6.19.2012 | 23:17

Social Experiment

Seldom do I board a train but when I do, it is for a purpose. This specific trial is a sexual social experiment.

The scenario.

Eyes fixed on the target, pretending to yawn and moving away the gaze for a moment then seeing through the prospect.

Prospect looks around trying to filter the code. Deciphering takes a moment. Message received by the time the train arrives. He goes in first.

To be immediately followed behind. The trip is short so entrance counts a lot. A thrust with a hard on is enough.

He takes the handrail. You take the same handrail. He is in front of you. You are facing his behind.

The shaking of the train guises the earthly vibration. Target locked.

Target took the short underground route to grope the hard member with a shoulder bag as cover. Remember, every little detail like the right garb and the right movement at the right time must be noted. This will save you from other predators inside the same leg of the train.

Take off lightly. Mobile number (or on this case, I gave him my BB pin) written on a small paper can be conveniently slid in his pocket.

Ten fingers would be too much for my train escapades, but 80% of them had a happier ending. This time I'm in for no happy ending, just a tease. =)


  1. how big of a popultation is needed in your study? hehe :D

  2. ay parang gusto kong ma-ganyan sa MRT! ahahaha charot :D

    exciting! :D

  3. homaygash! May ganito ka palang gawain ha! Lol

  4. Tsk, tsk, tsk when boys go out to play.


  5. Ang landi lang.. hahahaha.. Well nice tips for kalandian at MRT or LRT. Looking forward for it. Tinuruan mko ha.

  6. train encounters... some may say it's classic but hey, it's a sprat to catch a mackerel ☺

  7. hmm... inosente ako sa mga ganito, echoz. :)


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