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Local Celebrities

I easily become a fan, be it of a Facebook page or a sports team or even crazy teenage flicks [of porn stars, too!]. There is something in popularity that draws me to it.

Thanks to the internet, popularity seemed too easy to be achieved nowadays. Whether you upload a video on Youtube [or XTube LOL] or write with a certain charisma, then it's good to go.

There are other avenues, though, that weirdly gave me a certain focus to local popularity, and in turn, the celebrities in this area.

I always take an FX ride to work, and even before when I was still studying. FXs nowadays are equipped with a multi-way radio, like the Walkie-Talkie. It is interesting how they created a certain language that contained codes to inform other drivers of traffic situation. I've actually decoded these and I use them in sentences to be coherent with the meaning.

But what drew me closer to listening to these radio conversations is one driver with the codename Hampaslupa. His funny comments and cool voice is an instant hit. I see other passengers laugh when he's pulling up jokes on the radio. He is also smart because I can sense a certain educated might in his sentence construction [oh yeah]. A couple of weeks ago, I took his ride. I couldn't help myself but look at him every now and then because he is my type! LOL. I'm just kidding. I was dumbstruck, I focused on listening to his voice. He is deserving of entering my small list.

At work, we use a queueing system for our software jobs that needs the global license. In the Linux server, you can see the progress of the queue, and how many jobs were submitted and the user who submitted these jobs to the server. Two users got my attention, because I always see their names on the queue with hundreds of jobs everyday. Because of the delay they are causing due to priority, I couldn't help but be curious of who these guys are.

When I was testing one of my hardware jobs, I overheard one group leader talking to a certain person. "Migs, tapos ka na ba mag-simulate? Pinapatawag ka sa baba eh." That statement didn't pass my ears. I turned my head immediately to see who was addressed. He is slightly taller than me, and he is HAWT. Goodness, reason why I'm always excited when going to work, I see a lot of cute people. This guy is one of the people I always catch a glimpse of. I was starstruck this time. He looked better near me. Hahaha.

As for the other guy, I haven't seen him yet, maybe he's on a different floor but I'm looking forward to seeing him. :)

I don't know if some people find it weird, but admiring normal people and putting them in a celebrity status is a fun kind of thing for me. When the fan meets the celebrity, there is no greater joy. I was definitely blown away with these minute encounters. It makes my little world go round by expecting something and putting in pedestal the things that other people might overlook.


  1. Are they drivers na nag uusap sa radio nila? Or nakikinig ka sa radio programs? Aliw naman yan haha

  2. cuteness. :)

    hello there besprennn! long time. hehe

  3. Cheap thrills, why not?

  4. ahaha nice nakaexperience n ko nyan

  5. ang kalandian ay walang pinipiling panahon at talino. Ay nako!! same breed talaga tayo!! Inhinyera na, malandi pa! whahhahah!


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