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IDDK! It's not that I don't have time, it's just that I'm too lazy to write down anything.

Oh, so let me talk about my new Pottermore account, yes. I received my second welcome email Monday evening, when I was supposed to review for two exams. Oh crap has it, I indulged and spent the whole night looking around the website.

One of the most exciting parts are the buying of the stuff at Diagon Alley, particularly when buying a wand. I actually tried to lie at Ollivander so that I could have a wand with qualities same as Harry's. Ending: I have 12 1/2", cedar, phoenix feather core. Not bad, eh?

The other most exciting part is the Sorting Ceremony. Here, the Sorting Hat will have to ask you several questions, and mind you, you really have to be honest. I tricked the Hat by answering two made-up attributes. Ending: I was sorted in Slytherin. At first, I didn't really like it, I mean, who would want to be in Slytherin after reading and watching the Harry Potter books and movies? But then, the common room boasts, "Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness". I hope so.

Inside is Wizard Duel (currently on maintenance) and Potion-making which is more than time consuming and stressful if you can't get the right potion. House points, like in the book, can be awarded and deducted to a student for his/her performance. As of this writing, Ravenclaw leads the House Cup and Slytherin lags a step.

If you are wondering what in the world Pottermore is, go here.

To the people who ask how I entered in Pottermore while they cannot, here is a quick explanation. I was able to register for an early access: This early access is granted to 1 million people, to be called beta-testers, to go around the site and give feedback in helping shape a wonderful Pottermore experience once the site fully opens to the general public in October. Right now, the student count at Hogwarts is around 360,000+.

So far, my Pottermore experience is fun, there are a few bugs that I have reported and I hope they act on it soon.


Foundation week at school is nearing, I'm planning to join several events and the preparations are just tedious. I hope to keep up though.


  1. Why didn't you tell me when you saw the Magical Quill? Yan tuloy, wala kang kasama sa Beta...or I just feel envious kasi seems like all other people in the college (in Ateneo at least) has an account! Ang daya..

  2. James: Sorry dear, sobrng wala ako sa isip ko nung makuha ko yung Magical Quill, kaya di kita natext man lang. Hay. Oo nga pala. Fan na fan ka rin. :|

  3. I'm still waiting for my e-mail... I'm starting to think I am a squib,...

  4. ingget oh well ill wait for oct :P

  5. Coolness! Awesome! or whatevah those arteh gurls use nowadays

    So, can you slytherin to my gryffindor? lol

  6. Waah! I've got inside na.. pero hindi ko pa sya naeexplore. Tsk.. my net connection's pissing me off, super slow.. kaya ayun, slow din ang adventure ko. :P

  7. hmmmmm.. intriga lang ko GB, kana ni una ug storya ba, imo na ex noh? haha lagpas lang

  8. good luck for the pottermore thingy,, i have no idea about it so i guess i'll check it out..


  9. Lucky you! I was to lazy to search for the magical quill. pasilip silip lang ako doon sa site. I prefer to slither than to roar ;)

  10. rinegister ako ng friend ko for pottermore, e dahil best in procrastinate ako, di ko na activate ang link. ayun nag expire na :(

  11. Thirdie: Oh, just be patient! I know it really sucks to wait, even me had some waiting to do.. It took me a month to activate my second email because my first account was banned for unknown reasons.. Tsktsk.
    Anyway, they're letting out emails everyday now, so you might just be seeing your owl anytime this/next week.

    Kiro: Haha, I will wait for you in Slytherin Common Room lolz

    bien: Haha, so fetch manong bien. hihi.
    Well, I can't slytherin your gryffindor because it's hufflepuff! lolz

    Ate Leah: Aww, I can relate! Lalo na sa Potion-making, grabe lang, nauubos ang time ko dahil di ko magawa yung instructions ng maayos, bagal ng net ko ngayon eh. Or Pottermore is..

    Mr. Hush: Yiz, ngano man bai? :D

    ceiboh: Yiz, better check it out para masaya. But if you are not that fanney, baka di mo ma-tripan, it's kinda for the youngsters. haha

    Orange Pulps ♥: Yiz, I am. a humongous, extreme, big big fan of HP. :)

    jetlander: Hello, thanks for dropping by. Anyway. If I remember it correctly, it was not that hard to find (or it was not a literal quill? i forgot sorry) but when you find it you'd have to answer a question and poof! registration to early access. :)
    Well, slither on, we might be House mates come October.

    Za: Oh, too bad. Pero malapit na ang October, you should be going by then. :)

  12. shenanigans: nothing, di ka naman mahilig sa HP

  13. hi gb! you are right. I don't remember why I did not answer the question... memory lapses - sign of aging ;)

  14. jetlander: some questions were just difficult, don't blame yourself.

  15. i really cant wait for my long delayed welcome mail. hassle. haist. :p

  16. inggit ako...hahaha for now I'll just play the game of nerds :P

  17. wala bang ebsite na "PotterPorn"? mas mag eenjoy ako dun please.

  18. bespren: oh well. we all have had our shares of waiting. and... waiting really sucks, i know the feeling. lol. :D
    just don't be too excited about it.

    Kiro: baka farmville sa phone mo. adik ka dun eh. nako wag mo gawin ng madalas sa public place yan brad, baka mawala na naman yang phone mo... just a piece of advice.

    Ron: ano beeeh! hahah. please KUNG MERON MAN NIYAN ipaalam mo rin sakin. hahaha! ang naughty lang kuya huh.

  19. uu nga! not an HP fan.. pambata! hahaha!


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