7.25.2012 | 21:34

Office Inspiration

Whenever my mind is blank, I always see you on the other side of my empty gaze. Sitting on an office chair, your back against me, I sense your might. You twist the chair to my direction, I see your grace. Fair of color, hair that bodes the beautiful face, expressive eyes innocent of my intent. His arms muscular enough to carry me. His lips of the right pinkish red tone so tempting, irresistible.

He snaps, I wake, ever ashamed. I may have been caught, absent the reasonable blabber: A favor from the gods that my tongue is of good practice.

Oh, inspiration in the work place indeed makes the job less stressful.
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    'Di ba may inaano tayo sa Chwirrer! Haha

    To JC, magpalipat ka na ng cubicle mo. Haha

  2. @lil bros: hello!!!!

    @joe: talandeh!!! :))

  3. yiheee! tuwa ako sa arms muscular enough to carry you, so graphic :)

  4. haha an cute tlga pag me nag papasaya sao nu kakagaling ko lng sa gf ko habng pinanunuod ko syang pagsilbihan ako nasabi ko ang swerte ko din pla haha

  5. kaya pla "busy" whahahhahahahha!!!


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