kissing madly as lovers do in times of war. His appreciation of my twisting hand came by a nibble on my lower lip which I didn't much appreciate. I replied the nibble with a soft bite and a tickle on his side. He reacted a little unexpectedly and we wrestled. Our tongues wrestled.

He took my top clothing off and he started doing my torso. He licked every inch of my upped body in the most desirous method. I was speechless apart from the moans that filled his room. The heat was too much that I felt blood instantly pumped on my dick. The guy needed no second telling, for he instinctively knew where to go. He knew what he was doing and its immediate effect.

(Take note that he and I have not met for a long time, and as my friend Kiro coined over dinner, we christened his new room on their new house. Very fitting, one fubu is for goodbye, another welcomes me with a new room. Cool.)

End. No worries, since we are already neighbors, you'd get much substance in the days to follow. :P

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Most of the time, tact is not for the intelligent. It takes a great deal of 'being there' to realize that something else is going on.
Albeit Greatness speaks of an effort-filled voyage, the shortest trail en route is the way down.

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