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The Power of Optimism

The day was normal apart from the partially cloudy skies foreboding a downpour. Nisan's assignment that day was to water the plants in the garden. However, with the other children seemingly less focused on their tasks, he was enticed to abandon.

The nuns were exceptionally different that day. He noticed that they were less talkative and they lost a certain appetite for rebuke. He thought that maybe, the gloom of the weather had something to contribute to it.

Or so he thought.

The superior was crying while talking to another nun. He tried to eavesdrop, negative as it may be but he has to know. News of his idol shot on an airport was worse than the weather.

It was supposed to be a day of liberation, a day of freedom. Sometimes, spirit is viral. When others weep, watchers become sensitive.

It could also be because, no one was strong enough to fight. No one had the courage to break through military leagues. Hope was gone.

But as a kid who knows all possibilities: who underestimates the value of failure; who treats bold moves with optimism; who expects even in the absence of something to hold on to; Nothing is over until it is over.


From this point on, we will project Nisan's perspectives on that eleventh birthday, every twenty-second day of August.

22 August 2011 - A Champion of Words

Credits go to Dabo for illustrating a fraction a year ago.


so... what's your take on it?

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