7.23.2011 | 21:23

Meet The Barkada

Yesterday, James fetched me right after I had my effin' Humanities class. I knew no plan when I received an SMS saying: "In your parking area. Just in front of the Engineering Building."

It needed no reply, for I was on my way to the football field. I immediately saw his car parked in an awkward direction.

"Did you just arrive?" I asked.

"Actually, I'm trying to work on how to get out of parking. I always suck at crammed parking spaces," he said with a very cute childly expression, the one where you need to give the kid some assurance after getting three stars instead of five.

"I figured. You parked okay, should I maneuver it for you?"

"Better. I'll stay outside. I'll be driving the minute you get me out of this trap."

So, he brought me to Tagaytay, the second of Luzon's three summer capitals. We drove to his place and stayed at the rest house. We dined and after eating, drove some more. We filled ourselves with the cold and the scenery, however foggy.

Our second to the last stop was a coffee shop. There, I met his childhood friends, and his best friend. Fridays are their chill out days, and his best friend told me that James rarely brings a friend to drink coffee and have a chat with them. I remember and quote @IMGoryo tweeting me,


@green_breaker ayiiiii! ikaw na! (sabagay, ang batayan ng mga taong may maayos na handling sa relasyon ay ung may set of childhood friends)

I asked why, and he said that a sense of commitment with long-time friends is an indication of a good relationship with one's lover. With that, I felt vindicated! Plus, he rarely brings a friend!

We laughed a lot, talked about a lot of things. But I hope they didn't have weird questions running on their minds, like, Close friend nga lang ba? Both of us hide in the closet, well, for me, I have my middle finger out sometimes. LOL

Back to the house, and had something up.. I was sitting on the couch and he approached me, saying,

"We have the house for ourselves," with an evil grin. Honeymoon? After that, he drove me home, I slept on him during the trip. He tried bugging me by playing loud rock songs, we had a pillow fight and eventually I fell asleep. Boo. Talo siya. Hihi.

Have a good night.... :)

PS: Go Azkals!


  1. Congratulations sa inyo :)
    Hope this will be a start of a great, nurturing relationship :))

  2. Salamat brad. May kausap ako sa phone kaya di makareply.

  3. Football field sa harap ng Engineering Building... Hmmmm... I think dun ata ako nagpatest ng samples ko nung nag-the-thesis ako! hihi!!!

    Ulk!!!I hate humanities! Kasi hindi ako Human! Dyosa ako! chos!

    Sige na! Ako na walang lovelife!!! Wihihi!!! Pero honestly kakakilig kayo ni James! ayyiiii!!! =D

    Kwento mo naman green yung thesis mo! I want to know! hihi!!

  4. Ahaha, sige ikkwento ko kung ano ang thesis ko. At, ikaw na ang kinilig. lolz

    Ayoko sa humanities dahil hindi ako magaling sa artistic drawing.. :|

  5. sino ba naman ba hindi kikiligin??? ayiiii!!! wihi!!!

    Artistic drawing? Ulk!!! Photoshop nalang pede? o kya CAD!

  6. AHAHA!

    Engineering drawing lang kasi ako magaling. Techpen at buff paper. CAD. ganyan.

    Ahaha. kilig na kilig siya, oh! :D

  7. Sweeettt... :D, after ba ng meet the barkada, parents naman...


    blessed sunday :)

  8. yikee... ang tamis lang.. ganyan.. *kilig* edi ikaw na ang "tumambay" haha! ang hilig mong "tumambay*... hihihih..

  9. happy for you... alam mu nmn un db?!

  10. ay super duper kilig talaga!!! wihihi!!

    Dos lang ako sa Engg Drawing 1 and 2 eh. not really my strong point.

  11. Pong: Ahaha, actually, tama ka, that is up next. hihi. salamat sa pagdaan pong. mwah!

    Nate: Ako na talaga ang mahilig tumambay! Tambay ata ako nung past life ko. Charoz caldo.

    Xian: Hello! Welcome back! Lanngam? asan? Aray, ang kati. May kumagat sakin. hahah. un na pala yun.

  12. Shenanigans: Yup, and I'm very thankful for that po. Salamat ulit! :D

    Wil: Ui, ako naman, hay, ayoko na sabihin ang grade ko sa Drawing 1, pero sa Drawing 2, 1.75 naman! hahaha lolz. pwede na diba.

  13. im so happy for u bespren. :)

    wow kung batayan pala yun, swerte nang magiging bf ko someday. hehe

  14. Flat 1 drawing 1 mo ano? whahahha!!!

    ay sana pag meet the parents detailed pa din. =D

  15. Bespren: Salamat bespren!

    at kung ganun man yun, maghanap ka na bespren ng bf. lolz

    Wil: hindi, ang baba baba nga eh. Tamad ako gumawa ng plates dati.

    sige, sa meet the parents, mas detailed. hanggang sa nangyari sa ehem. loljk


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