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Customer Tales

Ring ring.

Joe: Thank you for calling Chrovius Internet Services, how may I help you tonight?

Old lady: I can't get online. Can you help me?

Joe: I would be more than glad to assist you in getting connected to the internet, but before we proceed, can I ask for your Rovius number?

Old lady: Ah, always the bother. It is 687-412-7796, copy that darling?

Joe: You are calling us from 687-412-7796, is that correct madame--?

Old lady: Mrs. Forgeton, call me Mrs. Forgeton, and yes, you got it right.

Joe: All right, Mrs. Forgeton. How are things doing in South Brisbane today? [while trying to locate the details of the number]

Old lady: We got fire in the forest, have you heard? Those campers are annoying.

Joe: [laughs but forgot to press the mute button on the hard phone.]

Old lady: What is funny, darling?

Joe: [panic. ang tanga ng customer. forest fire nga eh. camper ka diyan. urur. okay, sabay bunot ng phone jack sa hard phone para magkaroon ng noise. nabwisit si customer. binaba ang phone.]

What is the moral of this tale? The agent must know how to end the call in a manner which can't be tracked by QA. Haha. Mean girl.

Of course, the italicized stuff are fictitious.


  1. may technique din sa pagha-haduken :))

  2. hahaha mean.. natawa ako rito!

  3. bad ka!!! wahahah! Ako never ako nagbaba ng phone kahit uber nakakafrustrate yung customer. Tsaka may soft spot ako pag soldier yung caller. Parang yun lang kasi talaga yung entertainment nila sa Army base eh. I always do my best pag soldier. hihi! Dati akong collembang dyosa ng eksbaks! weahahahah!

  4. Hahaha! Kaka-relate ako dito! :D

  5. Campers naman talaga usually ang dahilan ng forest fires eh, ang bad mo green. Hahahaha

    Ways-ways ah.

  6. ay love ako ng qa for being a kiss-ass for procedure :p

  7. Nox: Para-paraan lang po kuya! hihi :D

    Mr. Hush: Ahaha, that is bongga for me, making you laugh with the tale. Thanks! :)

    Sean: Mean lang! Choz.

    Wil: Sabing mean lang eh. Hahaha :D

  8. Nimmy: Hala! Isa ka rin palang mean girl. hehe apir sis!

    Kiro: HINDI AH!! Anu ka, dahil sa sobrang init sa kanila kaya nagsstart ang forest fire. At sinabi ko nga sayo, kanya kanya lang yan ng paraan.. :D

    Ternz: Uhm, no comment. Dahil walang gwapo sa QA namin at epal sila lagi sa aking tahimik na pamumuhay. lolz

    Mac: Haha, tapos na itong kabanatang ito ng buhay ko. kaya oks lang. :P

  9. Binasa ko to 2days ako, natawa ako.. Binasa ko ulit, natawa ulet ako. hahaha!! Binabaan mo.. ang bad mo. Lols.. :D


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