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The Revenant - Andrew Wyeth
I thought I knew you, all along --
Composed of two-faces, you are

one side is clear, vibrant, welcoming
a reflection of knowing
of high esteem for learning
dressed in white, purity instilling

conned, I was after seeing
a face so different from a being
I thought I was just dreaming
never knew of a half that's missing

sometimes we need to delve deeper
search, inspect, rummage for a canker
for we might just discover
an aspect we knew never.


  1. i love the first line... and to finish it with that last paragraph is superb...

    Nice take bro!


  2. JJ: Thanks for that nice comment. Have a great week! :)

  3. Im such a sucker for musicals that the first thought when I saw the picture was Jekyll and Hyde and Phantom of the Opera (both of which are novel adaptation of course)

  4. Oh, I love the depth of this - we do indeed need to dig deeper!

  5. bien: I was precisely thinking of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in this prompt, reason why it's Two-Face..

    WyomingDiva: Thanks for that opinion, you hit the spot. :)

    Mommy Razz: Good morning, mommy. Thanks for dropping by.. :)

  6. A really insightful and clever write. Terrific. : )

  7. I thought, looking at the image on my Blogger Dashboard, it was Alexander Skarsgard in True Blood. I remember a particular scene. Anyway...
    We are now aware of these Two-Faced creatures. Beware...

  8. thingy: Thanks for those nice adjectives. :) I appreciate.

    DB: Yes, we're very much aware now, we need to impose caution. :)

  9. Nice take. I'm sure we'll find cankers if we look deeply enough. :)

  10. Tumblewords: I didn't mean it negatively, but for us to be cautious. Anyway, you got a point, we really need to know people better. Thanks for your comment! :)

  11. The vibrance of loosing is abruptly done! Pretension draws deeper on this poem. It gives you adrenaline to go and catch the glimpse of what is missing- happiness and wonder...

  12. Tim: I don't know if I got your point correctly. I'd just like to answer that in a reinforcing manner, that yes, pretensions are often leniently observed and sometimes we fail to know what is missing because we dwell on the surface. Thus, there must be a pull to see what is beneath...

    This poem rather gives us a warning, something to be wary of.

  13. i like this. i guess we discover something everyday. even if its internal or esoteric. :)

  14. it's quite sad we have to be wary of people first, as indeed they can always be two faced..once again, a super nice and profound magpie entry. love it gb! :)

  15. murag ako. doble kara. buotan ko sa gawas pero sa kailaluman sa akong kasing kasing kay naa koy killer instincts.wa ko kasabot sa akung kaugalingun.

    feeling ko tuloy may lahi akong werewolp..awooo!!


  16. delving deeper is not for the faint-hearted - good piece

  17. hedi ikaw na poet. :)

    bespreeen. ehehe

  18. Zaizai: Thanks a lot. Yes, it can be sad, but it is the only way to protect ourselves from other people's evil intentions. Thanks for dropping by and for that wonderful comment my friend!

    indiboi: ay, mao ba my friend? hala. sabagay, ingaon ana man tang tana, dili na pud ta magkunohay nga limpyo because tanan ta kay naay dili ipakita dayon sa laing tawo. its just that, maayo unta ug makit-an nato dayon kung unsa ang laing tawo before ta nga magtuo sa ilaha. werewolf? ngano man? salamt bai sa pag-agi dinhi. :)

    Isabel Doyle: Very much true, it takes a lot of courage to be fazed by whatever it is that we don't know. As the saying goes, what you don't know won't hurt you. It is a courageous act to know what is deeper for we must be ready to know the answers to our questions, even if these answers might cause us pain.. Thanks for dropping by, Isabel! :)

  19. bespren: edi ako na nga! haha. ikaw tlaga bespren. di ka na nagpaparamdam.

  20. nice...like how you played on the side draped in shadow...we get jsut a hint that it is not right...i wonder are any truly free of this duality...

  21. Brian Miller: I was rather hoping to find clues but I wasn't able to. I then went on the two-face thing. Thanks for dropping by sir.

  22. very insightful into the human condition - both sides of it

  23. Clever take, finding clues to always search beyond the obvious, deeper in the unknown realities.

  24. Jo Bryant: Is it? Thanks for that comment, Jo.

    Reflections: Thanks, and I guess that's what a magpie means, which is to search deeper and give a unique take on the prompt. We all have our views on it. Thanks for dropping by, I'll get to your prompt later. :)

    citybuoy: It is, brother Nyl. And, a very difficult state-of-mind to attain.

  25. i've always tried to think the best of people. but most of them turn out to be hydras.

  26. We are all multi-faceted, aren't we? Nice write.

  27. Sean: So, it's never really bad to be cautious at all, correct?

    Tess: Thanks for dropping by and sharing your view on my work. :)

  28. We all have a shadow side...


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