8.30.2011 | 19:57

The Yiruma Project

For the past three months, I have been having test shots to maximize the video capabilities of this small widescreen camera that I got. I have shot landscapes as well as macros, but I'm still catching on cinematography.

My first project was a short film posted on one of my old blogs, called Facts of the Wind, shot in 720p 60f. Facts of the Wind is all about climate change. I won't be that generous with the link because I don't think I was able to do something good on post-prod (most especially on the low-light and timelapse scenes) so nevermind. LOL

The best Yiruma concert shot I have searched over the internet. He is so cute!

This new plan, The Yiruma Project, is a subject requirement (music video) and I thought of compiling Yiruma's compositions by merging at least three songs in one playing. I am currently drafting the sheet music for this, and honestly, it's not that easy. I have to grope with two elements, video and music, and come up with a 5-minute video. Whoop.

I need suggestions for the three/four songs. Can you help me choose? River Flows in You should be one -- it is my favorite (LOL) and it is base for all the other compositions, so I need two/three more. Any opinion will be very much appreciated. :)


  1. River Flows in You-- love ko yan, nakakarelax..:)

  2. Mommy Razz: Yup, very true. Sarap pakinggan. Ganyan ang mga type kong pakinggan sa iPod. hehe

  3. My ringtone last month is The Moment. hehehe.

  4. Dream A Little Dream Of Me, River Flows in You, Kiss The Rain, and Yellow Room :)


  5. Pepe: Duly noted, I think it goes well with River Flows in You! Goodness, I'm getting really excited. :)

    Nimmy: My golly, emo-emohan with Kiss the Rain, may naisip akong peg jan! Haha. Thanks sa suggestion! :)

  6. I dont know the artist sooooo can't suggest. but I'm excited with the finish product! hhi!!! googogo!!!

  7. Wil: Hitzooowkei, actually ulam na ang suggestions nila Nimmy at Pepe. May sarili na rin akong list pero alam mo yun, gusto ko na kung ano ang familiar eh yun ang tugtugin ko.

  8. I can't help you on this one but I appreciate your sharing. I will surely check him out. :)

  9. Pinapaexcite mo ako ng bongga sa project mo na to!!! super excited na talaga ako! Nanginginig nako dito eh! hihi!

  10. can't relate..

    ang lalim mo masyado

  11. ditseh, i'll (try to) sing material girl tapos you play the piano!

  12. Jay: Thanks Jay, no worries. :)

    Wil: Requirement lang. hahaha

    Rus: haha, ndi ah

    SP: ahaha, omg, bading! hahahaha :) ang mga bayot nagparty oie.

  13. GB, might as well go with his more popular songs- River flows..., Maybe and Kiss the Rain but then that would beuhm predictable. Better yet choose those with a single-word title like Dreams, Hope,Farewell, Moonlight, Sky, Falling etc- sky though has a different feel

  14. Kahit na! im sure ul put ur best effort into it. hihi!! gambate!


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