7.06.2011 | 09:11

It Feels Good To Be Back


Past long queues, skipped meals, school-to-school visits, filling out of forms, pleadings with professors, finally!

At this point, I can get back online (for at least an hour) and have no worries on my last academic term. At school, the grade cards have a different process of reaching the owner for the last two semesters of college year because it will be mailed. I just received mine a few days back, and I can't think of anything but Thanks Be To Him. It had kept me smiling for like five days now.

I'm sorry for bothering you with my Scheduled posts, I never thought that it will be such a mess! Anyway, I thank the people who still left scribbles on it. I'm quite happy for the cool following.

I've been working on a new layout for two days now, tweaking the Blogger tags a little here. I also thought of incorporating some HTML5 and CSS3 since those are quite interesting and cool! I hope the layout comes fine, I'm using a webkit browser, Google Chrome and I hope it also works well with the other non-webkit browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. I also used Flash to have something moving on the screen. I have ideas but I think it won't be as goodlooking as my Flash works years ago.

Before this turns into a techblog, I will see you later guys. I missed my cyber world; for some time I felt like I was not me because I was detached to it. Have a good one. Speak on British accent.


  1. Congrats...

    namiss ka din ng cyber world :D

    at hihintayin ko ang maganda mong layout hehe :))

  2. pong: di naman ganun kaganda pre. sapat lang. haha. di naman ako IT para maging dalubhasa dun.,

  3. congrats!!! ang laki ng average..:))

  4. Mommy Razz: ahaha, opo, Cum Laude standing kasi ako. haha joke lang.

    sinwerte lang po.. :D

  5. I do Brit, Aussie, Singlish, at FilChi accents lolz

  6. Clarence: bwahaha. you are so knowing, turns me on. lol hahah baka may magalit lol. :D

    ikaw na!

  7. @GB: so, uhm, dahil mataas ang GPA mo, cum laude ka ba or something?

  8. Nate: I cum lang. choz!

    ang totoo niyan, Cum Laude standing po. pero, pag di maganda ang grades this sem, wala na si Latin Honor. haha

  9. Huwwaaaww!!! 1.55 GPA! Ang talino naman. Ako, di ko pwedeng ishare kasi super low ng GPA ko. haha.. kakahiya.. lol.

    1.55.. Wow! WOW ulet!! Congratulations!! :)

  10. Ate Leah: may ganon? ngano man diay? hambog ra gyud ko. lol

    Travis: Hell yeah, it was a bloody struggle to reach that GPA.

  11. Congrats! Cum Laude! haha

  12. Welcome back! And congratulations! Let's celebrate!

  13. wow! 1.55 GPA? galing ah!

    im so proud of you! nanay? hehe!

  14. No need apologize for your reposts. Guilty rin kaya ako diyan. Hehehe

    Sulat lang ng sulat!

  15. wala pa naman siguro.. so pwede pa lolz oh I forgot the Hindi accent that I do too lolz

  16. congrats..cumlaude... galing :)

  17. nahiya naman ung 1.56 na gpa ko,hahaha

    good luck!!!

  18. Charles, CB and Rusell: salamat! :D

    Mugen: waah. talagang jinustify mo yon ah. hihi. salamat. :D

    Clarence: malaman yun ah! haha. Hindi? haha, naalala ko yung cx ko dati pangalan Prakash.

    Eg, Ceiboh: wee, sakto lang noh! :D

    Christian: ahaha, pareho lang kaya yun! magkalapit lang. lolz. salamat din! :D


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