10.02.2011 | 00:39

Anti-Angry Birds Bill

Apparently, the rejection of his fail-versed juridical concoction did not deject Congressman Winnie Castelo from making sure that he will nest out his dislike to fads.

House Bill Number 5379, a.k.a. the Anti-Angry Birds Bill, is next on queue to this lawmaker's craigslist. The law, according to Representative Castelo, (paraphrased) will detect and look at product diversity in the market. The root to the evolution of this bill is the disappointment of the lawmaker to finding suitable gifts for his godchildren after seeing 168 Mall in Tutuban overwhelmed with toys, shirts, and other merchandise with caricatures of Angry Birds characters.

Diversity. Does this man really observe well?

Drop by any random mall. You will see a siomai stall beside another beside another. You will spot bags, notebooks, pencil cases flooded of the same TV personalities' faces/show and what-not. Tea stores springing like mushrooms than ever. Fastfood chains offering unlimited rice after one franchise offered the same deal. Where is diversity anyway? What scope is this mad-man trying to encapsulate? To what improvement is he seeking?

Diversity is generally blinded by instant popularity. Eventually, business owners would try to go-with-the-flow, mow-in-the-row, ride in the bandwagon, so they won't get left behind. The next thing you know, everyone is offering different things that look the same.

It is quite a shame that most officials who got elected on the 2010 elections have neurotic disorders. Where is the brain? Have the zombies taken them yet?

I see no clear reason why we should take this congressman seriously. He's definitely gone nuts. With the rate he's going, the next suggestions could be as close to Anti-Exhaling Bill. There are more important things than picking on kiddie stuff while the National Budget needs proper apportioning. He should get a life, honestly.


  1. I think this was just a hoax. Read it on Twitter. Hehe. Kala ko naman as a protest gagaya ka sa akin eh. Wahahaha.

  2. nakakatuwa na ang mga batas naten ngayon ang dameng alam hahaha pa anti-anti something pa sila eh mas marame dapat na inuuna yata hmmm

    ui green kamusta ka na? :D

  3. Nakakapikon yung bill ah please! ahahaha. Grabe yung pera ng taong bayan yung pinapasweldo sa mga ganyang mag isip.

  4. Ngayon ko lang nalaman yan ah. Grabe. Ano na nangyayari sa mga law makers natin?

  5. ang dapat may bill na magbabawal sa mga gaya ni Cong. Castelo na tumakbo for office! haha affected ako, saya kaya ng angry birds! :)

  6. there are other matters that this congressman should think about. far more important matters. tsk. he disappoints me.

  7. Before there was the Anti-Planking Bill passed by a politician because he was pissed off by these 'plankers' during the strike done by our very own jeepney drivers. Now, this Anti-Angry Birds Bill is made for a very lame excuse. huh? what the heck are these politicians are thinking? they are totally becoming nutty in their own selfish way...

    they should concentrate more on passing bills that will really help and uplift the Philippines.

    dropping by mr837.blogspot.com

  8. How much weight should it need to show that the article was a hoax passed off as true?

    How far more should we go discussing what is already defined as a 'satire' than discuss every unit of its false historicism as if it were true?

    There is no "angry birds bill" ever filed, that is what evidence on record shows, much less, by the good congressman who has been the object of a viral shame drive.

    In the end, social networking sites have become powerful platform for (mis)communication.

    Let it remain that way.

  9. At first glance, I thought this was just a joke. Anti-Angry Birds Bill? What the heck! Where's the brain there?

    There are still so much to do with our country and they are so busy fabricating non-sense bills?...Something is gravely wrong with these people. Super!

  10. Well, everything is already cleared by the person involved so nothing to worry about. Everyone can still enjoy Angry Birds! The impact of this game is unbelievable, considering that politicians are starting to notice it.

  11. bespren it is not true. hehe
    hoax lang yung anti-angry bird bill at news parody lang yung site na pinanggalingan nito. hehe.

    pero i agree with anonymous' comment. well dapat may internet laws na rin to protect us. ayun.

    - kalansay

  12. and I even thought this was just a joke...corny na nga ang anti-planking bill, mas super duper lalo na'to...Anti-Angry Birds Bill? OH comm'n...nonsense

    :/ What is wrong with our lawmakers, mein?..

  13. kalerkz na anti angry bird na yan. pero sabi saken ni ser hard..its only a hoax...

    kalerkz talaga si castelo.. gudlak sa kanya kung manalo pa siya sa kampanya sa susunod na eleksyon...

    ahihihi :D

  14. NKKLK! Nakaka-angry ng bird ang bill na yan ha. Haha

  15. ang kyut ng mga penguin mo.. nakaka angry bird din.. ^_^ dumaan lang paps


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