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The Tale of the Dagger and the Sword

Once upon a time there was a blacksmith who wanted to forge priced creations out of the metals that he had found.

He obtained the copper from a pavement just across his garden while he unearthed the iron in the mines and applied his sciences on it to create steel.

To start his creation, the blacksmith put a blaze to his furnace and cleaned his hammer of dust. The blacksmith bathed the copper in fire by morning, and hammered the metal by noon. Before darkness fell, he was able to make a sword out of beating the copper, but the blacksmith was not yet satisfied with his craft. For the next day, he planned of making another sword.

After partaking breakfast, the blacksmith put a blaze to his furnace and added elements to make the fire hotter so it could deform steel. He also cleaned his hammer of dust. The blacksmith bathed the steel in fire by day, and hammered the metal by night. The day ended, but the steel was too tough and it did not become a sword out of the day's beating. Calling it a good day's work, the blacksmith took a rest, and decided to continue forging the sword of steel for the next day.

By the morrow morning, the blacksmith put a blaze to his furnace and added the same elements to make the fire hotter. He also cleaned his hammer of dust. However, he noticed that the steel he was so keen to stretch won't make a good sword, so he bathed the steel in fire by day, and hammered the metal to form a long dagger by night. At the end of the day, he was able to make a long dagger out of beating the steel. The steelwork didn't look the same after a second beating but still, the blacksmith was satisfied with his craft. For the next day, he planned of going to town to sell his products.

Little did the blacksmith know that the King had a competition in town. The man who could get the diamond ring out of a burning oven shall be granted lands and animals. However, should the competitor fail, he shall be an army to fill in the King's thinning force.

One wealthy man who had the ambition of owning more than he can handle saw the blacksmith. He deliberated on which to buy, the tarnished-looking dagger or the shiny sword. He asked to buy the copper sword for one hundred pieces of gold. The blacksmith, after finding it as a good bargain, sold the sword to the man.

More and more commoners tried different methods to remove the diamond ring from the burning oven but none was successful. For every attempt, another was added to the queue of the King's new army.

The last to try was the wealthy man. He bragged of his sword as one which can stand the hottest of fires. The King found him annoying, and decided to change the rules to the last leg. The winner, from then on, shall replace him as King while the loser shall give his wealth to the royals and be as servant. The wealthy man did not present worry and was rather stirred by the greater reward for winning.

The man slowly inserted the copper sword in the burning oven but within minutes, the sword had melted. The man was furious and very disappointed that he kept on yelling guttural noises. The King's army pacified the wealthy man and took all of his belongings for the royal's own.

The King became way greedier that he looked for more people to join his competition. The blacksmith had nothing to lose so he obliged in trying the challenge. With the use of his long dagger made of steel, he tried to pounce for the diamond ring which is inside the burning oven. Minutes of exposure to heat and to the hopeful eyes of the captives, the blacksmith almost gave the job up, until he was able to feel something hit the tip of the dagger. He pushed this time, and to his surprise, saw a diamond ring clinging at the end of the metalwork.

The King stomped his feet in disbelief. There was a stir from the captives and the King was ensnared, after which, loud and triumphant voices filled the townsquare. The blacksmith, being the new king, was hailed.


Sometimes, people think they already got the best just because of looking at what is obvious. The thing is, one thing better cannot be found on the surface: Like the two metalworks, only that which has already stood the tests of time, decision-making and patience can be worthy. This could mean that, even if the outside is dull, there will always be an ultimate test which will make known to others the one which is more valuable and worthy.


I haven't written stories like this for a while. Feels refreshing. :)



    try it before you buy it.marami ng nagkalat na second hand at substandard products ngayon.ahihihi

    choya kuya oi. mura ra kog gabasa og storya gikan sa Grimms. Lost long brother ka ba nila?


  2. indiboi: korak! at hindi dahil sa kumikinang ang isang bagay eh yun na yun! lolz.

    Grimm brothers? wow ha. kalayo ra oie. naa ra koy gipadunggan dinhi. ang katong dagger kay ako dayon ang katong sword kay si kuan. lolz. :D

  3. Ang ganda ng story malalim ang moral lesson. Kailan ka magsusulat ng book hehe : )

  4. Daniel: Salamat sa pagbasa! Pasensya na kung malalim, may pinaghugutan kasi yan. Sinulat ko yan after nung entry ko na When the Trusted Gets Busted. Kelan magsusulat ng book? Actually may book ako na naisulat, di nga lang tapos..

  5. Maganda yung story very inspiring

  6. Milch: omg fafa, salamat sa pagdaan sa aking munting blog.. salamat din sa pagbabasa, I appreciate it..

  7. d ko gaano nagets yung daloy ng story yung kung pano nakuha or way ng pagkakakuha ni blaksmith yung diamond ring... at naging hari na siya masyadong dumugo ang aking ilong...


    at naguluhan din ako sa lesson of the story.. pagkakaintindi ko eh.. ganito...

    "wag magpakasigurado sa physical na bagay dahil di mo alam waley din ito silbi...." parang ganon.. kasi di ba natunaw yung sword ni wealthy man na pagkaganda-ganda cheverloo.....

    anyway... wala lang... kumokowment lang ng bongga..

  8. i agree with milch. the story is inspiring. kaya tuloy tinamad na akong pumunta ng gym. bahala na ang aking inner beauty. juk!

  9. eg: shortcut much na ang pagkakasulat eh. pero as what was described, tinusok tusok niya lang hanggang maramdaman niya yung ring. ayun.
    and for the moral of the story on your point of view, yes, tama. wag tumingin sa panlabas. :)

    Sean: haha! winnie monsod, may social relevance. ahaha. natuwa naman ako dun kahit joke lang. :)

  10. In fairness, you have potential. Keep on writing!

    Fickle Cattle

  11. Fickle Cattle: From a great writer, those words are more than inspiring! Thank you so much, and I will take your advice. :)

  12. There's always great fulifillment in finding diamonds in the rough. Yung tipong kumikinang yung tao dahil may something sya na ayos na hindi obvious if you just cosider the physical. Para ka lang nakahanap ng hidden treasure unlike nung mga obvious ang beauty outside. They know it, you know it and everybody knows it. Parang wala nang challenge. Spoon freeding na. And yes, guys who don't rely on good looks are tougher and more bad ass!

  13. ahaha..may ganun paalam.

    okay lang yun. it's an event that is meaningful to you and it doesn't mean gaya-gaya ka.

    when you are a medium to express a universal thought..


  14. Blakrabit: Very well said, sir. I agree with you in all aspects. :) Thanks for dropping by and reading on.

    dabo: haha, may paalam talaga, kaya di ko maipublish. syempre, sayo ko lang naman natutunan ang idea. idol nga kita pagdating dun kasi maganda mga gawa mo.
    thanks for the vindication. :) i'll be waiting for your entry.

  15. pong: salamat! :) eto ba yung crocodile? haha. joke.


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