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I Won't Sail Ten Thousand Shores

I remember when I was younger, I used to think about myself more than anything else. I studied hard to please myself. I worked hard for myself, not for my parents or family or for anyone. Then everything changed in one moment.

I knew him.

We used to hang out a lot. I can vividly recall how we sat down by a bank on the pavement in their village just talking about our favorite cartoon characters, TV shows and silly things.

Our topics became more mature with each cycle. We never really ran out of subjects but we reached our first argument.

"Would you consider it treachery if your friend treated you more than what you think of it?"

He stopped for a moment. He contemplated. He is smart. He knew what I meant.

It was lately that I never thought of how I would do for the rest of the day, but of how it would be when we see each other at the end of it.

He is my unabridged translated version. The very same dramatic core with a tough shell. And I was afraid that I've breached his barriers the same way he did mine.

Let's not talk about it.

That was the last of his words to me. He flew to a distant place that no man will ever dream of going. He was resilient though. I'd always know that he could be on his own absent company. Because that's very me.

And even on the coldest, darkest of nights, I won't have any urge. I won't feel. I will be numb. I won't long for him. I won't sail ten thousand shores.

Because I know, deep down in my heart, it will be a stretchy journey.

But it won't be worth it.

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