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Kung gusto mo ako, sabihin mo sa akin hindi yung sa kaibigan mo pa ko malalaman. It sucks, you know! Gusto din kita eh. Ayoko sa lahat yung torpe. Tsk.


Sorry if I can't bloghop much, there's something that I need for the advancement of my professional career. Stress Drilon much! At pasensya na if I'm soo malandi these days, I just feel horny ewan ko ba! When all I must do is shut off these hormones. Hay. I'm learning to control this but its not gonna be fast, right?


I found a shelter on Twitter, as they say it's a microblogging site. Dun na lang siguro muna ako aktib-aktiban. For the mean time, I'll take an indefinite break on writing long posts muna..

I'll catch you somewhere guys :)

11.16.2011 | 22:14

Trip na Trip (niya ako)

He's the first one to message (or those with dark blue background) and my replies are in the lighter blue background.


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Diner Dashin'

Call me Dash. I clean tables as a part-time job. There are several misconceptions about my job that people need to know, so with this, I hope that those concerned will get informed, properly.

Working with tables is not an easy job. For most of the time, we move around the place to keep up with the pace of people either vacating their tables or occupying one. We have eyes all over the place so we won't just bounce randomly and feel breezy after... Oh sorry. I'm speaking a little Tablish.

I remember a time while I was busy cleaning what was left off by some foreign customers at our restaurant, when I saw a white Louis Vuitton wallet lying in one of the chairs beside me. Human instinct beyond all morality gave me the curiosity to check the contents of the wallet. Of course, it can always pass off as checking if there were IDs left or something similar. Truth is, I had every urge to look around, see if no one's looking, and slide the small leather case in my pocket. This job doesn't give me much earnings and whatever the contents are, the purse itself is worth something. But I never let myself delve too much in the idea. I called the foreigner who owned the wallet. She gave me three Franklins, more than surprising because I may have expected her to give me something, what I received is above sufficient.

More importantly, I represented our nation in her eyes. The tarnished image was erased on her end. I won't be surprised if she could spread the good news and eventually change the mind frame of people around her who may have plans of visiting our country.

In connection to that, we act as less-oriented tour guides. In the restaurant where I'm working, we usually have tourist customers. Most of the time, we get them engaged in small talks and they ask us to suggest things to do apart from suggestions of food to partake in the resto. It is a fun sidetrack and it is always rewarding to know that someone wants your opinion on something and someone eventually learns from you.

Cleaning is not everything: We do have metrics. The managers put our performances in a statistical analysis and other mind boggling plots. We get evaluated every now and then so it's high time to make others know that this is a not-so-easy task. Like every other job, this is still a source of experience which could put us in leverage for future jobs.

This job can be stressful at one point, peaks, but at the end of the day, what matters to me is my ability to keep every tabletop as clean and eater-friendly as possible.

11.11.2011 | 00:20

Nirvana Encounter

Three. Three of them men entered the restroom. I saw one of them was familiar so without trying to spoil my curiosity, I tailed them in. I unzipped my pants in one of the urinals without focusing on how to pee. My ears were locked on the airwaves for a possible hint.

Two. Two of the guys left the urinals that they just occupied. They went straight to the sinks. By my peripheral vision, I can sense that one of them looked maliciously over my back. I know, nothing's coming out. I'm not good in faking things.

One. Time is running out. I had to make a move. One guy left. One cubicle unoccupied. One look in the eye. One nod.

