11.08.2011 | 09:40

This Is How To Be Lazy

When the severed chores are laid
leave you're share untouched
as a virgin forest preserved.
Do not wake up at six in the AM
and canoodle with your pillows
like a slimy slug put in a jar.
Allow your senses to explore
the vastness of your surrounding,
having eyes transfixed on onion rings
pickles and pepper --
you only wait for dinner.
Stretch your arms.
Do this with a yawn and
while you are still in bed.
You would develop an amity with
the Galapagos turtles, be happy
for this kinship is one in a billion.
Think of whatever you are doing
as a prerequisite to improving
your performance as a porn-star;
the setting is a bed, your lines are
moans and you exercise the hands
for they are supporting actors
for most of the laying positions.
After all, that is the easiest job
and will ratify your laziness.
As a testament to your feat,
get up and stay a little in the living room.
You will hear your mother say,
"You stink of bedbugs, take a bath"
but you must shoo this idea
because it will mortify your role!
Even your little demons will approve
that laziness is next to godliness
in as much as Robert Frost settled
with the Road Not Taken.
Explore, for in the absence of movement
springs the ability to discernment
that each facet of the moment
digress to announce a thing important.
Being lazy is a bridge towards improvement,
emancipating the expression of temperament.
Like how the birds of summer hibernate,
wait for winter to pass and in summer, sublimate.


  1. "laziness is next to godliness
    in as much as Robert Frost settled
    with the Road Not Taken."

    I love that!

  2. hmmm… i've always wanted to do poetry, but it's not just in my veins! hahahaha

    yah, every now and then, I can relate to this post! hahahaha especially after a looong weekend. hayst!

    moaaning GB!

  3. Reminds me of the things I've written when I was your age. Hehehe.

  4. reminds me of me.lol fail.

  5. Mama Zen: Thanks for that remark! :)

    Mr. Hush: Hahahaha. Okay ra na my friend. Usahay ra bitaw. :) Good evening! :)

    Mugen: Should I take that as a compliment? Haha. I think I should. Idol kita eh. :)

    Kiro: Haha. Who doesn't relate to this. :)

  6. i have more ways to be lazy. i dont move at all... i play dead on bed. when was the last time. I think when I was 12yo. been too workaholic ever since... esp after my father died....


  7. JJ: It must have been tough... I can only imagine.. But surely, you learned a lot and those experiences made you the person you are today. :)


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