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A Champion of Words

He was supposed to be our rallying point. Now that he's gone, our country won't ever be the same.

Nisan turned eleven that day. He never expected that his birthday would yield a massive event which took the country by a singular blow. Somewhere in the depths of his thoughts, his wish was to have the dictator flee from office and let freedom be a commodity which everyone can enjoy.

This day remarks its unbecoming.

The news of the assassination of a celebrated lawmaker shook not only his cornerstones of hope, but of others, too. Having a penchant for positive things, Nisan was almost conned into a happily ever after. Almost there.

Nisan wanted to have a career in public administration, and the senator was a very bright influence to sparkle a voracious ratiocination. Now gone, laid on a glass catafalque, and mocked by his opponents, the poor man has served an indefinite purpose after all his passive subversion. The kid was bound to follow the steps of this man, even if it would lead him to the man's grave.

It was a concussion for the boy. However, fate has games of equivalent proportions. Call it a wheel of misfortune, the administration was thrown out even after the senator's death. His dying for the Filipino people did not go to waste.

Being a believer is not a waste of time. Nisan had to believe in a lot of things since he became an orphan. He had to hold on to the sufferings long enough to emerge tough albeit windswept.

Twenty eight years later, Nisan has already reached the uttermost parts of the country to instill in people the good that believing can bring. His man faced death but was never disheartened by the predominance of the archenemy. So did he emulate such.


Being an orphan, a nun in Hospicio de San Jose made fun of a car brand which was given to him as his name, ergo, Nisan San Jose.

From this point on, we will project Nisan's perspectives on that eleventh birthday, every twenty-second day of August.

Credits go to Dabo for illustrating a fraction.


  1. nice post, hello nisan, kaya pala nisan ang name..

    Have a nice day Joe!

  2. nyahaha. thanks mommy. Have a great day, too.

  3. Wow- that is one of the best story you have here Green.. Clap clap clap!

  4. yay! tenks tenks.. speechless.. we'll see in years to come =)

    many of you write good stuff and with wit. keep it up. be like mugen. a fortress.

  5. nowsblid.....anyway galing mo naman gumawa ng mga ganito.. hayyy sana biliever din ako katulad ni nisan.. kaso hinde eh.. lol :P

    napakowment lang...

  6. Sunny Toast: Hello there! Thanks for that comment! :)

    Tim: Waw, thank you! Miss you, too! :)

    Dabo: Hello, my friend! (FC lang) ayun. Kuya Joms is like, way way way better than me, so actually being like him would take me years of experience. hehe. Thank you.

    Plus, yes, we will see what other angles can be projected on that day. :)

    Jay: Hmmm, just to commemorate stuff. Thanks for dropping by, again. I'll catch your page in a mo. :)

    Orange Pulps ♥: Thank you very much! :]

    Eg: Whaaa. Hahaha. Dapat kasi lagi lang tayong maniniwala. Like Ninoy. Like Nisan. :)

    Hoobert the Awesome: Awesome question. Nisan is a diversion from a real character, but who knows if he exists, for real? :)


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