11.11.2011 | 00:20

Nirvana Encounter

Three. Three of them men entered the restroom. I saw one of them was familiar so without trying to spoil my curiosity, I tailed them in. I unzipped my pants in one of the urinals without focusing on how to pee. My ears were locked on the airwaves for a possible hint.

Two. Two of the guys left the urinals that they just occupied. They went straight to the sinks. By my peripheral vision, I can sense that one of them looked maliciously over my back. I know, nothing's coming out. I'm not good in faking things.

One. Time is running out. I had to make a move. One guy left. One cubicle unoccupied. One look in the eye. One nod.


  1. hahaha ibalik nako nimo ako corona. bow. hahaha

  2. Mr. Hush: hahaha. seriously? hmp. I didn't do anything. hahahaha :))

  3. seriously, napanganga ako at speechless after ko basahin. NKKLK! anong sumunod na ganap?! aysows!

  4. You left us to figure out what happened next. Hehe.

  5. ....or is this another needless to say?

  6. Na-uwi ba ito sa libreng pedicure?



  7. hanging????...haha..

    parang patayan ending nito..or rape scene..pero char lang ^_^

    mudaog jud ni..

  8. ako mauwaw mag public c.r.baw nganu.haha


  9. This made me wanna share a similar encounter of mine. Hmmn...but I won't. I will not destroy my wholesome image here. Lols. Kidding.

  10. Oh my!Such lewdness!

    Where's this cr?

  11. Ronron: Yun lang ang nangyari! Haha. Wala ng iba pa! :)

    Mugen: Nothing happened next kuya Joms. Haha. Inquisitve mind, ah!

    Lanchie: Hello there! Needless to say? I don't know. Or perhaps, another for me to know and for you to find out lolz

    Ms. Chuni: Wow, glad you were here! Oo teh, eventually dun siya napunta. Nagpa-wax pa nga sakin eh. Hahaha :)

    Kiro: Wahaha. May nabasa ka bang kakaiba diyan? Hahahaha

    bien: Hindi noh! Hmp

    Orange Pulps: Rape scene! Hahahah. Charot. Asa man mudaog girl?

    indiboi: Ay ako pud usahay. Maong walay mugawas ng ihi. Hahaha.

    Désolé Boy: Ano beeeeeh! Nabasa ko kaya ang mga unang posts mo sa blog mo! Hahahaha. Akala mo huh. :))

    Guyrony: I didn't make kwento of anything erotic huh! The cr? It's somewhere in Pasig. :)

  12. pak na pak naman to... sige pag may pinatulan akong operator... andaming pogi eh! kakaler!

  13. mas winner to kung may 'pak!' at the very end, right after one nod :)

  14. ang galing!!!! nice one!

  15. Wil: Hi mare,miss you! nag-comment ako dun sa post mo about sa board exam. :)

    Zaizai: Ay, sahree, nakalimutan ko! Hahaha. Pero bongga nga yun. Hahaha :D kaya lang english kasi eh. hahaha.

    Eg: Thanks eggy hehe :)


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