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Cum Home

Past dinner. Darkness of the heavenly pitch blends with torrents of drizzle, forbidding the forbidden. However, rain can neither stop the unstoppable.

Less than five minutes was spared to reaching his abode. The footsteps that my flip-flops were making on the collected water at the pavement echoed sibilantly over the garage to their front door. Enter, a voice from inside the house sounded.

He was topless, only with boxer shorts on. I wore a sleeveless top and just-above-the-knee shorts. He greeted me with a tongue-twister kiss. He passed from his mouth an imported mint candy to mine. I beamed at him, and he led me to his bedroom.

He has a spacious den. The bed had a green stick-on note with a hastily scribbled Cum Home. He introduces me to his room which will become witness to our encounters on damp ber-nights like this. This night will be its reference for calibration.

I grinned at his thoughtfulness. Unusual as the sign is like a Do Not Disturb doorknob hanger to a newlywed couple, the encounter that night is second honeymoon.

He peeled off the note and invited me to join him in the bed. I obliged. My sense of touch that night was numbed by the cold. His steaming disposition negated the numbing and I succumbed to his forceful arms that hugged me, almost asphyxiating me. He kissed me and my hand started going all over him, particularly to his boxer shorts. He was already sporting a hardon.

I jacked him off while we were kissing madly as lovers do in times of war. His appreciation of my twisting hand came by a nibble on my lower lip which I didn't much appreciate. I replied the nibble with a soft bite and a tickle on his side. He reacted a little unexpectedly and we wrestled. Our tongues wrestled.

He took my top clothing off and he started doing my torso. He licked every inch of my upped body in the most desirous method. I was speechless apart from the moans that filled his room. The heat was too much that I felt blood instantly pumped on my dick. The guy needed no second telling, for he instinctively knew where to go. He knew what he was doing and its immediate effect.

(Take note that he and I have not met for a long time, and as my friend Kiro coined over dinner, we christened his new room on their new house. Very fitting, one fubu is for goodbye, another welcomes me with a new room. Cool.)

End. No worries, since we are already neighbors, you'd get much substance in the days to follow. :P


  1. GB , kahit nagdurugo na ilong ko , sige pa rin ako sa kakabasa he he ... kakalibog mo magwento GB huh ... ikaw na dapat pumalit kay Xerex , English version he he he ... keep it up ... hin fairness , hang kyut mo sa picz huh ... peace ...

  2. here we go again .paampon nga! hahaha

  3. bitch mode ateng? kaloka ka teh!!! parang nung HS ako! hihihii!

  4. Sibilantly...
    Tongue-twister kiss...

    Dila dapat ang title ng entry nato.

  5. you na ditseh ko. you na the crown!

    hugs and torrid besobesos. chos!

  6. Edgar: Whaa, di naman siguro. Pero wala na si X diba? Wala nang pumalit sa kanya.

    Kiro: Napag-usapan na natin to kagabi ah! hahaha

    Wil: I am a bitch, so no mode to turn on. :D

    bien: pwede rin, kasi nadagdagan ng tongue wrestling. lolz

    prince: uhm, yiz! sakin na ang crown. lolz. at anong choz ka jan! totohanin ko yan eh....

    choz din! :D

  7. maaga kong binasa ito. nagising ako bigla!

  8. green, IKR la lang. inuulit ko lang hahaha

  9. nahihilo ako sa bilis ng mga pangyayari sa buhay mo friend!

  10. Iba talaga pag bata. Hehe.

    Thank for your comment on my blog. Aasahan ko yan kiddo ha! :)

  11. Sean: Hala! Pasensya naman! :D

    Kiro: Haha. Okay. Forgiven (I know this is what you wanna hear even if it's not the appropriate word). Again, for the records.

    Wil: Ahaha, roller coaster ito? LOLz. Normal ang pace ng buhay ko friend.

    Mugen: Ahaha, bakit kuya, anong pinagkaiba? :|

    Yes, of course kuya. You can count on me. :)

  12. naalala ko tuloy ang komiks noon na ST.....seksing tapusan,hehe..

  13. hala ka..... ikaw na nga ang winnur!!!!

  14. Nice gawig fubus ang neighbors no? Very convenient!


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