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I used to feel special.

Do you know how many people would love to be with my company? Do you know how many of my friends say that I make them happy? Do you know how many people say they miss me?

You have no idea. Because you don't even ask.

What do you really know about me? Or, what do I really know about you? You don't even know my middle name.

Do you know how much I long for you? Do you know how much I miss you? Do you know how much I love you?

You have no idea. Because you don't ask. Because you don't even care.

You know how long it took us to have a mutual understanding before we officially became a couple? Three months at least. I can say we were better at that stage. You were sweeter at that stage. You make me think if it would still be like this fucked-up scenario had we not stepped up a notch, because...

I used to feel special.

But not anymore.

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Volition Wars

For the past two weeks of my life, there has been a constant battle of wills, tug of thoughts, roller coaster of emotions. Above all unspeakable truths and alienated intentions, the cogent analysis of my becoming can be compared to that of a losing war, minus the surrender of firearms and raising of a white flag.

By a certain methodology, my ways were significantly reduced to scant actuation. Its inception appears to be a disturbing aberration, because I always would take things down, discuss it with my subconscious and do something about it no matter how trivial.

Recent events accounted, a significant change had taken its worthy spot: A volition war is in effect.

Choosing between the things you like and the person who likes you is a difficult choice to make. The will may be the keystone in the arch of human achievement but nothing takes away the moral obligation to considerations. When a person gets a little nudge to maturity (which I believe is my case here), he learns that it is not always all about the things he wants. It now boils down to what is right and what is more beneficial.

Picking among invisible menus makes me thug like a faint heart. Hopeful, me would always believe that somewhere, there is a probability that the pick is correct. Because I chose you.

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Game of Clones

When I was introduced to this beautiful and epic series from HBO called Game of Thrones, I have never been the same. Me and my dorm mates would always talk about possible alliances from the different Lords and Houses (families) in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, as we unveil each episode a night. Yesterday we finally finished the first season and we unite with the world to see what the second season has for us.

This is not all about the series, as I find impeccable. I would like to use allusions and clones though to exercise the point of the write-up.

Winterfell. This is the homeland of the noblest House Stark. It is a city found in the North just below The Wall. After this board exam, I may have to return to our own Winterfell and do some duty that my Queen requires of me. I yet have to know which particular reason it is, all I know is that she has made her point and I'm expected to pass the exams and perform to her liking. Like a Knight in dispatch.

"Winter is coming". This is the motto of House Stark. It is summer but the weather is as unpredictable as a lady's mood. Most of my plans for the season are put to an indefinite hold and only time will tell how long this summer will ever catch up. It is also a restatement of the worst is yet to come.

A sigil. This could be an animal or thing which represents a House, as emblem. The image of the sigil is placed on a banner whenever a House is on quest or war. My sigil is a tower (to those who could understand why) and all my present work must sum up for me to embody the sigil. When I become the engineer that his Grace and Queen wanted me to be, I shall be the tower, the stronghold and the representative. I must not fail them.

The Wall. It is an ice fortification several leagues north of Winterfell which is 300 miles in stretch and 800 feet in height. The Wall is the protection of the realm (how they refer the Kingdoms as) from the wildings on the other side. It is also a place of isolation and training. I consider this boarding house as my Wall. Here, I hone my abilities that will prepare me for what could be out there in the open. This isolation from the outside is my first, I surmise there is no better thing to do than to embrace the fact that I am a prisoner of the wall.

The Night's Watch. A brotherhood based on the foot of The Wall, The Night's Watch are the people concerned in protecting the realm from the creatures outside the wall. They are also known as the black brothers and their brotherhood by oath is a duty which must not be deserted. I have found several brothers on my way, some in this Wall, others somewhere else. I'm grateful for these people because they were there for me when others weren't, on my most testing times and we will be together in victory.

Dothraki. The Dothraki is a race of people in Essos, a continent across the Narrow Sea east of Westeros. Rather barbaric and nomad, they spell a huge difference from people inhabiting the free lands. I've had my share of Dothraki encounters in the past and just recently, in a place I have so not expected, called Twitter. Well another bird told me to take down the default picture so I can avoid these, but to no avail. Dothraki are a vicious race and they act on impulse. All I have is to exercise understanding and deviation.

The Iron Throne. Situated in the Red Keep (castle) at the capital city King's Landing, this throne is made out of a thousand melted swords from the enemies of the first king, Aegon the Conqueror. The Throne is a symbol for inherited glory. Since the start of our review, I have always performed well in our exams. I even feel very confident of my standing, given that if our center is a sample of the whole exam-taking population, then my status in the population is in the positive edge. The Throne is closer to me than it appears. I may have rivals to the glory but it is still a long way, winter is coming.


I once wrote a fiction book about kings and political families, similar to this Song of Fire and Ice story but in an entirely different time frame bordering modern and traditional. The affinity I'm showing to the books by George R. R. Martin is explainable. Sometimes, I stop reading or watching because it gets too real in my mind that I can't think of anything else but it. It is a good read for someone who is looking for a parallel universe.


Nameday. This is the book's term for birthday. April 6, 2011 was the day when Green Breaking broke into the blogosphere. This Friday is this blog's first Nameday. I'm thankful for everything that this blog has taught and won for me. I can never express how grateful I am for the things that I have gained (and lost). It was a learning experience. I may not be the best blogger there is but you people showed me that care and concern which does not fit me. From the bottom of my hypothalamus, thank you very much.

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