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Pomme de Terre

It was ominously cloudy and a day before Thanksgiving, the Arkinton siblings are driving to Nemo, Missouri. They attended a family affair without their parents and are going back home for the holiday.

The eldest of them was already insisting to go because they won't make it early if they delay the ride.

"Come on, Percival, just a picture for memories' sake!" his aunt Margaret pressed.

"But we really need to go, it might rain anytime..." he asserted. "We had a great time, though. Enjoy your weekend."

"Okay, we better do it while you're on the car. And, give these to my sister, will you?"

"Alright aunt. We really hope to stay but mom and dad can't come here, so we need to get back."

"No problem, send them our love. Be safe," his aunt resorted.


The camera ticked, and their beams were imprinted on film just before the car accelerated.

A few miles from their aunt's mansion, rain suddenly poured. The tiny droplets hitting the windshield became larger drips which created loud planks at the roof of their buggy. His younger sister Amy said that they should find a temporary stop and let the rain arrive at a calm. However, Percival was upholding to his decision of not letting any further delays.

They drove past overgrowth of trees, fields and open lands but the rain has not stopped still after three hours. On a particular edge of the road after leaving Pittsburgh, it became darker because of more trees preventing the scant light coming from the sky when...

They reached a cliff which led their car into a deep lake. The picture that their aunt had taken was the last of the Arkinton siblings' smiles.


  1. A dark ending to a well-written story.

  2. what a nice concept:) I love your entry GB. The sudden tragic end was perfect!

  3. @joe: aww.. sad story.. :(

  4. For some reason, Carrie Underwood's Jesus Take the Wheel keeps playing on my mind after reading this.

  5. wow...chills...glad they got the pic...sad...

  6. You really are very talented, my friend.

  7. Oh my!That was a terrible accident...We really can't predict what can happen in the next moment...Very well written!

  8. Hanep ng ending nito. Pomme de Terre, is this just a lake or does it hold a deeper meaning?


  9. Indiboi: Pomme de Terre is just plainly the lake where these all happened.

    Good thinking though: It is French for "potato" which is a root crop planted with the top shown on the ground. Much like this writing, everything is technically shown on the soil. :)

  10. Erratic Thoughts: Terrible indeed. Thanks for dropping by and reading on, I'll read your prompt in a few! :)

    James: Thanks, my friend. That comment from a writing pro like you is just priceless..

  11. Brian Miller: Wow. Did it really give out chills? I can't believe it. Thanks for the comment!

    DB: Oh, yeah, it was about a car accident, too...

    Nate: Yup. It is...

    Zaizai: Wow, at galing sayo, salamat kaibigan!

    Jackie Jordan: It is, really. I was gaining for a grand effect and that was my lightbulb moment.

  12. is this the trend in blogging now, writing dark stories?

    props to you for using the pic in the end. made the story eerie. :)

  13. oh, a departure from your usual magpie tales entry.
    the first sentence...i knew it's gonna end tragically.
    Arkinton, couldn't have chosen a better name- it sounded like one of those companies offering memorial services in Manila hahaha

  14. Engel: Hello! Thanks for the visit! :)

    A trend? I don't know, but if you notice it then I guess it is. I tried using the picture that will claim a riveting climax though I was unsuccessful. Endpoint: I used it as a reference of happier memories after telling a tragic one.

    Bespren: ahaha, salamat bespren. di naman panalo, sakto lang.

    Bien: Uhm, now that you said it, I got the idea, but believe me I didn't have it in mind while inventing the names. And like the answer I gave to Indiboi's comment, I pretty much laid everything on the surface. :)

  15. what a sad ending but nicely done...


  16. yes I know a story teller when I meet one - it's in your blood. You feel the people in your story - enjoy it and keep penning

  17. moondustwriter: Wow, those are really, really great words.. Thanks for that comment!

  18. That was creepy but in a good way. May sense ba? haha at nagmamagpie ka narin pala. :)

    Off-topic: my browser keeps crashing once your sidebar starts to load. idk why. could be that i'm on a crummy system at wala akong no choice sa internet explorer.


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