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Experience Manual

Dynamics alone is not sufficient to shift a boulder of circumstance. The mechanics of elucidating hot water requires propinquity with the genesis itself. Retrospecting our first concurrence with Science, we will be reminded that the inception of a fact-finding, fault-disproving methodology is 'Identification of the problem'.

Expectations are arbitrary and it won't answer to aftermaths. Than the explicit, there must be a pull to discover what it is beneath. A search, a research, a discovery, or sometimes even plainly reading the lines is more than adequate for enlightenment.

If admittance is a predicament to ingress borders, then most substantially, the resistance is a factor of pride. Pride is none but a matter of personal misconception. Ergo, employing veridical notions and letting free of impartialities will succor to its elimination.

For in the absence of a standard will be confusion, it is wise to use moral values inherent in the society. Beware: A horde executing ecuminical undertakings does not equate to propriety; everyone else doing or believing on a whim does not proceed to mean that it is correct.

A stand, thus, must be firm, yet, must be of fair judgment.

Experience told us to be mindful. It will always be of great advantage to be inquisitive in experience, and never to assume we know-it-all. We recount our dealings and come out of the shell as refined shellfishes.


  1. Life Lessons at 22?

    Nagka-mens na naman ilong ko.
    By any chance related by kayo ni Red the Mod hahahaha

  2. Well tama naman, though nanosebleed ako...hahaha

    Whatever experience teaches you, be mindful of the lesson but be ready to let it go as soon as a greater truth is revealed

  3. nowsblid.. but I LIKE the last paragraph... :)

  4. bien: how I wish we are sanguinely related, pero hindi eh. lolz. mens ka jan.
    Life taught me a lot of lessons for the past month, and I might as well write something about it. :)

    Kiro: nosebleed ka rin? hmp.
    btw, what greqater truth could you mean?

    eg: nosebleed ka rin? edi kau nang tatlo anog na-nosebleed! haha. favorite ko rin yang last paragraph tska yung second to the last. :)

  5. wa koy masulti.

    grabeh jud ka bai. Engineer+Writer+Enchong Dee Looks= Beyond godlike!\(*-*)/


  6. indiboi: Adik jud ka oi. Engineer, pwede pa, pero kanang writer ug Enchong Dee looks murag wala man ko kahibalo niana. LOLz beyond godlike ka diha, nagdota pud ka? :D

  7. wahaha..ikaw jud bai.di na tika pugson basta idol jud ka!

    ou,sauna ra ko tig dota. casual gamer ra pud ko.di na ko tigduwa. Basin di ko ka graduate.wahahaha. wa koy chance nimo kuya.:D


  8. indiboi: kung maka-KUYA naman! hmp. 22 lang ako! hahaha.

    ayaw pugsa oei! kaw wala may mapugos! LOLz. mura gyud ug nakahibalo ka nako. pero ako, murag gusto nako mahibaw-an kung kinsa ba gyud ka! :)))

  9. Syempre di ko pa alam yung "greater truth" kasi ipapaexperiece pa sayo eh :P antayin mo nalang

  10. If I'm interpreting this correctly, is this a manual to saying "sorry"? :)

  11. Kiro: Ipapaexperience pa lang! Ano naman yun? :)

    James: Thou art right. Ang galing mo talaga papa James, parehong pareho talaga tau ng way ng pag-iisip! :)

    blakrabit: Oh, my friend. Hindi naman masyado.


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