9.11.2011 | 12:23

The Flowers of Justice

It is a bright and sunny day. Jane and her daughter took a cab to the innards of New York City, after buying red and white chrysanthemums from a shop near their apartment.

Where are we heading mom?

It took her a few moments to deliberate.

To your father's grave. She never thought that she could say it, grave. She always knew of it as a workplace, but in ten years, it has become the spot where a mass of victims to terrorism have reached their ends.

An offering to the fatalities in Ground Zero
Acceptance is a part of the cycle, and Jane knew that it has already ended. Justice is served. It is over.


Ten years ago, two majestic, record feat skyscrapers stood on earth in the place now known as Ground Zero. Exactly a decade after, what have we achieved? What have we proven? What are we going forward to?

On Osama bin Laden's death:  Twigs of Fear. This post, for now, is the finality.


I may not be able to give them flowers, all 2996 of them, but I hope this entry is enough to carry out my sentiments to the victims of the 9/11 attacks.


  1. i remember this.. napanuod ko sa TV na bumangga yung airplane sa Twin Towers... talagang tragic talaga.. haaayyyyyy...

    buti wala na si bin laden.. pero hanep talaga pangyayari nuon.... d ko makakalimutan..

  2. eg: we should be thankful that the cause for all of these terrors ay wala na. :)

  3. Acceptance is a gift from God. to the people who are in pain, this must be one of the things they should learned..

    Thanks Green!

  4. Tim: Yes, and acceptance should be accepted, at that. Thanks Tim. :)

    Thanks too, to the three people who +1'd.

  5. acceptance and forgiveness are very important so we could move forward and look at the brighter side of tomorrow...

  6. Xian: Well said, and that is just so true. We must learn how to accept the fate, and try to move forward. As for forgiveness, there is nothing which is really forgivable of the terrorists since they murdered innocent people. In the course of time we might learn it but as soon as 10 years after the tragedy is not enough time for us to forget..

    At least, this day marks a milestone, a very important achievement, and a stepping stone towards justice. :)


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