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Today, 28th of July 2011, is James' and Joe's first month together as a couple.

Our conversations started from a simple exchange of emails. I was hesitant of getting the spot to a more comfortable method, the mobile, but he was the one who suggested it. I sensed some brewing of, a good friendship.

Days passed, text messages became calls and calls became a meet up. Heaven forbid, the first time I met him was an incarnation of the time I met the first guy that I loved. Seriously: Everything on the background froze. I was looking at him in the eyes, which is something I rarely do in first meetups. Cliche, I felt like I already knew him for a long time. He smiled, it broke me. Standing in front of me is the guy who will become my next boyfriend. I was keen on the mantra.

What astonished me was learning the mutuality of the sense, several days before June twenty-eighth. Gusto niya rin ako! (He likes me, too!)

A month ago, I knew that this relationship was going to materialize, soon. I even posted something for I simply cannot hide the euphoria, the ecstasy of love and loving. He was able to read my post, and we talked over things, until both of us had our questions answered.We had to meet again to settle dealings which needed to be done personally. I was actually afraid of losing him should time get longer, that events might not move towards our benefit. The best thing that I received from him was assurance. It was enough to guard our relationship. He assured me that I could trust him. I kept on holding on to that promise. I will keep my faith on him together with that promise.

One day I will have to face a different road from This Road. The best that we can do, for now, is enjoy each other's company, be at ease with one another, and value this friendship as it could travail a longer life span than a relationship. I am very lucky to know you, and to fall in love with you is on the top of the list of the things that gives my existence a purpose.

I am very much in love with you, James. Happy First!


  1. Happy First Monthsary sa inyo guys. :)

  2. Happy first! weeeee! i love it! :D more more months and years! :)

  3. Rusell: Smiley lang? hehe :D

    Mugen: Salamat po kuya! :)

    JC: I love it, too! hehe. Salamat, at sana nga, more more months and years.. :)

  4. Honghoooba ng hair ni GB... eeeeeee! congratulations! :D

  5. Nims: Eeeeeee! Haha, ang bratty lang pakinggan! :D Tologong mohobo ang hairlalu ko? Ansabe ni Rapunzel? Oha.

    Betsung ko talaga yung bangs na DP request mo. haha. next time. :D Salamat!

  6. wow... happy happy..

    forever love, forever young...


  7. @joe: yi...................................tamis!

    Happy 1st Monthsary to you and James!! *kilig*

    enjoy the monthsary "tambay"!! :)

    here's to many more months & years of love to come for you guys.. *raises glass*

    cheers! * apple cider lang 'to, dahil clean living ka kamo.. :P *

  8. More monthsaries and anniversaries to come, James & Joe!

  9. Happy Monthsary :D,
    saya saya.. dame pang kasunod yan :)))

  10. yipee!!!


  11. ayiiiii!!! KAKAKILIG!!!! wihihi!!!

    Happy Monthsary sa inyo!!!

    Super happy ako for the both of you!!!

    More kilig moments pa ha! wihihi!

  12. happy happy. congrats. =)

  13. Wow, congrats! More -saries to come! :))

  14. weeeeee..... Gratulerer med dagen til dere to! Greetings from Norway!!! :D kinilig ako nambongga d2! :D Congrats Congrats!!!! :D

  15. WOW happy first!!

  16. happy 1st anniversary senyo. naway magmahalan kayo ng bonggacious na todo next level.. :D choz! :P

  17. I just got home. hihi.

    Ceiboh: Huwaw, parang commercial lang! Salamat! :D

    Nate: Ahaha, pwede na yan! This time hindi kami tumambay, we did something worthwhile. Haha. Keme na kung may requirements akong ipapasa bukas. hahaha :D

    Travis: Salamat sa iyo, kaibigan. Nawa ay magkatotoo yan!

    Pong: Oo naman. Madami pa dapat kasunod ito. :)

  18. Geek: Mishu! Sowmatz. Haha. Busy busyhan ka bai! LOL. Daghang salamat. :D Para malain ra. :D

    Wil: Kilig na kilig ka talaga! Ahaha, ikaw na! feeling ko with matching shoulder action yan. Haha. Gayunpaman, salamat ng marami. :)

    Prince: Salamat pud sa imo, bai! hihih *wink

    Jap: Wow, lami-a nga daghan pud ug nalipay sa akong kalipayan. LOL. Salamat pud dong, kahibalo ko nga busy pud ka. I appreciate the effort. :)

  19. Tantan: Tama! Nawa ay magdilang anghel ka! hihih.. :D Salamat.

    Ronron: Takk, storebror! Abot pala jan ang shivers. Kelangan bawian mo rin ako sa monthsary nio ni Kuya Nox. :D Takk igjen.

    Mommy: Hello po! Salamat sa pabati. Miss you na talaga mommy. Keep safe!

    Eg: Betsung ko yan! Haha. Oo ba. ganyan gagawin namin. Para masaya. Salamat, kaibigang palaka. Hahanapin ko pa ang nalalabing miyembro ng Akatsuki. wahahah :D

  20. @Joe: yun oh!! something worthwhile.. ang tamis lang.. --- "Ahaha, pwede na yan! This time hindi kami tumambay, we did something worthwhile. Haha. Keme na kung may requirements akong ipapasa bukas. hahaha :D"

  21. apimansaribespren! :) sana next month ako na nagcecelebrate din. ahaha

  22. Uy Happy 1st! Here's to atleast 36 more

  23. Nate: Yup, worthwhile naman ang drama, ganyan. Baka kasi lagi na lang tambay, negative na ang connotation. :)

    Bespren: Happy birthday bespren! Di mo man lang ako tinext.. :( Pero salamat na din. Wish ko yan sayo, na sana next month ikaw naman ang may monthsary. :D

    Bien: Haha, 3years? Pwede na. Matagal na yun. Wala pa akong relationship na umaabot ng ganon. Salamat kaibigan! :)

  24. langgam! i am so happy for both of you! happy 1st!

  25. actually... more like bodyshake! whahahahha!

  26. happy 1st month! may you have a lifetime filled with love :)

  27. Inabangan ko pa naman yung comment ni James. Oh well. Hahaha Happy first sa inyo two days ago :))

  28. Xian: ahaha, salamANT. langgam eh, ganyan. hahaha

    Wil: ahaha ,meganon? grabe naman yun! hahaha :D

    Zaizai: Awww, thanks zai! hehe, sana nga.. :D

    Kiro: ahaha, meganon, di na yun magcocomment, ang dami ng nagcomment eh. hahaha :D

  29. I've been stalking for a while. I am glad that you are feeling great about this.


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