9.23.2011 | 05:18

Living A Lie

I wanna tell the world that your my girl and that I'm your man
And I wanna tell the world that you got me, why can't we be
I can't put my name on your kiss
And I can't speak your name from these lips

We froze,
And nobody knows.

Have to walk out the room everytime you call,
Telling everybody I ain't seen you in so long,
It feels like I ain't breathing
This feels worser than cheating.

We're out here living a lie.


  1. haaaay! di na ba magbabago ang isip mo?

    i can still accept you pa naman eh.

  2. moaning GB! dugay naka wala lagi nagpost. what's up??

  3. :(

    ba't kailangang may sad love story pa...

  4. hmmmm mukhang mag-ooberdabakod ka na... nice for you!! and hope tuloy tuloy na....


  5. shenanigans: yes, that is quite the final judgment.

    Mr. Hush: hmm, maayo ra man bai, naa rai daghang gihuna-huna. maong dugay nga wala gasuwat dinhi kay naglain na gyud akong tan-aw sa ubang tawo. ug naa pud koy specific nga gihuna-huna kung muundang na ko dinhi sa green breaker.

    Orange Pulps: Oh, ganon talaga minsan.. Hindi natin maiiwasan.. Sorry.

    ceiboh: wala. kung ano man yun, yun na yun...

    eg: salamat, tama ka jan. salamat din sa suporta.

    Zaizai: yes, ganyan ang peg.

  6. G!: Wonderful words.. Thanks. Next time, should another come ('m quite sure a number would follow) I'll be keeping those in mind.

    shenanigans: text na lang po kita.

  7. kanta ba yan?ganda ng lines hehe

    i wonder sino yun tinutukoy mo diyan :-)

  8. Mac: Yup, and, curious ba? :) Sayang wala na kasi akong Twitter account eh. di tayo makapag-usap. :)

  9. Ang cute ng penguins. Hahaha. I know it's off-topic, sorry. :D

  10. Karen: No, it's totally okay. A lot gave that same comment roughly a month ago. Thanks for dropping by. =)


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