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The Other Road

Looking back at the trailmarks that I have left, I realized how Time flicked my innocence between its fingers. It got me on limbo. What seemed like God-knows-how-long was wasted on pointless deliberations... After disentangling myself from its sticky web, I was struck, for none can stanch the grief of trying to win a losing fight.

Eons later, passing through a whirl of colors and specific blurred photos of my history, I reach the busy shore of a disturbed sea. I stand alone in the midst of an island: alone, wavered, taunted by the waves at my solitude.

Then I meet The Scheduler.
The Real Scheduler
How are you doing? My friend Time told me so much about you.

I hesitated. It was not the right time to talk about Time. Silence crept in. It usually does, when Time is sleeping.

We must not invite Silence in, come, let us have a walk.

The Scheduler and I were walking on the waters. I thought I saw a mermaid's golden tail several feet below.

It's about time that I see you, tricky creature. What's on your list for me?

The Scheduler took my hand. His was warm and comfortable. It felt like James'. He examined the lines of my palm, raised his brows, before speaking.

What is it that your heart wishes?

For the second time, I hesitated. However, Silence cannot creep in the wavy waters.

Ah, so you got tired of This Road, that you want to get back to the Other Road?

For the last time, I'm speechless. Something in me holds it back, digresses. The brink of my soul launches this impalpable arrow to the depths of her heart. She dodges.

Joe, take it slow.
One, two, baby steps...


  1. oh... been there several times... everyone must figure out what we really want or need in life... so we will never come to a point where we will wlk slowly because we feel like the end of the road is not what we want... but there is no way to go back...

    take care my friend... you are still young, you have time to do it. just focus...


    ps... i hope i got it right...

  2. JJ: You hit it subtly in "there is no way to go back" but it isn't exactly it... Anyway. Thanks for that comment, I appreciate it. I definitely get what you are trying to point out though. :)

  3. If the Scheduler is as hot as him, I'd rather you stay on this road. Come on Joe, I'm sure it's just a crush. Like your tweet says it is contrary, cge pkatomboy ka.

  4. James: Tomboy na nga ako. Bakit ba? LOL
    And, Even if this is just a crush, I think I should really be having a girlfriend na ulit. My mom already thinks that something is up. She always sees me with boys.

  5. A soul is shattered for its pieces to form a better whole.

  6. Kiro: Sme pieces don't get back in shape, unfortunately.

  7. wow lesbiano ka na pala ngayon... balik ka na siguro sa dati.... while you have a chance...

    pero its your decision pa rin... :)

    saka kahit naman me girlfriend u eh pede ka naman maglaro ng apoy sa kapwa lahi mo basta wag na wag lang magpapahuli... lol ahihihihihi :D

    balik ka na sa dating ROADDDD.. lol... den fuck ng fuck in discreet way.. lol..

    ay sorry sa mga sinabi ko ha.... :D kumokowment lang... :P

  8. hi baby bro.. this is really nice.. could almost pass for Nyl's version of him & Story... you're getting good in writing stories hidden behind a post.. attaboy! :)

    this particular post hit me, and i felt your emotions behind it.. something tells me you're worried and perplexed..

    i hope you're fine.. and, if ever you wanna talk, know that i'm just here.. waiting to be a kuya to you again if you'd want me to.. you know how to reach me..


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