11.07.2011 | 00:09

A Remembrall

Yes, they come and go
Will everyone remember them? no
But as long as this rock stands
I'll cherish time we had in our hands

Yes, people come and go
Must I forget them? no
For with each bears a strand
Heartstrings reminding us the bland

I may not describe you in a paragraph,
Memories of you remain like a photograph
Before we part, let us ask the trees too tough
To write this on our friendship's epitaph:

When sinister ends meet
Loose ends trash defeat
From the scorching heat
Hide us all, complete


This week will be some sort of literary for the blog, I will become the frustrated poet/writer Joe. All the posts are timed/scheduled since I have to do stuff at school and other important things. I hope a few would like it. :)


  1. you are right. we went on the same though here... i love it...

    take care my friend!


  2. the last stanza is really catchy.. nice work, lil bro.. :)

  3. Poet... Pianist... Ikaw na ang lahat! Let's see you literary calibre, Joe.

  4. All of us want to be remembered...to have significance...

  5. You're so right, "each bears a strand"

  6. I like the question pattern you set up in stanzas 1 and 2. It seems to echo into stanza 3, "May I describe you in a paragraph?" being answered by the first lines.

  7. JJRod'z: Thanks for dropping by kuya. I appreciate it. I hope you take lots of care, too. :)

    Nate: Thank you po.

    Mugen: Hahaha, you're very observant kuya Joms. I feel a bit pressured but I'll try to give literature some justice. Hahaha :D

    Tess Kincaid: Yes, very much true! Thanks for dropping by, Madame. :)

    Martin: Oh, yes. That is the reason why we can't just forget anyone because a piece of us remains with them.. Thanks for being here sir.

    Kathy Bischoping: It was an experimental thing, I'm glad you noticed and liked it! I ever doubt if I read poems with answered questions, most of them are rhetorical. Thanks for dropping by ma'am. :)

    Tumblewords: Thank you for that note madame! I appreciate it.. :)

  8. out of the mouths of babes comes truth!

  9. Isabel Doyle: NKKLK ka sisterette! Kelan pa ako naging babe hahaha? LOL As if naman naintindihan mo itetchiwa? kalurkey.

    To translate what I just wrote: Yes, that is a fact!

  10. BABE!!!!!wahahahahah!!!!!!!XD

    Ikaw na. Ikaw na si Edgar Allan Joe.(:D haha.


  11. super nice! super love the last 4 lines..classic!

  12. indiboi: NKKLK diba? kaya nga tignan mo yung reply ko dun sa nasa taas na comment sayo. hahaha. :D salamat for dropping by. :)

    Zaizai: Thank you, Zai! Means a lot to me. Haha. Actually, to tell you a little story, yung last four lines ang una kong nabuo. Then I decided na ilagay siya sa dulo kasi mukhang maganda siya. Parang spell ng mga witches. :D

  13. nice...really nicely played on the rhyme scheme as it carries us through your words...i like the structure of the questioning as well...

  14. and this is something new i guess..
    and i liked it.. nice!!


  15. Brian Miller: Thank you for that observation sir! :)

    ceiboh: Friend, salamat! :)


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