12.12.2011 | 12:23

Meow Meow

Hello December! How are things doing? I hope they are fine.

I'd like to post some sort of fast draft to what's been happening in my life as if you care. LOL. I'm reviewing for my boards which will happen next year. For me to review properly, I needed to move out. Seriously. I can't review at the house with chores, internet and TV. And with noisy siblings, too.

Although I get back home every weekend, I still feel that I've not yet fulfilled whatever purpose I had on not living with my family. I'm depriving myself of what I was used to doing: playing the piano, ogling at cute guys online, spotting buddies, watching movies, dining out, surfing the internet, couch potato-ing, everything a bum does. That is the reason why people see me in Twitter as if I haven't logged out for 48 hours. That is why I have this post.

Before I defeat the purpose of this post, I'd like to share this cute attraction I have with cats. Yes. Cats. Once upon a time I liked pussies. Pussy cats. I like touching their fur, tickling them in the neck and in the ear, or embracing them like a baby. I don't know why I have this pull to make papansin to them but IT is there no matter how I try to avoid doing something weird to cats. At one point, I even jacked off in front of a cat. Haha. Shet TMI. I dunno, maybe because of the fur?

Miming. Funny I have no better name for cats than Miming.
When I got home Saturday, my sister said that a cat trailed her from the the other block until it reached our compound. The cat keeps on getting inside our house when the screen door is opened. I find it really cute but my mom wants me to get rid of Miming. Whenever I get out of the house, nililingkis niya yung binti ko which is just cute. I dunno, baka iligaw ko 'to mamaya pag-alis ko pabalik ng dorm.. Sad. Cute pa naman maliit pa lang siya. Sorry for the low qual pic, I have lots of Miming's pics here but I can't edit because I'm to leave in ten minutes... Sana dito na lang si Miming samin para may kalaro ako every weekend.. :(

See you next week guys, probably in Twitter. :)


  1. I have a very soft spot for cats too.

    - Mugs

  2. I love cats.. I have here her name's susie.

  3. @Joe: hahaha.. ako rin, i'd name either muning or miming.. :P my mom calls them menggay..

    do well on your reviews! :)

  4. Good luck Joe!

  5. Actual conversation:
    TMI! *high-pitched squeal* -Kiro
    Leche, scroll down mo na - Joe

    Hahaha wala lang, marami din pala sating may fascination sa pusa :D

  6. Aww that's a cute miming! Wag mo walain please? :s

  7. We have a new cat too! Name's Zoolok. Since, we found him at a corner in the garden, behind the pots, a stray kitten abandoned by the mom. So, we adopted Zoolok. :)

  8. @Joe: panalo ang comment ni Kiro.. ahahaha! :P

  9. awhh... so cute.. sooo loving cat ;)

  10. We all need peace and silence from time to tine, for us to get back on track towards our personal goals and sometimes it helps when me move away.

    On a different note, i actually prefer dogs but i like cats too.


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