2.01.2013 | 00:12

As If I Needed Reminding


Well of course here is a warning that I'm gonna trans into a bratty schoolgirl. Beware. It is for your safety.

What brought us to this state? I'm pretty (of course I am! loljk) sure it was my fault but hello? Di makaget-over teh? Nagmamaganda?

One time you weren't replied to a message? Or the numerous times I declined to your invites? Which one is it?

I may have been maldita at times. I could have been more polite but it was never my intention to make you feel that you weren't important as a friend. Well let's skip that drama part.

Then so what if I'm not part of your butterfly cirle or whatever heck it is (could be a cockroach infestation for all I know) that you're too proud to keep within a hyakujuroko string?

Sayong sayo na teh. Hindi mo ikinaganda yan.

Well I'm not nagmamaasim or anything, darling. In fact, I just wanted you to know:

Hindi titigil ang mundo ko mag-exist ka man o hindi.

I have a suggestion actually. You could try making your own Solar System then try replacing the Sun. Kulang na lang kasi ata eh planeta kung makapag-feeling ka na lahat ng bagay nagre-revolve sayo.

Feeling mo naman hayok na hayok ako sa presensya mo.

Guess what?

The hell I care.

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  1. OH. Spitfire. Talk about bile and venom cocktail specials. Cool down. Someone people are just ain't worth the bother stressing over.

    1. One time lang paps. Just needed to get it out. And medyo nakakamiss maging bratinella. Hehe

  2. I'm loving the attitude GB! :)

    1. Ui friend! Minsan lang naman yan. Baka mamisinterpret haha d tlg ako maldita.

  3. haha like! naiimagine ko may pag wasiwas pa ng hand at todo taas kilay lol
    sarap sabihin neto sa mga feeling!

    1. well not that type. keri ko na khit wala nun, litnya lang. hehe

  4. When good girls go bratty...


  5. ang joray lang, impeyrniz!


    1. haha. im sure wala pa ko sa kalingkingan mo, mentor. wahahaha :-)


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