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Masons, Elections and UP Fair

Hey I heard you are a wild one? Wanna come with me? I kid. :)

Hello. In a response to the Corporate Closet's post that I quote, Blogging is Dying, unquote, no it ain't. That I may stage gazillions of reasons (or, alibi) to why not, I digress. Blogging for me is partly personal and an attempt to sway other people to believe that life can offer more than just a college course, a sugar-coated lovelife or a job that sucks so much you want to resign but you just can't because you can't. *shudders*

While waiting for the materials to be sent via ftp, I initiated a chat with my officemate. I asked, "Should we vote for those who did premature campaign?" She said, "I will, kasi alam nila ang pinapasok nila."

Her words blew me away. The fact that she is brillant, and has lots of ideas for refute, I was not expecting her answer. She pulled over though with, " But not all."

Syempre, 12 lang kaya ang pwedeng iboto! Hahaha. This is a minor attempt for a joke. I will understand if you refuse to carry on. LOL

Our conversation grew deeper with her cursing one candidate, and imitating him in a sweeny-meeny manner, Gusto ko may pagkain kayo! Like her, I despise dynasties in every sense of it. But some of them are really qualified. Some of them might make it in our lists.

Speaking of dynasties, we traced one candidate's lineage (the only thing that might let him win, and I am very sure that he will win) until I coined in a documentary I watched somewhere. It was about the origin of the wealth of these Tarlac natives.

I told her I forgot the whole story but I guess History is one of the best subjects in their university because she just knew where to pick the conversation. These riches were from a member of the Katipunan who fell in love with a girl named Isidra. The member, was the treasurer. Apparently the funds were passed to her for safekeeping until the Katipunero died. Then Isidra became Prada-wearing red heeled filthy rich. And it went on and on...

She speculated that some of our national heroes were members of the Freemasonry. Like Freemasonry, Illuminati, New World Order. According to my knowledge of these, Masons are very skilled people. They built this organization for themselves and the organization itself has a complex heirarchy. They have powerful resources and formidable connections that make them one indestructible army for a New World. Whatever their aims are, it would not be apparent. Though I still think they are one of the world's worst kept secrets.

And the UP Fair. Yes we ended with that. She invited me and we are going, tomorrow. :)

Good night!

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As If I Needed Reminding


Well of course here is a warning that I'm gonna trans into a bratty schoolgirl. Beware. It is for your safety.

What brought us to this state? I'm pretty (of course I am! loljk) sure it was my fault but hello? Di makaget-over teh? Nagmamaganda?

One time you weren't replied to a message? Or the numerous times I declined to your invites? Which one is it?

I may have been maldita at times. I could have been more polite but it was never my intention to make you feel that you weren't important as a friend. Well let's skip that drama part.

Then so what if I'm not part of your butterfly cirle or whatever heck it is (could be a cockroach infestation for all I know) that you're too proud to keep within a hyakujuroko string?

Sayong sayo na teh. Hindi mo ikinaganda yan.

Well I'm not nagmamaasim or anything, darling. In fact, I just wanted you to know:

Hindi titigil ang mundo ko mag-exist ka man o hindi.

I have a suggestion actually. You could try making your own Solar System then try replacing the Sun. Kulang na lang kasi ata eh planeta kung makapag-feeling ka na lahat ng bagay nagre-revolve sayo.

Feeling mo naman hayok na hayok ako sa presensya mo.

Guess what?

The hell I care.

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