1.26.2012 | 17:13

A Date With a 'fan', Again

Two personal mails reached my inbox since the first day of this year. One of them's from a guy named Eric. He told me he is my 'fan'. He asked if he could take me out on a date. I told him he's all fast, plus facts that should dissuade him and his plan. He wasn't moved at all, which tells something about his intentions.

This part is most romantic: the day that we met. He went to our dormitory unexpectedly. He didn't know where to park (shit, why will I have to always deal with the parking problems of my dates?), so he texted me that he was on the spot, then asked for help on where to put his big toy. I told him to wait for a couple of minutes as I reach the street. I shooed him from the driver's seat and I drove to P. Noval and back for some space. He maintained an awkward gaze while I was maneuvering. Goodness, he is a looker! The fair twink type. I died. LOL

He instinctively knew that there was no one else in the room. All my roommates had to go somewhere, so I let him in. We talked for some thirty-ish and I stripped in front of him, changed garb and we were off to somewhere.

It was a wonderful day, he made good use of the small time that I spared for him. I didn't regret missing some five hours of review time, really.

One of the worst things about me is that I easily fall for traps. Lately, I've exercised a certain repulsion to save myself. Yes, I did it to Eric. This will probably explain my silence, boy.


My basic rule is 'Never expect anything'. Let any whatever come, just don't expect a thing from me and I won't expect anything from you, too. I'm very fragile to be situated in crazy contraptions. I become weird. Yeah, spell Emma Kurtzman in the movie No Strings Attached. Pero shet lang, kung kasing hot lang din naman ni Ashton Kutcher eh why not di ba? Hahahaha


I'm learning, slowly, the art of abstinence. Like YEAH. My last was last year. A large chunck of my time has several allotments now, the productive kind.

With the examinations season approaching, there is no room to being lukewarm. There may be less than 10 books that I still need to read and understand by heart. I'm quite disappointed with my progress, it's like I should be on some level now when I'm actually three echelons down. Last week, my eyes were bloodshot. Lack of sleep and too much reading, perhaps. However, such effort is not yet enough. Not yet.

The only thing that I'm looking forward to is my El Nido trip, which is exactly right after the boards, and the job offer in a shipline company down South. See you, friends, very soon. I can't wait to marry with the Queen City for a short term of two years or so.

Have a great weekend, folks. Thanks for taking time to read. :)


  1. whoa.. ikaw na ang maraming ganap sa buhay.. :)

    tamang review lang, lil bro.. masakit sa ulo ang info overload..

  2. hehe... sometimes, i am also like that. never expect anything from me then i will never expect the same from you.

    let's just have fun.

    Good luck green. :)

  3. "He instinctively knew that there was no one else in the room. All my roommates had to go somewhere, so I let him in. We talked for some thirty-ish and I stripped in front of him, changed garb and we were off to somewhere."

    In the old days, when I get invited by a stranger to hang out in his place, isa lang ang interpretation ko dun. :)

    So I prefer neutral ground. Hehehe.

  4. e di ikaw na may fan. ay yung meet up natin dati, counted ba yun na date? choooos. hahaha

    good luck sa review bespren.

    at sus, pwede namang maglaro no.
    all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. chors.

  5. Nice!! I guess we'll be seeing each other here soon! haha! Goodluck sa boards!

  6. haymisshhoo green hehe, di ko alam pero na-eexcite ako sa board mo.. lakas faith ko eh ahaha faith talga? :D

  7. good luck sa review review gb! miss na kita sa chwitter! :)

  8. ONG LONDEE LONDEE MO NOMON!!!! Magreview ka nga sis! WHahhahahah!!! Iba na nirereview mo eh!!! papaturo pa naman ako ng PQ Calculations sayo!

  9. naks puma-fanmail.

    magandang distraction yan sa review mo

  10. Fans? Ayan, you've made it na. haha

  11. nakakapag-aral ka pa ba??? magpapaturo ako ng ADV MATH para kay bunso


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