10.26.2011 | 01:22

Tick. Tock.

It is the monumental decay of an irreversible feat. Without the extra helpings of a melodramatic background music, it will definitely hit me to tears and now that I think about it, it's one of the future things that foretell the worst is yet to come.

Reading self-help books ain't enough. The toughest of these challenges is not what meets the eye, it is fate's tacit answer to the dilemma. Pressure mounts everyday, exponentially.

As if these are all enough, here comes my ex-girlfriend (without my knowledge, got pregnant, and), giving birth, on the date of our anniversary years back. It's funny how nature pulled up this coincidence.

Ako ba ang tatay?

I hope not.


  1. bien: kung maka-congrats naman toh.. hindi, hindi ako ang tatay. sana.

  2. hala ka, ikaw nga! ikaw nga ang ama! lol

  3. ayyyyY!!!!!!!!! isa ka ng ganap na ama!!!! congrachuleychenzzzz... hihihih mygad.. ha.. :D

  4. tsk may GB jr na! hehe kidding! :)

  5. Zaizai: Wala pa! haha. Apparently, OA lang ako. Over-thinking lang.

    Nishiboy: Di pa ako tatay.

    shenanigans: Hindi siya imposible. Kaya nga napaisip ako. Buti na lang may taglay na kakatihan si ex kaya iba pala ang tatay. Akala ko ako.

  6. owmaygulay... :p


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