10.29.2011 | 10:35

All-Out War or All-Out Confusion?

With what happened in Al Barka, Basilan last October 18, we can already conclude that there is severe military lapse. As the ceasefire agreement still stands, however, this oppression from the MILF is on definite question. Why will they attack the soldiers? On what grounds are they vindicated? Let us discuss some points to get us out of the confusion.

It is not a secret that the MILF has been quite on the run towards getting their so-called Ancestral Domain. This refer to areas which once belonged to their forefathers but due to the modernization, civilization and autonomy of the local governments, some of these lands have been alienated and others have become base camps to our military. Retrieval is for autocratic reasons, just like separating Mindanao from the Philippines all over and again. For the administration's move, they have already designated several ATS, areas of temporary stay, to the MILF since they cannot completely give in to the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) on Ancestral Domain pressed by the MILF leaders.

The MoA will only subdivide the Philippines, just as how the Spaniards intelligently did some 300 years ago. WE DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN.

Apart from battling the MILF passively, there is still the Abu Sayyaf which needs to be seized. From here starts the underlying reasons of the MILF. Our military is on the constant battle with the Abu Sayyaf and in the process, they would eventually need to pass through several areas in ARMM which they deem as the latter's camps. With the recent events, the military passed through an ATS (in search of Abus), which is Al Barka, and it is high time for the MILF to become hostile! 19 of our soldiers were killed.

The MILF starts to think that they can get away from this, but no, as long as vigilant citizens live, they cannot.

There is a shady future for the MILF and as they try to convince themselves that they have the President on their side, then they should start on new solid plans.

The President may have had, what?, cold feet on the All-Out War matter which is definitely very disappointing. As the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, he must give the biases to our soldiers, so as to boost their morale! Nineteen soldiers died for nothing if there is constant justification from these MILF people. P-noy's attempts to pacify these hostilities by his All-Out Peace campaign is just completely redundant (of the Tuwid na Daan which is still beyond walfway) and muting. Masyado na nating bine-baby itong mga taong ito. It is about time that we, you Mr. President, show them that MILF's playing of the role "KAMI ANG BOSS MO" is not at all times applicable.

Only an All-Out War will eradicate the MILF together with the Abu Sayyaf. Show no mercy for people who continue to divide us and bring us down from within. Let us show them our injustice system in this manner, tutal, diyan naman tayo magaling.

And only then, will we attain peace and progress.


  1. Very nice piece. Well-written and with a lot of spunk. Good job.

    -Pet G.

  2. THese people continue doing what they do.. because they know they CAN control the leaders. You know, sometimes.. Ayoko na ring makinig sa news. Puro patayan na lang. Away dito, gyera dun.. :(

    SO sad.

    What's happening to the world, momma?

  3. Pet G.: Hello sir/maam, thanks for appreciating what I got here.

    Ate Leah: What's wrong with the world momma? Like where is the LOVE? It might be sad ate, but it is reality. People have finally gotten tired of fighting for whatever they want to fight for in a peaceful manner. Technology has only made the worst of us, allowing bandits to get scarier because they possess high caliber machines and guns.

    What we don't want though, is for these violence to continue over time. We must act now, the setup here is violence versus violence. I may sound a little giddy over battles but we have to face the reality that it is the only way we can put an end to the wars.

  4. When you turn a decade older, you will learn, that war is always, not the best solution. :)

    For someone who wrote a piece calling for the government to declare war on Singapore for hanging Flor Contemplation many, many years ago. I understand your point. :)

  5. Kuya Joms: I got to listen to you na talaga!

  6. war will be the answer to a lasting peace.

    ang hirap pala maging presidente.erase ko na sa wishlist ko.haha :))loko


  7. indiboi: Yes, it is, and yes it is. :)

  8. I don't get the concept of war really. Destruction and death - how would anyone benefit from it? That's why I never got the logic of the expression 'all is fair in love and war' as war is anything but fair.


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