11.13.2011 | 19:38

Diner Dashin'

Call me Dash. I clean tables as a part-time job. There are several misconceptions about my job that people need to know, so with this, I hope that those concerned will get informed, properly.

Working with tables is not an easy job. For most of the time, we move around the place to keep up with the pace of people either vacating their tables or occupying one. We have eyes all over the place so we won't just bounce randomly and feel breezy after... Oh sorry. I'm speaking a little Tablish.

I remember a time while I was busy cleaning what was left off by some foreign customers at our restaurant, when I saw a white Louis Vuitton wallet lying in one of the chairs beside me. Human instinct beyond all morality gave me the curiosity to check the contents of the wallet. Of course, it can always pass off as checking if there were IDs left or something similar. Truth is, I had every urge to look around, see if no one's looking, and slide the small leather case in my pocket. This job doesn't give me much earnings and whatever the contents are, the purse itself is worth something. But I never let myself delve too much in the idea. I called the foreigner who owned the wallet. She gave me three Franklins, more than surprising because I may have expected her to give me something, what I received is above sufficient.

More importantly, I represented our nation in her eyes. The tarnished image was erased on her end. I won't be surprised if she could spread the good news and eventually change the mind frame of people around her who may have plans of visiting our country.

In connection to that, we act as less-oriented tour guides. In the restaurant where I'm working, we usually have tourist customers. Most of the time, we get them engaged in small talks and they ask us to suggest things to do apart from suggestions of food to partake in the resto. It is a fun sidetrack and it is always rewarding to know that someone wants your opinion on something and someone eventually learns from you.

Cleaning is not everything: We do have metrics. The managers put our performances in a statistical analysis and other mind boggling plots. We get evaluated every now and then so it's high time to make others know that this is a not-so-easy task. Like every other job, this is still a source of experience which could put us in leverage for future jobs.

This job can be stressful at one point, peaks, but at the end of the day, what matters to me is my ability to keep every tabletop as clean and eater-friendly as possible.


  1. Nagtrabaho din ako sa isang kainan! Naging kahero ako sa Jollibee noong unang panahon.

  2. Nagtrabaho din ako dati.. waiting tables. Mahirap pero kinaya. Hindi nga lang ako nagtagal kasi.. yes, hindi ko rin nakaya ang pressure na kasama sa pagtatrabaho dito..

    it's not just your name.. dinadala mo din ang pangalan ng company/resto na pinagtatrabahuan mo.. So dapat, kahit mahirap eh dapat maayos ang trabaho.. Hindi lang dapat malinis, dapat maganda rin ang serbisyo.. and yes, dapat honest.

    Nakaka-tempt nga naman pag merong sitwasyon na ganun. Wag tayong maging ipokrito, right? hehe.. naranasan ko na din yun dati.. I gave the wallet to the manager, and he called the costumer's phone. :D

    uhm, yun lang.. hehe.. napasarap ang kwento. hehe..

  3. It was a nice good act Green. Indeed it something that every Filipinos should look up to. It's empowering.

    Anyway, I would like to add you on my friends list. Check it out. hope you do thesame. timmyboi's blog buddy.

  4. canonista: hello C! talaga? wow. i'm sure you felt the same way Dash felt.

    Ate Leah: Oo nga ate, malaki talaga ang pressure dun. Laging may briefing and stuff.. At parang hindi sila nasasatisfy.. At maraming SOP and stuff na NKKLK. Diba. Ayun. Salamat po sa pagdaan Ate! :)

    tim: Yes Tim, you are right.. BTW, how will I know? I don't know how to check it on Blogger..

  5. pak. Worked for Greenwich for a year before I went to college.
    Happy naman.
    I was supposed to be for regularization but I wasn't studying.

  6. I was just thinking.. what would've happened if you'd played angry birds instead? ;p

  7. akala ko si flow pangalan ng babaeng waitress?XD


  8. Hey Green, go to my blog http://iamtimmyboi.blogspot.com/ and look at the side bar, you will links- so you are there man.

  9. i do believe that there is no easy job whether you're in an office or in a fast food chain, all jobs require hardwork and patience.

    People do underestimate some jobs but that is because they never tried it themselves but once they do, they'll eat their words for sure.

  10. I on the verge of applying to kind of job before. Thanks to the Call Center Industry, I have a better option.

    There is no easy job talaga. But what matters is how you will handle each job as if it is your last.

  11. I had to do hours of work at a resto, for my praticum and indeed it wasn't easy. relate ako kay dash! pero kung ako nasa position nya, I would have returned the contents of the wallet and kept the LV as a reward :)

  12. aw noong high school pangarap kong magsummer job sa fast food! :)

  13. i agree on this... it really is hard work.
    well i've never experienced how it is to be a server/waiter (even though i took up HRM and was required to work in a resto for my practicum) particularly because i requested not to be placed in the dining area EVER. as in. ako pa. clumsy na nga ako and i'm not that confident being in front of people....
    and it is stressful especially kung full house!


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