8.19.2012 | 23:10

The Hard Rock

The eve of my 'new year' was the rainiest day in my existence. Hours prior to that, work was suspended, news of submerged areas inundated the television. If there was a manifestation of worse nightmares after the Ondoy benchmark, it was it.

It's the greatest mood killer there was.

By my scientific foresight, I deduced several conclusions to the rain-bringing monsoon, none of which was the inclusion of our area in the list of casualties. Just to scale a comparison, Ondoy didn't affect our place drastically.

When natural calamities mean the possible suspension of academic activities, it is the exact opposite in a workplace: The greater reason there is to go to work to compensate for a possible cripple in production. Personally, I didn't mind going to work on my birthday not because I was to receive a gift from our President, but because I COULD go to work. As I said in one of my tweets, it doesn't matter if I do triathlon just to reach the office. I'm that dedicated.

Reviewing the extent of damages as compared to the celebration that I would have felt better, I realized how lucky I was. I became an engineer this year. I got to show others that I was capable of being independent. I got two high-paying jobs (related to my profession), one after another. Friends that I can never be more thankful for. A family who's always been behind me. Just the right time to count my blessings.

Though I still long for material things and love, I may give up on those areas to date. For one, I don't know how to save money. I always spend it on food and a huge chunk goes to my family, too. As for love, nothing is closer to chills on the  spine. Expecting is always the wrong verb.

However unceremonial the transition was, it more importantly meant something personally. Age is just a number but with these numbers come anticipation and changes. Things that must always be for the better.

I see age as a hard rock. Something that deserves not much focus but one I must always be aware(weary) of.

Postscript: Thanks to the people who took time to please me in your own ways, big or small. Everything is appreciated. :)


  1. "Age is just a number but with these numbers come anticipation and changes." --- PAK!! relate na relate akiz ditey, bilang malapit na rin ang "new year" namin.. me and our youngest sibling.. :)

    1. haha.. oo nga po.. :)
      you're so old na kuya! haha. pressure yan. :)

  2. Kapatid, pakiexplain eto! "Thanks to the people who took time to please me in your own ways, big or small." ANO itong big and small! Bumabagyo na at lahat!
    Haha happy you were okay on your birthday. :)

    1. Haha. Binigyan na naman ng kulay.

      Ngunit salamat parin :)

  3. belated happy birthday kapatid! celebrate the triumpths of annual life changing events! be happy, you're a survivor!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday Green XD True. There are a lot of things to be thankful for. Go go go!

  5. gawa tayo ng device that electronically inflates boats pag umabot sa certain height ang baha!!! oh ha! Belated happy birthday Sistar!!!


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