11.08.2011 | 09:40

This Is How To Be Lazy

When the severed chores are laid
leave you're share untouched
as a virgin forest preserved.
Do not wake up at six in the AM
and canoodle with your pillows
like a slimy slug put in a jar.
Allow your senses to explore
the vastness of your surrounding,
having eyes transfixed on onion rings
pickles and pepper --
you only wait for dinner.
Stretch your arms.
Do this with a yawn and
while you are still in bed.
You would develop an amity with
the Galapagos turtles, be happy
for this kinship is one in a billion.
Think of whatever you are doing
as a prerequisite to improving
your performance as a porn-star;
the setting is a bed, your lines are
moans and you exercise the hands
for they are supporting actors
for most of the laying positions.
After all, that is the easiest job
and will ratify your laziness.
As a testament to your feat,
get up and stay a little in the living room.
You will hear your mother say,
"You stink of bedbugs, take a bath"
but you must shoo this idea
because it will mortify your role!
Even your little demons will approve
that laziness is next to godliness
in as much as Robert Frost settled
with the Road Not Taken.
Explore, for in the absence of movement
springs the ability to discernment
that each facet of the moment
digress to announce a thing important.
Being lazy is a bridge towards improvement,
emancipating the expression of temperament.
Like how the birds of summer hibernate,
wait for winter to pass and in summer, sublimate.

11.07.2011 | 00:09

A Remembrall

Yes, they come and go
Will everyone remember them? no
But as long as this rock stands
I'll cherish time we had in our hands

Yes, people come and go
Must I forget them? no
For with each bears a strand
Heartstrings reminding us the bland

I may not describe you in a paragraph,
Memories of you remain like a photograph
Before we part, let us ask the trees too tough
To write this on our friendship's epitaph:

When sinister ends meet
Loose ends trash defeat
From the scorching heat
Hide us all, complete


This week will be some sort of literary for the blog, I will become the frustrated poet/writer Joe. All the posts are timed/scheduled since I have to do stuff at school and other important things. I hope a few would like it. :)

11.05.2011 | 15:13


Look, something wants to breakout!

Yeah. My thoughts want to break out. For the longest time I haven't really blogged about myself, on my status as a person and what-not. Maybe because I'm too afraid that no one will even care... Oh Joe cut the drama.

Do I think it's about time to be more personal? No no no, not that personal. For the past seven months or so, I've seen myself draw a lot things around me. I colored my own humanity with nature's hue and I found a good breeding ground to lay my other-thoughts on. For the few people who: both reads this blog and knows me personally, the way Joe is spelled could read differently from one perspective to another.

I'm not being technical here. Every person has his or her own depths, one lies on a catapult hurling jets of whatever everywhere. These could manifest in different bodies and forms.

My depths? I even wonder if there's any. I kept on ranting about how things turned out, on what the government should do yaddah yaddah. How about a pseudo-literary/erotica stash? *insert wide grin here*

I'm confused with the present setup, how topsy-turvy the arrangement is, how my alter-ego tries to overpower the real me. It's like a cold, and I frequently catch it.

With the current state of things, I can say that my status as a person remains indefinite of time an space. Yes, we sometimes talk about science. Right now, there is a feeling of non-belonging and the lies, pretensions, reservations have all joined together in a miscible solution called quarter-life crisis.

In one of my birthday posts, I acknowledged the fact: when you're added another year, your multiplier for your responsibility is increased by one. oh, i'm sorry, it was an understatement -- in my case, its not a multiplier, but an exponent. it shows, if you need proof. At twenty-two, I already assume responsibilities which are too big for me. I'm starting to feel afraid that I might not handle all of them.

Another dilemma is the status of my maturity. There is fear in me -- that I'm not becoming mature. I always screw things up with my siblings. I always fail to back my words up. I always play, whether on relationships or on encounters. People might tell me that I'm young, that I must explore, that I must enjoy. Deep in me, it is different. I want to fix my life, start from scratch, build a better civilization for myself. The problem is, my weaknesses draw me closer to zero. I must develop claws to hold on tighter to tougher challenges and trickier dispositions. I want to become different. And I want to make a difference.

In the end, only Time can tell.

Unquote Joe

Most of the time, tact is not for the intelligent. It takes a great deal of 'being there' to realize that something else is going on.
Albeit Greatness speaks of an effort-filled voyage, the shortest trail en route is the way down.

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