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I was, patiently waiting, and at 5 hours and fifteen minutes post meridian, he arrived.

"I got caught in traffic. Didn't know SM North came up with a freaking sale," He said.

"It is okay, honey, the good thing is that you are here. Let's buy something to eat," I said.

We bought Jamaican, and that doubles thing at Tatters. I wouldn't have approved because I don't like hearing crunchy sounds while on the moviehouse, but he liked the popcorn, and convinced me with puppy eyes. Oh darn, my greatest weakness.

It was my first 3D movie. I was bewildered with the glasses and the stuff that 3D bought. The movie started. All became silent. We were still giggling, and then fell silent, too.

A kissing scene. I momentarily removed my glasses because it was, for me, a very unusual feeling having glasses on while watching a film. I noticed, he too removed his. I looked at him, trying to decipher the reason why he was watching without glasses. I guess he sensed the question on my mind and whispered,

"I just wanted to see how it looks plainly," he said and suddenly, I felt his hands under the seat divider. I took hold of it, and we held hands for like a quarter of an hour or so.

I had the wierdest thought of snogging at the moviehouse. With the people having glasses on, it will be a little difficult to notice, but I renounced the idea.

It wa sa very memorable way to end the Harry Potter series that I've almost grown up with.

He drove me home. I was about to open the door of his car, when he....

Mischief Managed.


  1. Almost finished at the same time. I love you, honey.

  2. Sleep na tayo mahal ko. Ang keso daw natin sabi ni bespren. Bwahaha. mwah!

  3. e2 ang best in keso award ng taon!!!! tangina akala ko may clitoris ako sa kilig!

  4. Nawala lang ako pansamantala meron na palang ganito. Congratulations sa bagong mag-asawa. :)

  5. 'tis valentines in july. punong-puno ng ka-sweet-an ang mundo ng blog.

    dapat yata magplace na ako ng advertisement sa classified ads section. lols

  6. @joe: yi... ang tamis.. :) *kilig*

  7. huh??? tama si travis, ang daming nangyaring date this july dahil sa transformer at Harry Potter..

  8. Kuya Ron: Haha, kelangan ba may clitoris para kiligin ng bongga? Salamat sa award mo. Hihihi

    Kuya Mugen: It started with my June 27 post. Hehe. Salamat po, and you better be back, too! :D

    Travis: Dapat love love love lang pre. Haha, ang keso yata talaga ng sagot ko kahit anong gawin ko. LOL

    Ads ba kamo? Hmmm... Hindi hinahanap ang pag-ibig.. Kusa itong dumadating. Nakanang! hahahaha :D

  9. Nate: Hihih, may langgam na ba?

    Mommy Razz: Ahaha, di naman po talaga dahil sa movie kaya naging kami. Napag-isipan lang namin na manuod together..

    Kiko: Bay!

    Haha. Unsa man na? Naa kay ingnon? :D

  10. ayy nakakalokaaa... ingget aketcccchhh. ikaw na... choz...

  11. Zaizai: Hihi, sweetness ba? :D

    Eg: Ahaha, ako na talaga! :D Wag ka maingget, may panahon at oras yan.

    Tantan: Kilig? J-O-E and J-A-M-E-S. :D

  12. OO, ibang kilig yung dala ng clitoris. choz!

  13. shetness, kinikilig ako, parang 12-yr old Paulinian lang.
    Si James pala yun. kala ko pa naman iba ang kumakarir sayo dito haha

  14. Hahaha, akala ko ako lang ang kinikilig sa inyo. Magtatayo na kami ng fans club ng love team ninyo ni James. Bwahahaha

    Seriously though, congratulations are in order for the both of you. Congratulations on finding each other, don't lose yourself though :P

  15. @joe & bien: *off-topic* buti pa kayo, nakapag-comment pa sa huling post ni Soltero.. :(

    he commented on my recent post asking how i was.. i went to his latest post "Nakapagtataka" para mag-comment.. tpos yun.. at first, restricted.. invited people lang daw ang pwd maka-view.. tpos biglang nawala.. non-existing ang blog.. :(

  16. ang sweetness naman ever! inggit ako hehehe

  17. kinilig ako!!! Wihihi!!! BUti kapa green! hihi!!! Mischief Managed! Ako, Tigang na ata forever! chos! whihi!!

  18. Kuya Ron: Ahaha. Ikaw na lang ang lalaking nakilala ko na nagsabi ng ganyan. Hahah!

    Bien: Sino naman yun, aber?

    Kiro: Thanks, my friend! I know brad na this sounds unbelievable despite the facts that you personally know about me. Pero seseryosohin ko to, not that seryoso much, yung tamang timpla lang. Ang mahalaga naman ay maging happy, diba? :)

  19. Nate: Ganun na siya ngayon. Yung mga dating posts niya naka-hide. Pero anjan parin naman ang blog niya ah.

    Mac: Sweetness ba? Di pa kaya masyado. hihih. Wag ka mainggit, may panahon at oras lang talaga yan!

    Wil: forever ka jan? kung di makahanap ng talong pechay naman. ganyan. haha joke! :D

  20. Wil: Yuck ka jan! Di naman yuck yun ah!

  21. Ang mga dyosa sa mga dyos lamang! hihi!! arte much? whahah!

  22. at meron na palang ganito?hehehe sweet naman... :)


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